Funtimes Or Let The Games Begin

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 8th

Dear Journal,

Oh, it feels great to be sitting here in my office again. Agatha even had a big smile on her face when I waltzed into the kitchen to get some coffee before retreating back to my sanctum. It is indeed that and I will have to admit that I haven’t completely quit smoking but I’m getting closer every day – I think.

It’s been a busy couple of days and I have to admit that I was too exhausted to get up early and start working in the office as is my normal thing. Yes, I know I’m pushing it, however, I can’t see sitting here and just barely moving because I’m tired. My brain is wired that way. If I see work that needs to be done here in the office, I’ll do it or if I see a contract that catches my particular interest, I’ll see my way out of Dalaran to work on it. I mean, healers don’t know everything there is to know, right? They know the body rather well, however, I don’t think that they could possibly know how my brain works, I have trouble with that myself sometimes.

Well, we did make a family outing to the Faire and I will have to admit that I haven’t had that much fun in years. The youngest boys decided to make pigs of themselves and actually surprised themselves when they ended up feeling rather ill after some of the games. I know I was laughing so hard at the two of them when they were whacking each other instead of the beasts at the first one. Amyn was laughing with me as well, which was a very nice thing to hear.

Oh, they just had to do the canon. Just had to do it or they were both going to die, their words and not mine. Amyn and I both talked about it and thought that it might do them some good to get a good fright and hopefully not get injured. These are the two that like to play with explosives in the sewer in Dalaran, after all, let them know how the fish feel about it for a change. Oh, what a mess that was.

Amyn and I both stood there watching the two boys give their tokens and climb the stairs to what they were certain would be the thrill of a lifetime. We should have known that they were up to something, however, we’re parents and somewhat naive about what can go through two young boys’ minds. They quickly clasped hands and leapt into the cannon “together” – that isn’t supposed to be a able to happen from what the gnome told us later – the cannon fired, we saw the two bodies fly through the air towards the beach and the target. I don’t think that Amyn and I have run that fast in our lives, however, I didn’t have the anxiety of Motherhood driving my adrenalin either. We arrived at the beach in time to see the boys coming out of the water laughing and stumbling through the sands. Amyn got to them before I did and started berating both of them before she grabbed each by an ear and hauled them up to the boardwalk. After checking them over to make sure that all their limbs were still appropriately attached, she started to give them a lecture that I think every child has had at one point in their lives. You know, the one that ends with “I hope you have a child just like you, if you live long enough to have any.” I think it’s the Mother’s Curse that we are all gifted with at least a few times in our adolescence.

My sons, the two older boys, went off on their own to do some exploring of their own. Exploring is what they called it. At that age, I knew exactly what they were going to be doing. They were going to enjoy the sights, especially of the female variety. I know how I was at their ages and I knew that the female population was not going to be safe with their raging hormones running amuck in the area.

After the canon incident, I decided that I would leave Amyn and the two youngest at the food vendor and see if I could find my two wayward sons. As I wandered around and casually looked hither and yon, I spied the youngest of the two standing in front of what is supposedly a vacant tent. Nope, it wasn’t vacant, Kaldor and I will be having that “talk” that Amyn had wanted me to give both of them last week. Not the one about the birds and bees, with the noises I heard coming from the tent, he knew exactly what he was doing and seemed to be doing it rather well. Dawnglory would have been roaring with laughter at my chagrin and probably would have been cheering Kaldor on.

I gave them both my sternest “Father look” that I could muster even though I know that I could feel myself blushing profusely when Kaldor emerged from the tent, still fastening his shirt and trying to smooth his hair back in order. The young lady emerged looking slightly rumpled and used, however, she bobbed a quick curtsey in my direction before giving Kaldor a resounding kiss and left.

“You two, here…right here!” I know that I dressed them both down for the shameful behavior and told them that they were going to stay with the family group and no more “exploring” on their own until they learned how to act like gentlemen and not some idiots chasing skirts in Silvermoon. I will have to admit that I was secretly wondering how often they both were imbibing in this sort of thing and if I should start worrying about becoming a grandparent this early in my life. My next comment seemed to garner the affect that I wanted “Wait until your Mother hears about this, you’re going to be in sooo much trouble.”

I know they both had been bored a bit in Dalaran and I had started giving them some of the lighter contracts to deal with. You know, gathering pelts and hides. Maybe I need to take it up a notch and make sure that they are both so tired that they won’t even think about women. Yes, that’s what I’ll do, work them to the point that neither one of them will have the energy to even think about that sort of thing. Yes, the tourney should also help them get rid of the “excess” energy. I think that is one of the things that we’ll do tomorrow, have a Father and Son outing at the tourney, just us men.

I shouldn’t have been so shocked and surprised. I do remember how I was at that age. I know that there were times that I often wondered if I didn’t have any more offspring wandering around Silvermoon.

I think that Amyn has done a great job in raising the boys, she’s had her hands full with them and I’m sure that she was aware of how young boys can be although she didn’t have any siblings to learn from in regard to this sort of thing. She did have her cousins, which seemed to be normal Kaldorei young men, and they weren’t shy about talking about things when we were all camping in Feralas together.

You know I’ve always wanted to be a parent. Have children of my own and a full bevy of them. However, I didn’t want to think that I had missed out on my sons growing up this much. Here I am, with two young men on my hands and two little demolition experts that will either get us kicked out of Dalaran or we’re all going to end up in jail. It was bad enough when Felaran would blow up the kitchen now and again, however, this is going to be a real experience for me.

With our return to Dalaran that night, the two oldest boys were rather quiet and the two youngest were staggering with fatigue from their exertions, we all just retired to our rooms for a good night’s rest.

As Amyn and I lay in bed, I told her what I had discovered about the two oldest boys. I wasn’t expecting the reaction that I got from her. I thought she’d be shocked and surprised about the behavior and I did try to put it as delicately as I could to her. She started laughing, not just laughing, she was roaring with laughter until she had tears in her eyes.

“Fnor!! They are your sons and how could you expect them to be any different than you were at that age?” said Amyn choking back her tears of laughter as she dabbed at her tears already streaming down her face with the corner of the sheet.

I guess she was right, after all, they are both products of a Ranger and Sentinel joining. We were both rather young when we met and fell in love, lust and produced them. I’m still sitting here shaking my head and wondering how I am going to deal with all of this. I love them all dearly, however, I had this dream of having children that would be perfect – you know, joining their parents at the dinner table or all of us sitting around the fireplace reading. I guess I was the naive one. These are healthy young animals that I have on my hands now. The two youngest remind me of gamboling kittens because they are into everything and exploring everything. The two oldest are young men with the natural desires and passions that we have all experienced. I just didn’t know they were already tasting the fruits of life this early on. Parenthood is a new thing to me even though I have been around them off and on as they were growing up, this is my first time having them with me for an extended period. I missed being with the boys on a daily basis because I was off chasing my own dreams, selfishly, as Amyn was raising them in Shattrath.

The next morning, we all got up and had a hearty breakfast together. That’s when I announced to the two eldest boys that we were going to take a trip to the tournament grounds. They had heard me talk about the fun that I had up there and how exciting it could be. Naturally, the two youngest wanted to tag along, however, Amyn told them that they could go another time, that this trip was a trip for just the “big” boys.

So, off we went to the Tourney. I know I watched them as we strolled around and I told them the various and sundry things that they would be learning how to do. Jousting!! Now, this was and still is a favorite pastime of mine. Both of the boys got real serious as I explained the finer points of the activity and the types of lances that they would be using initially.

I did notice that both of them were easily distracted by anything female that was passing by. I certainly hope that I wasn’t that obvious when I was this age because I would be more than a bit embarrassed to go back to Silvermoon, if I were. One of the things that I am going to do is to talk to Dawnglory and tell him not to talk too freely about his adventures in front of the boys because I think it just fuels the fire, so to speak. I want them to learn how to be gentlemen and show the deepest respect for womankind that I can teach them. Amyn has done a good job but she hasn’t had me around to reinforce that thought and they haven’t been exposed to a Sindorei giving the lessons either. Her Kaldorei mate did a good job teaching them about the finer techniques of hunting, however, I wonder if he covered the more acceptable social behaviors with them.

Kaldor did great for his first time at jousting on the practice dummies, however, he did take a few spills when his mind and his manhood got him distracted on his charges. The youngest of the two seemed to grasp the gravity of the situation more readily even though his physical prowess wasn’t as good as his older sibling, he has potential if he can keep his mind on what he is doing. I even took up a lance and showed them how to do it a few times.

I’ll admit that when we got back to Dalaran, I was exhausted. The two boys were just full of themselves as they regaled the younger ones with the adventures they had at the tourney. Yes, we will be going again and I’m sure that we will all sit in the bleachers and watch the competitions a bit more. Maybe we will go up there again tomorrow if my body will stop aching a bit by then.

Well, I need to get back to work on these contracts. Fnar is supposed to be coming in here shortly and we have to discuss some of them before we start making the distributions to the employees. Faendra has been busy with the books too, seems like our profit margin is even better than it was this time last year when I was so involved with other things.

It’s good to be sitting here this morning and getting things back in order. However, my mind keeps wandering back to the children. Amyn is still sleeping because she said last night that she was almost as tired as I appeared to be as we lay there holding one another.

I still marvel at the fact that I have a family of my own. It will take some getting used to and I’m sure that we will have some bumpy roads to travel with the children. However, my biggest thing is that I have Amyn here with me in Dalaran and we’re finally doing what we should have done years ago. We’re happy, I’m very contented to hold her in my arms, make love when we’re so inclined and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Just the old mated couple.

Yes, she’s still wanting to get together with Lalli and discuss the wedding and honeymoon that she and Raleth had. I guess I’ll end up having to have one of those ceremonies eventually too. I hope that we both get a chance to get together with Raleth and Lalli soon, they seem to be a great couple and they have a good understanding of what it is like to live the lives we have chosen, although they don’t have the children yet to complicate things.




Fnor Morningstar


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