Strange Company

April 21st


I will admit that I was more than a little apprehensive when my Sindorei came to me and asked me to come with him and his little Death Knight to search for a lost sister. I will have to say that it sounded a bit strange to me but I assume that this is not the first time that this particular child has wandered off and gotten into some kind of trouble. However, I thought that it might be a good idea if I went with them to help.

We have been in Desolace for the last couple of days and I made the trip to Feathermoon to see if I could hear anything about a Sindorei being captured while trespassing into the area too far. I am happy to say that there is nothing to report there even after talking to some of my old friends that are still stationed there. Even though I am no longer an active member of the Sisterhood, I still count them as friends and they reciprocate in like kind. We have been working primarily out of the Glade after our first night out in the wilds.

We left Dalaran two days ago on this trip and I will have to admit that it has been a bit awkward at times, however, Poetica is trying to be as nice as she can be. Her Common is getting a little bit better so that we can talk a little bit. I was very pleasantly surprised that she even brought me a gift of some Darnassian tea, which was very thoughtful and appreciated. I felt somewhat ashamed that I didn’t have anything to give her in return; however, I know that I will find something that she likes.

I will admit that I do find the situation rather awkward because here I sit with the man I love and his other woman. Awkward probably isn’t the right word to use but it is the only one that I can think of at this point.

The first night we had stopped and made camp a bit earlier than we normally would, it had been a long hard ride from the Stonetalon area. I think that we were all feeling a bit tired with the stress and strain of our quick departure from Dalaran before dawn. I think that Poetica thought it was rather odd that I was so wide awake and had everything I need prepared and ready to go and was actually waiting on them in the stables.

I know I have to take a more circuitous route in my travels once we leave Dalaran, however, that’s fine, we had already agreed upon where we would meet before we separated as a group. I wish that the world wasn’t so biased when it came to travel because it definitely seems silly to me at times – I’m used to it. I hated to see my Sindorei and Poetica go off alone while I was standing there getting my bearings before heading to another location to take my flight path to where I needed to go.

Poetica and I are sharing one of the little bungalows here in the Glade while Fnor makes do with a blanket outside the door with Pan. I know that it does feel awkward for him to be outside and here we are in a nice comfortable place to sleep.

I was watching him last night as he was bathing in a small pool on the other side of the Glade and it was all that I could do not to take advantage of the situation. We were talking about the boys as he bathed and I couldn’t help but notice how the moonlight shown off his wet hair and body as he came out of the pool. There are times that I see him and get that feeling that I had when we first realized that we loved one another. His muscles rippling across his chest and arms, his long legs still as heavily muscled after all of these years of sitting behind a desk in Dalaran. I had to chuckle and look away because it appears as though my Sindorei was having the same amorous thoughts that I was. It became very evident as my eyes traveled down his torso. If we had been alone at that moment, I would have made some advances that would have been very obvious that my feelings were exactly the same. I wanted him so badly and yet, due to the circumstances, it was truly a forbidden desire. My thoughts need to travel in a different direction; my desires are making themselves known even as I write this down.

From what I was able to ascertain from what Fnor and what Poetica had tried to explain to me, this was one of her younger sisters, a set of twins, named Mallie and Tirene. It seems like this one appears to be over-confident in her abilities and sometimes let’s that get her into trouble when she is away from direct supervision of her superiors. Oh, we have all been that young once and thought that we were invincible on more than one occasion; however, this one seems to make a practice of it. I hope that we are able to find her in one piece.

Poetica seems likeable enough. I know that we are both trying to make the best of a situation that is going to be rather trying at best. I think that Fnor is also feeling the awkwardness as well because he is definitely making it a point not to spend too much time alone with either one of us.

It appears as though we are going to head to Outland tonight to pick up additional supplies for some reason. I guess that Poetica wants to check on her Tavern and make sure that things are running smoothly. We could pick up supplies here; however, Fnor seems to be willing to take this side trip.

It will be nice to see some of my old friends, I’ve missed them. I know that I haven’t made too many friends in Dalaran yet, however, the people that I have met are very nice. I haven’t had a chance to speak much with little Lalli about her wedding but we did get the invitation to go to the wedding. Oh yes, it’s going to be a wedding in the Sindorei fashion, which I will admit that I have never seen. I am actually getting a bit excited for her. This will also be my first real social event with the people I have met in Dalaran.






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