Getting Better … Thoughts of The Future Too

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 14th

Dear Journal,

I am slowly getting back into my old habit of getting up early and heading into the kitchen to make coffee before I get back behind my desk and start the day. I will have to admit that it is very peaceful first thing in the morning with the family still sleeping, which is as it should be. I know that I take this as the time to do some of the things that I want to do before I dive into the paperwork stacked neatly on my desk. No, I haven’t completely given up my evil smoking habit completely yet, however, it’s on its way out.

I’m kind of smiling this morning because of the fact that I can tell that Faendra has been in here and has been busy working on the books and some of the filing that never seems to end. There was also a bag left on my desk with some sweets that Felaran had picked up and dropped off sometime during the night – with a carefully worded note that said “I bought this stuff so you don’t have to worry about it exploding or choking Pan.”

Yes, it’s getting back to normal and apparently, so am I apparently. I did trot out to the healers on Saturday to talk to them and find out how much longer I am going to be confined to Dalaran. I was starting to feel like I should join the boys in blowing up the sewer because it was starting to look kind of attractive to me. I’m not bored, just not used to the inactivity that I had to do in order to appease the healers and to make Amyn happy.

Of course, the little kids are still talking about the great time that they had at the Faire and wish that it was a place we could frequent more often than just during that one week of the month. It’s all new to them and I think it was their first time that they have been able to go and do all of the things that they wanted to do. Naturally, the two oldest boys aren’t saying much about the Faire with their little indiscretionary activity that, at least, Kaldor took part in during the family outing. The two eldest learned a few things and so did I, even if my mate decided it was the most hysterical thing she had heard about in years. I think that I was trying too hard to be Fatherly about ten years too late.

I will admit that I do miss some of the people that were staying here in the house for a while; however, I am relieved that they are gone at the same time. With them being gone, that does mean that the danger for them has passed and they can get on with their lives again until something else seems to threaten them again.

I wonder if Poetica ever found her sister, Mallie. I know that Amyn and I spent a great deal of time trying to track the little dunderhead down, however, with the trail being so cold, it was damned near impossible to find a good firm lead. I don’t hold any ill will toward Poe; it was just a bad thing for us from the very beginning and went from bad to worse over the months. I don’t regret the time that we spent together but it was something that was never meant to be. I just feel like it was something that happened and will always regret how badly it ended with so many others getting involved that it was almost impossible to try to resolve the issues. So, she’s gone her way and I have gotten my head out of my ass and gone back to the woman that has always been there for me, even if I was too stupid to realize it.

Amyn seems happier than I think I have ever seen her these days. She’s very comfortable living here in Dalaran although I think that she yearns for the wilderness almost as much as I do when I spend too long in the city. I don’t think that we were meant to be city dwellers, however, that’s where my main office is located and we do have employees that go out and gather most of the pelts and skins. I think that we will start planning a few trips on the side to get away from the city and the children for a bit too. It would be good to have just the two of us alone again, like it used to be in the old days.

I’m also kind of sitting here this morning with a big grin on my face today. It seems that Amyn was out on one of her many walks around the city and ran into Lali. They apparently had a great deal to talk about and one of the primary things of importance was the fact that Amyn wants to have a Sindorei wedding. I don’t have a problem with that at all, if that’s what it is going to take to make her feel more permanent and to get the children to accept the fact that I am at their Father, then, so be it. We will definitely be getting married in the very near future.

That also means that I need to get off my arse and head back to Silvermoon to see if I can find a decent engagement ring for her as well as two new wedding bands. I think it would be rather crass to use the ones that I have on the chain around my neck. Which, reminds me, I ought to just stop wearing the damn thing anyway, it gets tangled in the hair on my chest anymore and it just doesn’t need to be worn to remind me not to get involved with anyone. I already have the best woman in the world sleeping with me; why in the hell would I want to check anything else out? No, I think that this will be a good thing for us all the way around.

I guess attending the wedding and the parties prior to the event put the thoughts into Amyn’s head and she wants to do the same thing. She wants our relationship to be as official as it can be. I don’t know that we will go to the great lengths that Raleth and Lali went too with theirs though, after all, we’re a few years ahead of them with our relationship and four kids later. I was relieved to hear that I won’t have to buy a new tux again either, I had only worn the one I wore at the wedding that one time and I would hate to have more than two like I do now.

I guess this means shopping trips. I’m not good at shopping for gowns; I’m completely clueless in that area, especially wedding gowns. I suggested that Amyn take Lali with her and they can do whatever it is that they wish and get as elaborate as they want – this will be the last wedding that I will be involved in, being the groom. She wants to look at the gowns here in Dalaran and has some thoughts of going to Stormwind to see if they have anything there that is to her liking if the ones up here aren’t what she wants.

I wish I could take her to the shop in Silvermoon, the one my adoptive parents used to own off of the Bazaar, however, I don’t think that the citizenry would like that very much. Maybe I can have some of the gowns shipped up here so that she can see them and decide if they are to her liking or not – that’s what I’ll do. I think that I have fairly good taste in women’s clothing. There are so many places that I would like to take her in my homeland, however, we both know that it wouldn’t be advisable. I just wish to the Light that we didn’t have to keep away from the places that we both enjoy and can only go there alone because of these stupid faction issues.

Of course we can walk the streets of Dalaran rather openly even though there are a few comments from some of the local morons. I have heard the thing about the fact that I used to be engaged to a Death Knight and at least this one is alive, although not that much better. If they only knew both of these women, they would guard their tongues or end up holding that same tongue in their hands after it has been forcibly removed by the same women.

I am assuming that Poetica has left Dalaran because I haven’t seen her here since our rather messy parting. I hope that she has found a suitable home for herself and her sisters. I would think that they have gone back to Orgrimmar to live to be nearer their friends and what family they have. I do wish them well, and hope that Mallie has turned up or someone has given Poe some word of the little imp. Woman was pretty unstable to start with, always wandering into problems of her own devising by being too smart for her own good or possibly had some kind of weird death wish.

Amyn and I were laughing at Lali’s game that she and Raleth play. The Sentinel and the Sindorei!! By the Light, we have been playing that since the day we met although ours is a bit more aggressive since its The Sentinel and The Ranger. At least it’s a healthy pursuit of role-playing in the bedroom that has never gotten old – we even tried out their camping thing, however, we never made it into the sleeping bag completely. I’ve still got rug burns on my knees and I’m sure that Amyn’s marks running down my back haven’t completely healed up yet. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of foreplay to spice things up.

We talked about having another baby and I think eventually that might happen if I play my cards right. I would like to be able to be with Amyn all the way through a pregnancy this time without gallivanting off on some adventure or out making money and miss the birth. Amyn, kind of frowned a bit when I brought the subject up to begin with, however, I don’t know that it’s a moot point at the moment. I know that each time I’ve seen her in various stages of pregnancy, she always looked remarkably beautiful, her skin glowing with health – I’ve only touched her belly once when the child kicked and I’ll admit that the miracle of that took my breath away. At least we can keep ‘practicing’ the art of how to put one in there.

Damn, I shouldn’t have started writing about that because I’ve got something standing at attention again. Hmm, I can see Amyn laying there in the bed in all her glory, one long leg draped off the edge of the bed and something very inviting showing. I think I’ll go grab another coffee for each of us and wake her up. She likes a morning romp as much as I do – start the day off with a smile on both of our faces.


Fnor Morningstar


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