A New Threat

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 5th

Dear Journal,

I am still sitting in my office this morning and shaking my head as I try to relax with my coffee and, yes, still smoking but I’m trying to keep that down to a minimum for my health’s sake and Amyn’s wrath. I know that I have a pile of contracts to go through; however, my mind is not leaning in that direction this morning.

I met with one of my employee’s night before last and finally had an opportunity to talk with Amyn about the report that I received. Poor Sollonne looked a bit worse for wear but she did a thorough job on finding out as much information that she was concerned about for my family and me. I haven’t seen her since I left my last guild and started working with Dawnglory and Safe Haven. We’ve made great strides without putting the burden solely on his shoulders either.

Sol had contacted me a few weeks back and had wanted to speak with Amyn to find out some information. Naturally, the meeting never took place because I was ill; Amyn had her hands full with the boys and her family visiting to help out with things. I’m amazed that we all survived the turmoil at that point since that was the time when the other people all decided to move out at the same time. Funny how that all came to pass, almost likes rats leaving a sinking ship.

The news that Sol brought me was not good news, never seems to be that except for the one time that she brought me some sweets. Poor girl tries very hard to keep on top of things that could affect the company and especially my family.

It appears there is an organization out there called The Shadows of Elune that appears to be a rather militant religious group that has the idea in mind to be purest in regard to their beliefs in Elune. Naturally, with my past involvement with the stamping out of the Bloodsworn for the time being and the very public announcement of my involvement with Amyn and our sons, my profile must have lit up like a beacon in the night for them.

It seems that the company has been noticed in its operations out of Stormwind using Amyn’s family name of Shadowmoon as a cover. I’m not sure that these people are aware of the affiliation with Morningstar Enterprises; however, they are aware of my sons in the area. They don’t exactly stick out like sore thumbs but if you’re aware enough, you can tell that they are not of pure Kaldorei blood. I had been concerned about moving the operation from Shattrath City to Stormwind; however, it was a move that needed to be made in order for ease of access to the warehouse there as well as the shipping is a lot easier with the port. Amyn has been taking care of the business there as much as she has time as well as Kaldor. Unbeknownst to me, there have been several queries involving the company and its other employees. Oh well, should be used to this by now. Seems successful firms raise a few flags in Stormwind but we’ve never been the ones to live at poverty’s door for very long no matter where we operate.

It appears that this organization has targeted the boys and Amyn for the fact that we are mated and have dared to sully the Kaldorei bloodlines by having children. This is something that Amyn has had to deal with her entire adult life since the birth of Kaldor, followed closely with the birth of Vashlan. We were young back then and didn’t practice a whole lot in the way of birth control and …it was definitely enjoyable for me in helping her with that.

I’m not worried so much for the safety of Amyn and Kaldor as I am for Vashlan. He’s just moved to Stormwind for his studies and takes frequent trips to Darnassus and Dolonaar to visit his grandparents. Being a mage is a difficult task for him because a lot of his spells are self-taught at this point and the instructors are trying to undo some of his bad habits in that area. He’s not as strong as Kaldor physically; however, there is a devious side of him that comes to the front when he feels threatened as long as he doesn’t have his face in a book or eating.

We’ve been told that there must be some High Born blood in the lineage or Vash wouldn’t have these already very high abilities that seemed to have happened over the years and appeared to be something very natural to him. Amyn has discussed this with her parents and they aren’t aware of any other than a possible great-grandfather that was very reclusive and disappeared. We all have relatives that seem to hide in the closets sometimes that pass on their genes to later generations.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Amyn and I will be talking with Kaldor and Vash about this new threat to the family and make them aware to keep their guard up. I know that Kaldor is very confident in his abilities and thinks that he can take care of himself all of the time; however, I know from my own past experience that you can become overconfident and get your arse handed to you. I might suggest to Vashlan that he try to excel with his studies so that we can try to find a mage in Dalaran that will take him on as an apprentice. Of course, I can always make sure that he has hidden guards accompanying him on his adventures in the big city full of humans that he seems to be fascinated with for the moment.

I’m not even going to question why this group would target my family. I think that I already have a clear understanding of that. My mate, soon to be my wife in the Sindorei fashion, is Kaldorei and we have dared to have children together. My stepsons may not be safe either; however, they are in Dalaran under a very watchful eye of the people affiliated, if not hired by, Morningstar enterprises as well as their parents. Ah well, this is all part of having a family, I suppose, however, I hope that we are able to weather this threat as well as we have the ones that have been presented to us in the past. I’m sure that we will.

Sol also gave me a wedding gift when she was visiting here in Dalaran too. A beautiful set of antique cufflinks that had belonged to someone in her family that she felt the need to give to me for some reason or other. I truly did appreciate the gesture and will take very good care of them as well as wear them to the wedding. She says that she will be at the wedding and I won’t see her because she will be standing guard to make sure that no one takes a potshot at either the bride or the groom. That made me smile quite a bit and also made me aware of what her true friendship means too.

I still have to track down this jeweler that Amyn is raving about or I may just take the design to Silvermoon and have the work done there unbeknownst to her. I think that we have waited long enough to get this show on the road. Naturally, the wedding bands will be matching as is the custom.

Well, Dawnglory has shown up, so, that means that I need to stop writing and go back to work. Faendra is supposed to be back in Dalaran in the very near future to take care of the books, it is the end of the month and we need to close them out.

Sorry, my mind is going at a fast pace this morning and I am just trying to jot all of this down lest I forget something. Oh yes, Pan and I need to go check out the two wedding sites that Amyn has suggested to see if they will be acceptable for both factions to attend. I am personally leaning more towards the Feralas location even though there are Sentinels a stone’s throw away. The wedding is tentatively set for July 1st, however, that might change if we can get everything together prior to then.

Fnor Morningstar

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