Bachelorette Party

April 25th

What a wonderful party! I know that, at first, I didn’t want to go because the only person that I knew at the party was Lali. After going through what I did in Shattrath, I wasn’t sure how receptive that these people would be to an outsider, a stranger in their midst.

These women were very nice and I felt very comfortable with them. Unfortunately, I drank too much and probably said too much. I had to laugh because it did appear as though I was the oldest and the more experienced of the people there. Ah well, that happens, I suppose. There were times as we laughed and giggled that I felt quite ancient.

Oh, I had forgotten how much fun an “all girl” party could be, it’s been a while since I have attended one. We all definitely had a lot to drink and the food was absolutely fabulous. What I thought was going to be a dull evening with drinks and poetry turned out to be more than that.

Naturally, the younger ones were very interested in the prowess of the males. You know – the size, the stamina and all that. I had to laugh because three of the women present were definitely virgins and their curiosity was more than a little bit funny to me. The poor little Tauren was definitely shocked off her hooves a few times, I’ve never seen one blush before, however, this one would kind of get wide-eyed and her ears would turn pink. I guess I have lived too long and I’m not that old when you look at the longevity of elves.

Oh, the magazines! We were all entranced by the way the men in the pictures were depicted. I can’t say that I have seen one of these magazines in the last few years; however, these were done very well, even if some of the things were rather exaggerated. I don’t think that I have ever seen a man with his dangly bits quite so enlarged – not that I have seen that many naked men in a state of arousal. I will have to admit that I have only been with two men in my life, my Sindorei and my Kaldorei mate – may his soul rest in peace with Elune.

The hostess of the party definitely kept every interesting and did a marvelous job. I did feel very welcome in her home. We even did actually do some poetry, in a way and we also played a marvelous game.

We played pin the “thing” on the man. The hostess chose one of the pictures to use as a target, which happened to be a very sizeable, ahem, male human. The little Forsaken present actually was given the assignment of cutting out the “things” from several of the pictures and I could see her squirm a little bit every time she came across one that caught her interest and she’d start cutting out the segment of the picture. We each took a turn pinning the “thing” on the picture while we were blindfolded. Naturally, none of us hit the “exact spot” where the member should be – it was great fun when we’d take off our blindfolds and see where we’d pinned the poor fellow. By the end, he looked more like some escapee from the Exodar.

I guess the other girls were staying the night with Lali at the house where we had the party. I assume that it is a custom of the Sindorei not to let the bride see the groom before the ceremony, which is rather strange. I suppose its okay; however, my Sindorei and I made love before we said our vows at the moonwell and promptly made love again afterwards. Strange Sindorei customs that I wasn’t aware of – they do like their pomp and circumstance for any of the events.

I had to laugh when we were talking about how the old traditions were and they said that sometimes the entire families of both the bride and groom would retire to the bedroom to watch the bride and groom as they would consummate the marriage. That just sounded too awful to imagine – my Mother would have probably slapped me a few times when my Sindorei and I made love for the first time – we weren’t very quiet and it went on for hours after that initial pain subsided. I’m surprised that I didn’t end up pregnant the first time.

Oh well, I did tell them that I couldn’t stay the night with them because I had to go back home and make sure the boys didn’t eat us out of house and home. No, they are not going to the wedding, I don’t think that that is a tradition that they would enjoy since Fnor and I have never done anything like that and my Kaldorei mate and I did the same thing as we said our vows to Elune and became life mates. It seems like saying our vows at the moonwell is a lot less stressful.

Ah well, I need to get up and start doing a few things around the house before we have to get dressed and go to the wedding.

When I did get home last night, I didn’t see Fnor’s mount in the stables. I think that he may have gone out for a ride after the bachelor party that he attended. I almost stopped at the main house to see if Poetica was at home but I didn’t. I wish she had gone with me because she might have enjoyed meeting some different people.

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