New Home and New Problems

April 17th

Well, I finally met the “other” woman in Fnor’s life and I will have to admit that I think that for being a Death Knight and a Sindorei, she seems to be likeable enough. My Orcish isn’t so good, her Common is non-existent, so, Fnor had to tell each of us what the other was saying, which was very awkward.

I know my Sindorei would say everything that I said and told me most of what she said, I’m sure. It was very hard for him to be stuck in the middle of the conversation, however, I know that he told her everything that I said, whether it was complimentary to him or not.

Her name is Poetica, kind of a strange name for a dead girl, however, it may have been a name that she had in her previous life when it was more fitting to her. She is very tiny and I think that I could snap her in half with my bare hands and I’m small by Kaldorei standards.

I must have passed whatever tests she had in her mind when we were talking because she has invited us to move into the guest house behind the main house in Dalaran. I had just finished unpacking most of the things that I had brought from Shattrath and had bought several items when I went to pick my youngest boys in Darnassus. Oh well, it seemed to make Fnor nervous and happy at the same time when I accepted the invitation.

I did buy some new furnishings for the “guest” house because they were too small, the beds were way too short for my children and I could tell that they were upset and puzzled by the way things were setup for these Horde people that were living there before. So, after buying the furniture and having it delivered, the place looks like a proper Kaldorei home on the inside at least. I think that the boys and I will be taking our meals in our new home except for special occasions. I’m not a Sindorei and I’m not sure that I like all of the cuisine that they serve in the main house. Fnor seems to be agreeable to this.

At least now I am in very close proximity to my mate, which, in time will make a huge difference in our relationship. He does come to the guest house frequently when he is in Dalaran and we have time to talk more and he seems to be more relaxed at least. I’m sure his friends are wondering what a Kaldorei and her children are doing living here in the compound, however, from what I understand, they are leaving and going back to their homes.

Fnor stopped by the house briefly last night to talk for a few minutes while I was doing some of my leatherworking and mending. Apparently, this little goblin Death Knight has some health issues that have him upset, not to mention, some of the other people have really made him angry. He is a strange man and when it comes to children, including our own, he some ideas about how things should be that may not be agreeable to all parties.

Apparently, the adoptive Mother of the little Death Knight – which the Mother abandoned several times it seems has decided to make her presence known again. Fnor absolutely detests the woman on several levels. His biggest being her infidelity to her husband and the way she walked out on her one month old daughter to go “train” with another man. Of course, he and I both laughed at that. If the silly cow wanted to have an affair with another man, she should have made her feelings known instead of telling a lie. Oh well, that’s neither here nor there. Fnor had already told the woman to leave his house and of course, she came back to visit her children. It must be nice to leave your children in the care of others and only visit when the mood strikes. That’s not how I raised my children, however, maybe Kaldorei have a different mindset when it comes to raising their young. No wonder Sindorei are so self-centered and self absorbed if that’s how they were raised.

Apparently, this Mother decided to visit the little Death Knight last night and upset the child. Fnor said something about programming, it just sounded like some kind of fit to me, however, I’m not a healer. It caused quite a stir with the Father of the little baby and Death Knight and the Mother standing around making their parental noises. Of course, the Father already has a girlfriend that was trying to take charge of everything and trying to push my Sindorei and Poetica aside like old garbage. I am happy that I wasn’t present at this event, there would be one less Sindorei doxy prancing around.

Fnor was very upset and said that he would be happy when they moved out so that he didn’t have to deal with them and their childish behaviors anymore and wouldn’t have to deal with the ex-wife of this young man that appears to be rather confused about his role in life. I’ve known my mate a long time and I could tell that he was furious with the situation because his main concern is the well-being of the little Death Knight.

We talked for quite a while and he said that he wasn’t going to have anything to do with any of them any longer. Let them do what they will with their lives even if everyone can see the upcoming trials for them will be rather difficult. All of this self-absorption can get one killed. I knew how upset he was when he came out with one of his favorite edicts “If they were on fire and I was the only source of water, I wouldn’t piss on them to put the flames out.” That pretty much means, he’s done with the lot of them and will probably walk out if they enter a room.

He doesn’t like it when people think they know him after meeting him roughly four times and make stupid remarks. So, I guess Fnor will be helping them pack and try not to put his boot in their asses as they leave. He was upset at how he and Poetica were treated when they tried to help most of all – they both love this little Death Knight and they were summarily shoved aside like they didn’t matter. From what Fnor said, the ex-wife and part-time Mother was dancing in attendance and acting like she cared about things when he felt that she had no place being around the child. I know I haven’t seen my mate in such a snit for a long time without a knife in his hand , ready for the final killing blow in a fight.

I know we sat here in the house and talked for what seemed hours. It reminded me of the times we had together years ago when we would talk well into the night about what was going on in our lives. I’ve missed those times. It was nice having my man in my new home, it was nice just being able to reach out to touch or kiss him again.

He told me that Poetica would like to talk to me about a few things in the next few days and I told him that I would be happy to talk with her. He also explained his sleeping arrangements for the time being and it made me truly laugh. He knows he is always welcome in my bed, whether we make love or not, because he’s comfortable with me. I really would have liked to have made love to him last night to ease hi s anger at those other people and to make sure that he knew that I loved him no matter if his opinions are right or wrong, they matter to me.

As for me becoming fast friends with Poetica, time will tell. She will have to earn my trust that she is not going to shove me and the children into the background. Yes, we are family, however, in my eyes, she is the guest, not I. Fnor is my mate, my man and my lover…the Father of my children. I won’t release that hold on him anytime in the near future. I am Kaldorei and we do not give up things easily.

I will be making another trip back to Kalimdor to gather a few more things for our home. I hope that Fnor will come with me for at least part of the trip, I’ll be gone several days…yes, the boys are coming with me, I’m not one to run off and leave my children in the care of strangers.





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