Amynlarae – Forbidden Love

Amyn was born to two very loving parents in Dolonaar. They were indeed a hard working couple, her Mother was a priestess of Elune until the birth of her child, when she decided to give up her time in the temple to devote all of that to her husband, a hunter by trade, and her child. Amyn’s Father, Arithael, was a hunter of some reputation because he was always out in the field plying his trade, Adwyn, her Mother had been a good priestess and her faith in Elune was renowned with her research and her devotion. However, Adwyn gave up her life as a priestess when her daughter was born.

Amyn knew nothing but happiness as she grew up. The warmth and caring of her devoted parents and their ability to see good in all things, no matter how awful they might seem to others. Amyn had all of her friends and her dolls to keep her company and her Mother was always giving her lessons to do at home. She had a very well rounded childhood and had known nothing of the world other than what her parents allowed her to be exposed too – she wanted for nothing.

When Amyn grew to be a young girl, she became enamored of the Kaldorei Sentinels that she would see riding by or walking around proudly in Darnassus. She decided that she wanted to be one, he Mother would have rather had her daughter take on the robes of a cleric but this didn’t appeal to the young girl. She had spent enough time with her Father to know her way around the woods and she could had a bow and a knife as well as any of her friends’ brothers. So, she applied to the Sentinels.

Yes, she was small as Kaldorei went but that could be from her premature birth, no one knows. However, the Sentinels decided to give her a chance and she started her training as soon as she could

On her first scouting mission in Ashenvale, she became separated from her party and became lost. She wandered through the forest and she knew that she was going to e severely reprimanded once she made her way back to camp. She thought that she had gone in the right direction although the hills did look a bit different from what her memory served her. Much to her chagrin, a wild board came charging out from the underbrush and caught her off-guard – the boar’s tusks tore through her leather armor like it was made of cloth – she was still in training and hadn’t gotten her mail issued to her yet. She was proud of herself that she ended up defeating the boar and taken his tusks as trophies to show her commanding officer, in hopes of lessening her punishment when she got back to camp.

When the adrenalin started to ease from her excitement, she could feel the blood trickling slowly from her side and down her legs. It was so very much blood and the pain was setting in to where she could barely see where she was going. She knew she had to get back to her base camp for aide but try as she would, she didn’t recognize the area where she was. What a great scout she was turning out to be.

She wandered further along hoping that she could see something that would trigger the memory. She had found some herbs that she knew that her Mother had used to staunch blood from cuts at home and had placed a large handful inside the torn armor to try to stop her blood from flowing so freely. That’s when the fever started wracking her body in earnest, the wound hadn’t been cleaned thoroughly and the boar had been a very filthy beast – the wound was becoming severely infected.

She wanted past some his and happened to find herself in the Northern Barrens. She knew that somehow she had missed the base that stood close by but thought that she would be able to make it back there if she cleaned her wound with some water and reapplied the herbs. She saw a pond not too distance from the tree line and thought that she could slip over there for some much needed water to drink and cleanse her wound. She made it to the water, had a few sips, discovering that it was a bit brackish but still potable , cleaned her would with some of the cloth that she had in her bags when she suddenly started losing consciousness.

This is when her life changed forever.

While she was unconscious lying in the brush near the pond, a young Sindorei Ranger was making his rounds in the area, checking for incursions and for anything out of the ordinary to report back to his commander. He had been with the rangers for a while and felt comfortable in what he was doing. He saw the pond and thought that it would be a great place for him to make a noon camp and clean up a bit. The heat in the Barrens was something that he would never get used too – the sweat tricked down his stomach and his back as he rode his mount closer to the pond. He looked around to see if there were any beasts about that might want to attack him and saw nothing. He proceeded to strip out of his armor and got into the water, even if it was only waist deep, it would serve the purpose of getting some of the grime off his person. As he stood there in the water, he noticed a clump of what appeared to be clothing lying in the brush.

His curiosity got the best of him and he got out the water to investigate. He quickly retrieved his dagger from his belt that was lying on the ground next to his armor before approaching the brush. As he grew closer to the rags, he saw a small hand move and heard a groan before he saw the long silver hair glowing in the sunlight. Oh, by the Light, this was a Night Elf that appeared to be severely injured – he knew what his orders were, he should just finish them off or if they were able to walk, take them prisoner and bring them back to his camp.

As he approached closer, the groan became more intense and he saw that it was indeed a Night Elf, a very small Night Elf by the standards that he had seen in battle. Why in the Fel would a small child be out here like this? He had no clue but he already knew that he couldn’t kill it, not a kid. It would be like killing one of his sisters – no, he couldn’t do it unless the “child” decided to attack him first.

As he drew closer, he saw that it was a female Kaldorei that appeared to be one of those recruits for the Sentinels. She turned her head and looked at him, which all but stopped him in his tracks. She had the most beautiful silver blue eyes that he had ever seen in his life. She seemed to be appraising him as well, there in all of his glory and a dagger in his hand.

He could see that she was severely injured and would need some help or she would die, lying there in the brush. He quickly turned and went back to his belongings, donning his clothing and armor swiftly before pulling some rolled up bandages from his bags. He returned to the young Kaldorei and mad some motions that he was going to try to help her, she hissed and growled at him like some caged animal but that was something he had rather expected. His Common was all but non-existent and he was sure that her Orcish was somewhere in the same knowledge level.

“I’m not going to hurt you, honest, I’m just going to try to help you” as he spoke softly when he knelt down next to her. He had checked to see that her weapons were beyond her reach. He was a nice fellow but he wasn’t entirely stupid either. He lifted up her armor where it was shredded and saw the mess of the wound, she had tried to stuff herbs on top of it to stop the bleeding, which they had to some extent but they had also been dirty. He carefully removed the herbs and brought more water to clean the wound and washed the herbs that were still useable and reapplied them before wrapping the wound in bandages.

Years later, Amyn is living in Shattrath with her four sons. The two oldest boys were a great joy and sadness to her due to their mixed heritage, they were good boys, loving and very well behaved. The two youngest were her true delight and since the loss of their Father in a hitting accident, Amyn had been hard pressed to keep her little family together. The Father of the two oldest boys happened to be none other than her Sindorei rescuer from so many years ago. They had become lovers over time and had moved to Shattrath where there relationship would not be so obvious as well as more acceptable by some of the people there. He didn’t know the boys were his, she had told him that she had taken a lover while he was off fighting this war and that – He would always come back to her, somewhat beaten up and in dire need of some tender care. He was wealthy now; he owned his own company and lived in Dalaran. They had been partners for a while in the same business and still were – her late husband had even been involved in helping this Sindorei gather products and information that he needed from time to time with his Alliance contacts.

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