Talk About Emotional Upheaval and Drama – OMG

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 9th

Dear Journal,

Just when I thought that things were getting a bit boring in so far as the office work and just things in general, the stuff just had to hit the fan for old time’s sake.

I’m sitting here in Dalaran this morning with my coffee and cigarettes and taking a few moments respite to reflect back over the events of the last few days. It has been quite the joy ride that a goblin would have been proud to have built, dips, curves, drops that make your head spin and then…that sudden stop. I know I am just as happy to sit here this morning and try to clear my head a little bit, so much has happened.

First of all, I did go to Shattrath to spend some time with Poetica and my other friends, the Mistreavers, at the rave. It was rather a small crowd for once and everything seemed to be progressing at a fairly slow pace. There didn’t seem to be any kind of open hostility going on between anyone and it was really rather pleasant. No underlying drama, no one bickering with neither their significant other nor someone trying to start an argument with anyone. It was truly one of the more pleasant raves I’ve attended in quite a while. Poetica and I were just dancing and enjoying being together without anyone else interrupting or interfering. It was truly a pleasant time.

Felestrien and his lady, Etain, had arrived for the rave and seemed to be having an enjoyable evening together. We, Poetica and I, were talking with them periodically and just relaxing a little bit. Of course, we should have known that the evening wasn’t going to stay that way when Felestrien ex-wife showed up at the door – the woman just brings trouble with her like some people would bring a gift for a housewarming and set the house on fire.

Apparently, Felestrien and his ex had been discussing godparents for their daughter, who Felestrien has custody of and they had come to a decision, however, they needed to talk with one of the principle parties involved which happened to be at the rave as well.

Lord Blackstone, Weedin, and his lady, Shadowtwist, were sitting at a table nearby the dance floor and had been making their usual comments in goblin about what they thought of elves, which we have all grown accustomed too and will ignore for the most part. Apparently, Felestrien and his ex had decided that they were going to ask Lord Blackstone to become one of the godparents for their daughter. The other godparent was also an unlikely choice, however, one that we all respect a great deal, Lady Afterlyfe, a Forsaken, which we all respect and have a certain amount of fear for.

Okay, it’s their business but I think I would have thought this through a bit more before placing my child, a blood elf child, in the hands of a goblin. Lord Blackstone is the head of the Syndicate and handles most of the financial things for the guild, however, there’s just something about the fellow that makes you want to check your gold fillings if you’ve smiled at him in the past.

I was a little bit surprised that this very personal matter was being discussed openly and in the manner that it was, however, you never know how the breeding or lack there-of will show up in some people. I would have been very private if this had been something that I was involved with. No, apparently, they decided to ask Lord Blackstone in front of the entire guild if he would be willing to be the Godfather of their child. Of course, Lord Blackstone has a certain dislike for bloodelves and it is no secret, however, he was for once, speechless.

The whole thing was a shock to everyone in the tavern at the time, however, I think that it shocked poor Poetica more than I thought it would have. She has absolutely doted on the baby since the child’s Mother decided to run off with another man for “training” and left the child with Felestrien. The look on Poe’s face was heartbreaking to me, to see those blue eyes of hers fill with tears, which she was trying to hold back and continue on with business as usual.

Of course, seeing Poetica hurt was enough to make me furious. I couldn’t even talk to Felestrien’s ex-wife because my dislike for her and her past conduct hasn’t mellowed in the slightest. I have never hit a woman out of anger off the battlefield, however, this woman – I would gladly throw off the heights of Dalaran without feeling any remorse or guilt. You just don’t run off and abandon your baby that is only a month old to get “trained” or whatever she is calling that money-maker of hers at this point. Oh well, I won’t dwell on that woman, she just makes me angry when I think about her or see her in passing on the streets.

I decided that I had to get out of the tavern for a while and stepped outside to have a cigarette, gather my thoughts and control of my temper. I was joined by Felestrien’s girlfriend, Etain and it appears that she was rather shocked at the situation as much as any of the rest of us. Apparently, she’s good enough to bed Felestrien, however, not good enough to be involved with his daughter’s life. She was very upset and hurt that she hadn’t even known that this “thing” was going to happen or that Felestrien was even thinking about this. We stood outside for a long while, smoking and talking when the idiot himself showed up and wanted to know what was going on. He and I exchanged some rather heated words and I went back inside before I could put my fist in his face. He hurt Poetica, and that’s all I thought about doing – just punching him square in the face and wiping that asinine smirk off of his face.

Poe was still trying to carry on with business as usual but I could see her lips tremble now and again as well as her blue eyes fill with tears. Felestrien’s ex-harlot of a wife was standing there making small talk with Poetica and I could tell that she was being her usual disdainful self and talking down to Poe. Oh Light, how I dislike that woman, two steps above a Silvermoon streetwalker is all she is.

I ignored the tart and asked Poetica if she would come into one of the alcoves and talk with me a moment. As soon as we were alone, Poe just melted into my arms and started sobbing like her heart was broken. All I could do was try to console her and give her what comfort that I could in a public place. We talked for a while and I brought up the subject of our little Death Knight, Callianne.

My thoughts were that if Felestrien felt this strongly about how he wanted his own blood child taken care of, he might have thoughts in doing the same thing with Callianne. He wouldn’t have been affiliated with Callianne at all if he hadn’t of bought the package and married the woman that he did. The woman had abandoned Callianne, not just once but roughly three times in the past and the poor little thing was more than a bit confused and always thought it was due to the fact that she had done something wrong. That’s how these things affect children, they always think that it was their responsibility and not even realizing that the adults were the ones that couldn’t think straight, poor little thing.

Felestrien, Poetica and I were given custody of Callianne by the Elder when this woman took off on her escapade. We have all tried our best to make sure that Callianne knew she was loved by all of us and that she had all of the things she wanted, needed or desired. We were giving her a warm loving and secure environment to live in. Now, the impression that I had gotten from Felestrien in our few heated words outside the tavern was that he thought he had sole custody of Callianne and could do as he saw fit with her too. Wrong, Mr. Penis Breathe!! He has no clue how close I was to reaching into my boot and pulling out my blade to cut his throat right there. I just saw red and I had to get away from him before I killed him outright.

Poetica was devastated and so was I. We have shown, not only the children, also, including this dilettante castoff from Silvermoon, nothing but kindness and support the entire time that they have been under our roof in Dalaran. We were both hurt and very angry at the situation and we were just waiting to see what this fool was going to do next. We were worried and frightened as well because how much more could poor little Callianne endure being cast from one pillar to another – that’s not a stable life for any child much less a twenty-four year old Death Knight with the mind of a child. No, we were not going to endure having our little Callianne traumatized again.

We were finally able to escape Shattrath and headed back home to Dalaran. Poetica was still weeping so much that she soaked my shirt as she held on tightly to me as we rode tandem back to our home. Of course, my own eyes weren’t exactly dry either because I didn’t want to see Poetica hurt like this and I didn’t want to look at the fact that we could possibly lose our little Callianne too. She has become like our own child in our minds and hearts. We’ve showered her with as much love that we could give to any child as if she were our own.

Let’s just say that it was a very restless and tearful night for the two of us as we held each other in our arms as we lay in our bed. We were both trying to reassure one another that nothing was going to happen and that we would be able to have our family just as it had always been. I would waffle between anger and tears as I held my love in my arms. I was not going to allow this to happen even if I had to commit murder to prevent it.

I will have to admit that it was very difficult the next the morning when I was sitting at my desk working and little Callianne came skipping in, humming and giggling like she always does, to do some drawing on her little drawing table in there. She and I exchanged pleasantries and I told her how wonderful her donuts were from the bakery in Orgrimmar and that there were some in the kitchen that I had picked up late yesterday. Naturally, there was a huge smile plastered on her face as she scampered out the door and off to the kitchen to grab one of those delicious treats. Poor Poe was just entering the office and I saw her lips trembling and her eyes filling with tears again. I gave her a hug and kiss and told her I had to go attend to some business and would be back later in the afternoon.

I just couldn’t stand to see poor Poetica hurting like she was. I wanted to find Felestrien and wring his scrawny Paladin neck.

I happened to see Amyn sitting in the park and talking with Lalli. I knew they were having one of their girl talks because I could see by the looks on their faces that they were just enjoying a good social time, speaking Darnassian and comparing notes, I’m sure. I interrupted them briefly and told Amyn that I wanted to see her later in the day and that it was time that she met Poetica. Amyn looked a bit concerned but nodded her head and we parted company.

I never did find Felestrien when I was out looking for him and finally just gave up on it. I knew that I would eventually run into him at the house, after all, the children were there and he was such a caring parent that he couldn’t ignore them for a long time, now could he?

Poetica and I talked briefly and I told her that it was time that she finally met Amyn. I know the poor woman was very nervous about the meeting, however, I thought it would be something to get her mind off of the current events. They both needed to meet and if there was bloodshed between them, I’d probably be dead and wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

The meeting went well. Amyn showed up and was very nicely dressed. I think that Poetica was somewhat surprised and embarrassed that she hadn’t changed into something a bit more formal than what she was wearing. It was hard being the interpreter between the two but I did do it, telling Poe what Amyn was saying, even if it wasn’t complimentary to me. Naturally, I should have known that they would hit it off and would like one another. I kind of felt like the odd man out in the situation because they were smiling at one another and seemed as happy as can be in the other’s company.

Here’s the kicker. Amyn and the boys are going to be moving into the guest house. It was Poetica’s idea and I will admit that it caught me flat-footed. Amyn agreed and winked at me with this knowing smile on her face. Why do I feel like I have just been spitted and put over the fire for dinner?

Oh, we were finally able to catch up with the idiot last night. Poetica and I had a long talk with Felestrien. It appears that our understanding of the godparent thing was not what Felestrien had intended. Naturally, some heated words were exchanged and the males had to have their pissing contest, which Poetica won by walking over and slapping Felestrien so hard that I thought his head was going to fly off. After a great deal of discussion was had and apologies exchanged, we were able to put the matter to rest and remain friends, even if a little bit cooler than before.

So, here I sit. My mistress will be moving into the guest house with our children in the next couple of days; my fiancée is walking around the house smiling and laughing like old times. Why do I feel like I’m standing on a tightrope in a hard wind? How does one “share” in a situation like this? Do I get a choice as to whom I sleep with on a given night? Should I start working out more so that my stamina will meet the demands for both women if it’s both on the same night? Oh Dear Light, this is going to get complicated.

Fnor Morningstar

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