Settling Back Into Home

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 6th

Dear Journal,

I am sitting here enjoying the fact that “moving day” has come to a close and we have all of the people situated in their own rooms and they seem to be happy. Well, you know young men can be. At least I have gotten back into my office and have to admit that it is more like just getting to the point where I can relax.

I’m truly thankful that things are finally finished here and we can get back to some semblance of a normal life. I will admit that it does seem odd to have Amyn in Dalaran these days; however, I wouldn’t change that for anything. I don’t think I have been this happy in quite a few years.

At least we can live together openly like we did in Shattrath and people here seem to accept it more readily. Of course, you do have the few dunderheads and ignorant louts; you’ll find those in any city regardless of their faction. The only thought I have on the subject is that they were probably abused children and feel as if they owe the rest of the world a slap in the face.

Speaking of Shattrath, I don’t think that I will miss those treks down there once a week to spend time with my ex-fiancée and give her some support in her endeavors. Who knows, I may go back again sometime as a customer, however, it may be a very long time before I do that. Naturally, if I do feel the need to party, I’ll definitely be taking Amyn with me. I will always think back fondly to the times that we spent together, knowing now, that it was doomed from the very beginning…too much going on with her family and add mine into the mix, it was a disaster, no matter how hard we tried.

I look back at all of the mistakes I’ve made with women and I think that I have finally made the right choice. I have a woman that loves me unconditionally, except she will probably still take a shot at me from time to time if I do something idiotic. No, I won’t be “looking” for any further amours away from home. I will always look at the menu; however, I won’t be ordering anything. It doesn’t hurt to look, that much I do know and I will always flirt harmlessly. I’ve had really rotten luck in that area except for Amyn and she seems to be happy living here in Dalaran although I think that she gets lonely without seeing many of her Kaldorei friends.

I had to laugh when Amyn saw my bedroom for the first time here in the house. She raised her eyebrows a bit and chuckled at the size of the bed and wanted to know if I was in the habit of throwing orgies or something else. Naturally, I started blushing and stammering a bit because it hasn’t exactly been the most innocent of beds in my life. Yes, I replaced the mattress with a new one and new sheets, pillows and comforters. Still black satin and comforters, naturally.

Well, I’m going to cut this short and go on to bed and get some sleep, really. I know we’ve already christened it by having a romp earlier which was only natural, considering the fact that it’s new, never been slept in and had people making love on it. So, we couldn’t let that go on for long.

I am looking forward to taking the family to the Faire later on today. I don’t think that it will cause me any undo harm because I am actually feeling a lot better since we got back into the house. Everything turned out beautifully – new furnishings throughout, new rugs, new paint and curtains. It’s almost like a whole new house.

Of course, I can see all of us traipsing down to the Faire this afternoon, my sisters, Amyn and the boys and I think that Dawnglory will be joining us for a bit. It is going to be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it. Plus, tomorrow, Kaldor and I are already planning on going to the tourney grounds so he can get started on things up there as well as being able to give him some of the finer points in the art of jousting. I’m actually feeling so good about things; I think I’ll actually start doing some more of the work with the company. If the healer had her way, I’d still be here another week, however, my sanity needs to get out of the house.


Fnor Morningstar


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