Chomping At the Bit..

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 3rd

Dear Journal,

I will admit that I am sitting out here in the sunshine, enjoying that a bit, although I miss my office. I’ll be happy when all of the hammering and banging stops so I can at least go back there without fearing that I’ll trip over some piece of construction debris. I miss my office.

We, Amyn and I, are having the house renovated and put back to rights, plus, adding a few changes here and there so that my family will feel more at home. Bigger doorways, poor Kaldor still has that knot on his forehead and I guess he was rather verbal when that incident happened. The poor housekeeper was beside herself when it happened, she didn’t know whether to be insulted or just laugh, I think she took the latter.

I will admit that I am missing my old friends; however, it’s nice to have something settled back to a normal way of life. Dalaran has always been my haven, my place where I came to get away from the rest of Azeroth and relax. I know that with the influx of all of those people, at my invitation, so that they could have a safe haven from their enemies at the time may not have been a wise decision on my part. I was trying to do my bit to make sure that they were safe. I do miss them, however, not the constant chaos and drama that will sometimes happen when you have a large group of people somewhat confined to a small area like a home. I do miss the kids and I will always miss them, however, they have moved on with their families and it is as it should be.

I know that I am sitting here this morning, yes; I do still get to have my coffee at least, trying to get up the energy to do something. Anything other than just sitting here and just watching the rest of the world go by. I’m getting anxious to get back to work. No, I can’t do the things that I was doing because I have Amyn hovering around and she really gets upset when I start acting like I am going to take off and do something that I’m not supposed to do.

I’m enjoying having Amyn and the boys here, it just feels right. As far as my personal life goes, I’m very content right now. Yes, I feel bad about things that happened, however, it may have been doomed from the beginning and I can’t afford to dwell on it. I made an error in judgment; I paid the price, now it’s time to move on. Yes, I catch myself reflecting back on it once in a while and I just hope that things are going as well for my ex-fiancée.

I still feel weak as a kitten. I wonder when that is going to pass. I need to get up and get some exercise soon or I won’t be able to do much else. I’m not some old man that is ready to sit in the shade of a tree and let life pass me by. I know I stay up for a while and then I start feeling like I need to sleep some more. I need to get to the point to where I can at least get up and start acting like myself again.

I’m bored, I think. I need that adrenalin pumping in my veins and I need to get out amongst other people. I love having Amyn and our sons here with me, however, I need more than that. I need to feel the wind in my hair, that adrenalin rush before I start into an attack.

I will have to laugh a bit because I’ll start talking to the kids about some of my past adventures and Amyn raises that eyebrow as if to say something like “Those days will come again, Sindorei, you aren’t ready to hang up your bow just yet.”

I guess Fel is going to be moving back in shortly after she goes out and searches for that fellow a bit. She’s not as heartbroken as I thought she might have been under the circumstances. I think she just wants to see him one last time to talk and find out what went wrong. She’s never been involved with anyone before like this. She’s taking it more calmly than I would have. Unfortunately, I think that my problems may have fallen back on her plate as well. I’ll have to see if I can’t arrange something for her. Not a marriage, just something.

Seems Fnar is handling a lot of the contracts and making sure that the employees are still staying focused while I’m laid up. Damn, I need to get back out there; this sedentary lifestyle is definitely not for me. Fnar and I will have to have a talk here pretty soon, I think. He’s giving my baby sister those looks that he gets when he sees a likely candidate for him to pursue. It’s no secret to me that she’s had a crush on him for years; however, I will remind him that it wouldn’t be prudent for him to be trying to dip his quill in the company ink. He’s my best friend, however, she’s my sister and I don’t know that I want her to get involved with him, he’s such a womanizer.

I never realized how small the guest house was until I started staying there. I don’t know how some of those people could stand it, much less; stay as long as they did.

I can feel myself getting tired, I guess I ought to drag my arse back in and take a nap. Seems like I’m up for a few hours and then I have to go to sleep. Maybe I can talk Amyn into taking a nap with me, which means that it’s not going to be a whole lot of sleeping going on. At least I can fall asleep afterwards.


Fnor Morningstar


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