Nightmare Lover

((Might be a little risque for the average reader, please be aware there is some graphic language and descriptions))

March 14th

I know I woke the whole came up with my screams, it was only a dream but my hands are still shaking and my heart is still pounding in my chest. It seemed so real that it makes my skin crawl and the tears start in my eyes. I know it wasn’t real and I know it can’t happen in real life, I’ve known Death Knights before and some of them can be filled with their own angst and hatred, I don’t think that this is how it happens.

I was sleeping quite soundly in my tent in Feralas. The boys had their tents on either side of mine. We had had an enjoyable day just hunting and talking with the cousins and my Uncle, Ellern. He’s a great fellow and always has tales to tell about hunting in the wilds and the wars he fought back in the day before we had it so soft. I think it was a combination of the roasted fish and tubers along with my worry for Fnor that brought this dream on.

Here is my dream, what I can remember of it.

Fnor was there in the camp with us in Feralas, His skin was glowing and he was smiling that smile of his, that seductive smile that he always wears when he comes into our bedroom. You know the one, a little crooked and his eyes all aglow, I know my face probably looks the same way.

He started caressing my body as we undressed, why he was wearing his Ranger uniform, I’ll never know but I was wearing my Sentinel uniform as well. The hard long passionate kisses we gave as we both started undressing one another, the foreplay that we know all too well. It was almost like a ritual dance that we had been doing for years.

His mouth was caressing my neck as his hands started roving over my body, my hands were running through the mat of hair on his chest and starting to tease his ears. As we stood here, our lips and tongues dancing their own dance and our bodies pressed together, I could feel the passion rising freely in my body as our breathing turned more to a panting sound in my ears.

He always holds my hands out from my body as he runs his tongue over my nibbles and then taking them one by one into his teeth, pulling them tautly erect. He started sliding down my body, his tongue leaving a trail from my breasts to my groin, I could feel his hands release mine as he started parting the hair in the triangle region of my body. I could feel my body shudder as his hand parted the hair and start massaging me and I could feel myself pressing against his hand, wanting more. He gave a soft moan as he started taking me into his mouth, first with his tongue daring in and out pulling the moisture to coat that passion button …he always likes to make me moan and almost reach a climax before he will stop. I know that my hands were digging into his shoulders because I didn’t want him to stop, not now. He put one of his hands behind my buttocks and pulled me closer into his face, his tongue like a lizards as it kept flicking my clitoris. I could feel myself ready to scream with my desire, I wanted him inside me, I wanted that release to feel him throbbing deep inside me as we both thrust.

I know that he took me in his arms as we started to lay down on the blankets and I spread my thighs, wanting to wrap my legs around his hips, to pull him in deeper…and I looked at his face.

This was not the face of the man I loved, this face was cold and alien, his eyes were all wrong, the smile on his face was not filled with passion, it was filled with cold hatred. His eyes, I won’t ever forget those eyes…they were the cold hard blue of a Death Knight and he had the rigor smile of Death on his face.

I keep telling myself that it was only a dream but it seemed so real even though my body is still aching with pent-up passion. My hands are shaking and all I can think about is the fact that this was not my Fnor, this was some nightmare creature that had awakened my desires for my Sindorei.

I have sent word to Fnor, telling him where the boys and are I staying for now. I know that he has been going through so much with those Mistreavers. His boss, this Elder, has been gravely injured and he feels that it is his fault that it happened. I have known this man long to know that he needs to have some time alone to analyze his feeling and get himself back under control

However, the woman in me wants my man with me. I want to hold him, wipe his tears if he cries. I’m actually feeling guilty for having slapped him the other night, I know I was unsure whether he had been with that Death Knight and I was angry when he crawled into my bed. I just want him with me, especially now, after that dream. I know that my hands are still shaking from that dream and my tears have been shed.

I know that I embarrassed to face my children, cousins and my Uncle, they may know what type of dream it was that I was having. At least I know I’m not pregnant again, although I had missed taking my herbs the last time we were intimate, my menses started and that was the smell of blood that was wafting through my dream as well.

I had to write this down, to help clear my mind. I think that I can finally go back to sleep again because it is several more hours until down and we will start hunting again. I wish Fnor was nearby, I miss him and I am worried about him.

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