Making The Best Of Things

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 21st

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I am happy to be away from Dalaran for short while. I know that the whole situation with Callianne and her condition has put just enough stress on me that I needed to walk away and get my thoughts together.

Poetica told me that she had talked with Fel and Etain about our being out of Dalaran for the next few days or even a couple of weeks. She also talked to Callianne and let her know that we weren’t abandoning her and that we were just taking care of some other business, like trying to find the wayward Mallie.

I didn’t want to deal with the situation, I’m not good at saying good-bye to children at any time and this particular one is doubly hard to deal with because she’s being torn apart with trying to please everyone around her. So, I’m removing myself from the equation even though it is tearing me apart. I’m sure that Fel and Etain will take good care of her and that Poetica will be as attentive as she can be when she’s back in Dalaran. Little Callianne has been a large part of the family since she came to Dalaran to live and I will miss her little feet running up and down the halls of the house with Shiqi close behind. Ah well, things change and that’s just how it is going to be.

We have been out here looking for Mallie and to be honest, with her last known location being in Desolace – she could be anywhere. I’m really surprised that her commander didn’t realize that one of his subordinates was missing long before now, however, I guess that the service has changed a bit since I left, a bit more on the lax side. No wonder I get so many deserters as bounty contracts out of Orgrimmar. True, sometimes, they don’t even know when these people took off.

Amyn, Poetica and I have been enjoying the time together although I will have to admit that it is rather awkward and uncomfortable for me at times. The two ladies are trying to make the best of a real strange situation and I will have to admire them both putting forth the effort.

I really have gotten myself into a very strange situation. Amyn and I have been together for a very long time and have had some long periods of separation; however, we keep coming back to one another. After giving birth to four children, Amyn is still as attractive as she’s always been, even more so in some ways.

I know that when I told Poetica about Amyn, I was really kind of shocked at her reaction. She was hurt, yes; however, she put on the strong face of wanting to know more and getting to know Amyn. Now, it almost looks like they might become friends in the long term. Now, how many men have had their mistresses meet their fiancée and lived to tell about it? Not many that we know of.

I guess that Poe is insisting that we go to Shattrath this evening for supplies that she thinks that we need. She really wants to check on the tavern, if the truth were to be known. Amyn is looking forward to going back to Shattrath for the night, which I’m assuming we’re staying overnight there as well. Just means we have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and head back to where our tracking left off.

This will be the first time that Amyn has ever met any of the people that I really associate with. It could be awkward for them as well as her. I hope everything goes well, if not, I’ll wait to see what happens as the evening progresses.

Fnor Morningstar


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