Life Does Bring Surprises

May 31st


Dear Journal,


I am happy that Fnor made it back home to Dalaran without having some kind of emotional meltdown with the news that he was given by his mentor that lay dying – why the man waited all of these years to tell Fnor that he was his biological Father is beyond my comprehension. I know that it has caused my beloved a great deal of emotional pain that he will be recovering from for quite a while. While he has lost an old and trusted friend, he has also lost a Father that he never really had a chance to get to know at that level. My heart truly does go out to him and I am trying to comfort him as much as I can while he is mourning his loss, however, I will not allow him to dwell on it and bring on more problems for himself.

I often wondered how my sons have felt about the fact that I kept it a secret for so many years about the relationship that I have with Fnor. My two eldest are his sons and I was afraid to tell them or him of the fact because I was afraid that my Sindorei would get angry with me and take them away to where he felt they would be safer than with their Mother. Oh well, I know that Kaldor was probably the most upset with the situation because he is the eldest, although he has suspected for many years whom his Father might be.

Oh well, it’s something that we both thought might happen. Fnor finding his Father was a miracle of itself since he hadn’t truly been searching for him with any great deal of zeal; however the shock of whom it turned out to be was more than earth shattering to him. I know that he covered his emotions as best as he could while we were with the children, however, the facade fell when we were alone in our bedroom. I know that he rarely cries, however, this time as I held him in my arms I was reminded of how many times this poor man has been hurt and almost destroyed by the things that have happened to him in his personal life.

He was so very happy to get back to Dalaran and he spent a few hours playing with the children and he kept hugging them anytime one would come close enough to him. The boys were welcoming the affection from a man that rarely shows this kind caring to his children. I think he’s always afraid that he might be overstepping his bounds with his little step-children, if he only knew how much they already worship him, he wouldn’t have to worry.

Unfortunately, I had already made arranges to go with Lali to go shopping for my wedding gown in Stormwind. I had looked at the gowns here in Dalaran and with the prices that they were asking; I was thrown off by that. Oh, we can afford anything I want; however, I don’t feel like spending all of the money on a gown to be worn one time.

I’m sitting in the apartment in Stormwind and listening to the sounds of the city as well as hearing Lali sleeping in one of the guestrooms. It is nice to be able to sit here for a little while and just let my mind wander a bit. Things have been so busy since the children and I moved to Dalaran from Shattrath City. Fnor is happier than I think I have ever seen him. Oh yes, I think he is finished with his wanderlust of trying to find a Sindorei wife to “fit in” with those dilettantes in Silvermoon. He’s finally got it through his thick skull that he’s always had the “family” that he has been searching within his grasp for most of his life. His business has always been based out of Dalaran from the moment he could afford to move the offices there and I think I understand why – it’s the isolation from the rest of Azeroth, I think he was looking for.

Lali had never been to the city before. Poor little thing only knows a very limited area of Kalimdor and Dalaran. My heart almost melted with her joys of seeing the large ships in the harbor here in Stormwind and the way she was surprised at the size of the Cathedral. I think I had the hardest time of holding back my laughter when we went to the palace and saw Varian. Varian is a King, therefore, I gave my homage by bowing down, however, Lali was so in awe of the situation that she smiled really big and threw him a wave. Naturally, a part of me wanted to crawl under the carpet and a part of me just enjoyed the fact that she was so innocent of things that she was showing her best side. You have to love it when someone is so naive that they are trusting of everything and everyone until life spoils that for you.

We shopped quite a bit and wandered the city streets. We visited libraries and we visited most, if not all, of the tailoring shops in the city. We finally were able to find a gown that suited my tastes and the lower price range that I wanted to spend. Naturally, it’s almost a completely white gown because Lali says that it has to denote virginity – which is going to be hard for me to pull off after giving birth to four sons.

Lali is my Sindorei wedding expert. She is Kaldorei; however, she is married to a very wonderful mage named Raleth, another one of those of randy Blood Elves we’ve both fallen in love with. She and Raleth have only been married a short time and I will have to admit that after attending her wonderful Sindorei ceremony that was held, it did put the idea in my head that maybe Fnor and I should do the same thing. Yes, we’ve been mates for many years and we’ve been comfortable with that, however, this Sindorei thing really seemed to put the whole idea of being married to a conclusion. So, I asked Fnor if he would like to do something similar and he agreed. It is not only for us, our friends and acquaintances but it is also for the children so that they will have a true feeling of permanence and of belonging.

So here I sit this morning, happy to have found the gown at long last. Now it’s time for me to put my armor back on and escort Lali back to Dalaran to her husband and I can return to the loving arms of my Sindorei. I actually missed him here in the city and maybe someday I can show him the sights when there is peace in the world. I have faith that Elune will guide us down that path one day, for the sake of the people we love.

Now I just need to kick Fnor up to peak so that he will go talk to that jeweler and have our rings designed and my engagement ring. I know I was so embarrassed at not having a ring the other night when I met with the girls. Oh yes, some of them are engaged to be married as well and they were all flashing those rings enough to where it would almost blind you. I am truly happy for them and I am very happy to call them friends. They are the only ones that I have in Dalaran at the moment.







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