On The Road Again

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 17th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that I didn’t get all that much sleep last night because I am worried about little Callianne and angry with her parents. No, I’m a stand-in parent when things come down to the brass tacks of things and I know that. It’s been made very apparent to me in the last few days.

Felestrien and his new paramour are going to do what they see fit regardless of how it makes Poetica and I feel. So be it, I’m washing my hands of the situation entirely. As much as I love Callianne, I have no real control over what happens with her well-being or care. Last night was another prime example of where Poetica and I stand in the situation. While we may care about what happens to our little girl, we have no say in the matter. So be it!

Last night I was walking Pan to stretch my legs after a wonderful meal that Agatha and Poetica had prepared and I happened on Callianne sitting in the park with her adoptive parents – Anteas, the sometime when she’s in the mood Mother and young Felestrien. Apparently, Anteas had done something to upset Callianne and Felestrien was there dancing attendance to try to get the problem resolved.

Callianne is a very special little Death Knight. She was programmed initially almost like a machine and acted accordingly. In her time with the Mistreavers, she has been reprogrammed to be the childlike person that she is today. Apparently, with all of the stresses being put on her little girl mind with the Bloodsworn and the dangers that entailed, the programming has started to unravel. I’m sure that with her adoptive family being as air-headed as it appears, it hasn’t helped matters again.

The on-again and off-again behavior of her adoptive Mother didn’t help when she abandoned both Callianne and the new baby. Of course, that left Felestrien in charge of things. The Elder had given the custody of Callianne to Poetica, myself and Felestrien to assure the little girl of some stability in her life. It seemed to be working until her ne’er do well adoptive Mother decided to show up again.

Well, last night, the woman showed up again and apparently, from what I have able to ascertain from the tidbits of information I was able to garner, she upset Callianne. She wants Callianne to bring her little sister with her for a visit to her new home in Dalaran. Here this child is already being torn between two families, mine being one of them and Felestrien’s new setup, she was under quite a bit of stress. Add the adoptive Mother to the mix and you have pandemonium. Of course, Poetica and I have nothing to say in the matter, we’re just stand-in parents.

Poetica happened upon the gathering and I think was as taken aback as I was with the way that things were going. Of course, the Mother, and I do use that term very loosely indeed, has already been kicked out of the house in Dalaran for being what she is, unfit as a parent. She and I had exchanged a few words as little Callianne lay prostrate on the ground in some kind of physical/mental collapse. It was probably not the most appropriate of times for my temper to get the better of me but I can’t stand the sight of the woman, much less be in close proximity to her.

Anyway, to make the long story short. Callianne was able to recover and the Mother and the new Instant-Mother -in-Charge decided that Callianne could stay at our house last night. At least Poetica and I still have a room for Callianne to sleep in but that’s all we have it appears. I’m not sure if the two Mothers stayed in the house together last night or not, I don’t care.

Now, I don’t care what Felestrien and Etain do with their lives and his one younger daughter, however, when it affects Callianne, it does become Poetica and my business as well. The way that we were treated last night was abysmal and I know that Poetica was as angry as I was. Fine, Felestrien is sleeping with Etain, that doesn’t give her instant “charge” of all things concerning the children – we don’t know her, we don’t know who she really is other than Fel’s bedmate for the moment. Fel’s blind eye, blinded by love,lust or whatever last night was to give over anything to Etain – Poe and I just kind of stood there like two bookends and we both left.

The only thing that is keeping Poetica and I tied in place right now is our love for Callianne. We could really give a rat’s arse for the rest of it. I gave an oath to the Elder and I will honor that oath up and until such time as I am released from it, however, I won’t be as readily available as I have been in the past. I am going to pay attention to Morningstar Enterprises and my immediate family. Hell, I wouldn’t even go to Shattrath except to support Poetica these days because she needs that from me as her fiancée. It is her business and I will assist her in any way that I can to make it successful.

I talked with Amyn for quite a while last night about the situation and she is the one person that will tell me how she honestly feels about things. She was in agreement with me that it is time to start thinking about making changes. I’m not happy with the treatment that Poetica and I are being given in this situation, we deserve better than that.

I am really getting fed up with this whole situation. If it means that I need to start thinking about changing my affiliation with the guild, I’ll do that. I have my own guild that is more Morningstar Enterprises related and is very stable. Fnar Dawnglory has been managing the employees and that guild for quite a while and I am seriously considering going back to help him. I’m sure that Sadheart, Dooddah, Zippie and Hazey would also come back to the “home” guild where they were initially placed before branching out on their own.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I think that I will spend some time with the Elder and see what his thoughts might be. I feel like I need to be convinced that this is all worthwhile and something worthy of my attention anymore. I never have felt this way before. These are supposedly my friends, my guild mates that have all taken oaths to uphold the things that we stand for. However, if that means that Poetica and I have to be treated like doormats or stand-in people for someone else’s shortcomings, it’s not worth it.

I’m tired of seeing Poe treated like an afterthought. Do what you will to me, I am capable of walking away as quickly as I came in. I know that I have treated Poetica badly, however, we have been able to reach a compromise on that which we can both live with. Maybe we should just avoid and stay away from people for a while, that’s one thing I’m considering. Poe spent most of her night lying in my arms and crying again, yes, I went to bed with her if only to hold her in my arms and try to give her some comfort.

As long as I see Pan and Chicken together, I know that Callianne is in the house, however, I refuse to go down to her room to check on her. I might end up being in jail for smacking the crap out of these supposed adults that seem to want to surround her. Little tyke needs some time to absorb all of these changes, she doesn’t need more added to the mix. Damn them all!!

I will be so happy when they move out and I don’t have to see them on a regular basis anymore. I think all of this togetherness has caused more harm than good at this point. What they don’t realize is that the “danger” they were facing was from within as well as externally. We may have defeated the Puppet Master on one level but we’ve lost the battle internally with strife.

Fnor Morningstar


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