So It Begins – Thoughts of a Son

May 1st

Since everyone else seems to think that keeping a journal is a good thing, I might as well join them. I just bought this one this morning here in Dalaran and it seems nice enough, I suppose. It has some very bleached parchment and my Father gave me a gold pen as name day gift this year, might as well use it.

Things have definitely changed in the last few weeks. I found out who my Father really was and I’m not really disappointed with that or all that surprised. It does explain a lot of the times that he would be in and out of our lives when he wasn’t dealing with my Mother or my Step-Father – may Elune bless and keep his soul.

I was happy living in Shattrath, I had friends there and we’d usually find something interesting to do somewhere. Here in Dalaran, well, there’s the sewer that my two youngest brothers are doing their very best to blow up because they think it is funny. It doesn’t matter how many times I have dragged them away from this pursuit of dropping the goblin bombs they got somewhere in the water to see how many fish would float to the surface, they continue to sneak back. Of course, hauling them both out of the sewer by their very long ears and paddling their butts when we got home didn’t seem to work. A stern look from my Mother was all it took for them to relinquish the bombs they had left over to her and a promise that they would never do it again. Ha!! I’ll believe that when this city falls out of the sky.

I’m very confused about things here in this city. I can walk around without a hat or goggles to cover my not- so Kaldorei eyes and the people don’t even seem to notice them. Most of the people are very friendly and nice, especially, if it’s some goblin that wants to sell you something. I haven’t seen that many Kaldorei, except in passing and I haven’t seen that many Orcs in the city…lots of blood elves and a lot of humans. No one is here that I can make friends with and I think if it weren’t for my brothers and my parents, I’d be very lonely.

I guess something happened with Fnor a few days ago; my Mom isn’t talking about it. He’s staying with us in the guesthouse in my Mother’s bedroom while the main house is being renovated. He had had a bunch of people living there and they seem to have all moved out at the same time, even the woman that he had been seeing. I don’t understand, it’s all very confusing. He seems to be sick or something because he sleeps a lot. My Mom had my Grandmother come up to Dalaran to help with the little ones, I thought my younger brother and I were doing okay but our cooking isn’t exactly like hers either – we tend to make things up as we go.

My younger brother and I went to Shattrath on Sunday to drop the things off for my Mom and Dad. Yes, we stayed longer than we should because it was nice to see the little kids and the Matrons again after having been away for a few weeks. No, I didn’t get to tell a story to the kids, even though I wanted too because my brother wanted to go see some of our old friends. We had fun, I think there was a girl there that was kind of interested in me and I’ll admit I think she’s cute but I don’t want to do any of that sort of thing right now. I think I’ll come back again sometime without the village idiot, my brother is just so stupid that I sometimes wonder if we had the same parents.

If Fnor is having the house renovated and we’re suppose to move to the main house, I hope he had the doors raised some, I still have a big lump on my forehead from walking into the kitchen doorway. It hurt and I’ll admit that I said some words that weren’t really appreciated by the housekeeper. However, she liked the food that I had brought back from Shattrath, especially some of the meats that we haven’t had up here in city for a while.

The city still amazes me, floating in the air. It’s so clean and the weather never changes other than getting a bit chillier at night than it is during the day. I can stand on some of the towers and look out and see some of the surrounding territory and I’m anxious to go out and explore some. My Mom told me that I should let her know before I do. I don’t know why, I’m almost a grown man and I know how to take care of myself.

Well, it’s time to go feed the beasts in the stable and to make sure my cats are happy, the guest house is too crowded right now for me to keep them with me like I normally would. Of course, Fnor’s cat is there, he just kind of snarls at me when I try to make him go to the stables, so, he can stay.

I hope the big house has bigger rooms than the guest house, I hate sleeping with my brother. I don’t think he washes as often as he should and I’ve told my Mom that he smells bad. Oh well, hope they finish at the big house soon.

I hope Fnor gets better soon too, my Mom won’t leave his side and my Grandmother is real bossy, although she does make some good food.


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