There Has To Be More In Northrend

May 14th

Oh, the house has turned out to be absolutely beautiful. I added a few personal touches to the furnishings and chose some of the colors. I know that Fnor is very pleased with things and if he’s happy that‘s all that matters to me, other than the children, that is.

I know that I truly enjoy the sitting room next to the master suite. I also have a small desk in there where I can write in this journal when I want some time alone. I know that it is just lovely with the lounges, the books and the furnishings that I had ordered from Darnassus. It’s very Kaldorei with the colors and the paintings that I hung up finish it off perfectly. Naturally, Fnor said that he liked it very much even if it was a bit more feminine that he had imagined. Well, hello there Mr. Morningstar, I don’t think I’ve grown a dwarf’s beard lately – I am definitely a woman. He has his office where he scampers off to work and have some time alone, I have this room where I can escape from the children for a while because they know that if I am in here, I need to be left alone unless there is bloodshed or someone’s arm has fallen off.

I’ve never had servants before, so, this is all new to me and I am finding that I have more time on my hands than I’ve had before. A housekeeper that keeps the house running smoothly and cooks some very excellent meals for all of us. Maids that come in and clean things for us as well as a stableman that takes care of all of the beasts in the stables. I’ve never known this kind of luxury before, not at this level, at any rate. I’m still feeling like all of this is a dream that I don’t want to wake up from.

Naturally with all of this time on my hands and Fnor still not quite as well as he should be. I am finding time to do some of the things that I’ve wanted to do. I’ve actually had time to sit down and read a whole book without being interrupted or having to stuff it in my bags when we move on to a new campsite. I hope I don’t get too soft living like this. I’ve actually started writing a bit more and have written several letters to my parents in Darnassus. I got a reply back from my Mother asking if everything was okay because she hasn’t ever seen me write so many letters before.

I never knew how much Fnor liked his luxuries; however, I can understand his reasoning behind it too. He’s definitely very Sindorei in his thoughts of creature comforts, although, he likes to get out in the field and just be a hunter with all of this waiting for him to come home again. I think that I could get used to this. I don’t think that I have felt this rested in years, well, I can’t even remember the last time I felt this rested.

It does make me very anxious to get back to work doing something that is meaningful to me. I want to get back away from the city, go out and explore this strange land that my mate has chosen to live in. I have heard tales of these places; however, I have never been there. Northrend is rightly named – there seems to be so much snow and ice below Dalaran and I hope that that isn’t all there is. Naturally I have been to the Fort on the Tundra and it is different there but there has to be more. There have to be forests and trees, waterfalls and rivers. I think I will kick my Ranger in the backside, even if he is still not completely well and make him take me out to see this strange place. I know that some of the beasts that I have seen on the Tundra look rather strange in their own way. My Father has been up here in the past and he has told me so many stories that I want to go see these places for myself. Even Kaldor has gotten off this floating city and gone exploring more than I have. I’m a little worried about my second son since he seems to be content to stay here in the city with the mages – he likes to read in the garden or walk the streets talking with people, however, this does not please either of his parents. He’s getting to be rather fat with the way he eats and not getting the physical exercise that we used to get in Shattrath. I think that his Father is truly trying to get him interested in the tourney because he knows that he will meet people there that might draw his attention away from his books. I think that if Fnor had come to me and told me that it was this child instead of Kaldor having the romp in the tent at the Faire, I might have died from the shock if nothing else. At least he would have his nose out of the books and would be moving around with some life – a good romp burns off the calories nicely.

Kaldor is his Father all over again. I can see it in his appearance, his gestures and the way that he acts. He is going to be quite the handful with his raging hormones and his attitude of having to be the best at anything that Fnor gives him to do. I think the boy thinks that it is a challenge that Fnor is giving him, maybe it is in some ways. I think that they are both out to prove which one of them is the better man and it isn’t necessary – this isn’t a contest. Its Fnor trying to make up for lost time with his son and trying to make him a better man, although, Kaldor is a good boy, errr…man, in his own right. I can still remember changing his diapers and watching him fall down when he was learning to walk. I’m a Mother; he will always be a child to me.

I will be happy when Fnor starts getting out of the city a bit more often too. I love him dearly and want to be with him, however, there is such a thing as too much time together. I am a bit worried too because he has started asking me if I want to have another baby with him. I am taking my herbs and I think that I will talk to the herbalist to see if there is something stronger to use for a while. I know that with as much time on his hands as he has and I seem to be in the same boat, it’s like he wants to make love to me every time he sees me just sitting around. Oh, he’s very good in bed and I’m sure if the room wasn’t soundproofed, the children would be up all night with the noises we sometimes make. No, I wouldn’t mind having another baby, however, I want things to be a bit more stable than they have been in the past – raising four boys has been a lifelong career for me so far. I wouldn’t mind having a little girl if I were to get pregnant again.

I’ve gotten into the habit of late of going out for long walks alone here in Dalaran in the evenings after our evening meal. I need the exercise and it does get me out of the house for a while and away from the family. It’s not that I don’t love my mate with all of my heart and my children are so very precious to me, however, I need some time for myself, to gather my thoughts and dreams together on my own.

I happened to run into Lali the other night and I was just thrilled to see her. She seems so genuinely happy with her marriage to Raleth. Oh we talked for quite a while and I think that she is one of the nicest young women I’ve met in a while and she’s not a Sentinel. She is so very young and inexperienced in things that it almost makes me feel like I am as old as my Mother and that would not be a good thing. My Mother is probably older than that Earth Mother the Taurens talk about.

Oh we talked about the wedding and how wonderful it was and then we talked about their honeymoon. It all sounded so lovely and it made my heart ache to make my Sindorei as happy as hers appears to be. I know that Fnor and I are mated but we’ve never had one of these Sindorei weddings. I know that I have thought about it a great deal and I have asked Fnor about it and he has agreed. Lali even told me that she would be happy to help me plan it too because she has the experience and the expertise to help me put that together. She even said I could wear one of those white wedding gowns like she did at hers, it’s supposedly for virgins, however, I don’t think I know any of those anymore.

I laughed and laughed when she started talking about their foreplay. Seem she and Raleth play The Sentinel and the Sindorei!! The reason I found it so amusing is that Fnor and I have been playing a game very similar to it without it being foreplay – we’ve lived it. We play our own little game of The Ranger and The Sentinel. I would bet that ours is a bit more forceful than their game is for the moment. We like to make the soft gentle love and then, sometimes we both like to get a bit rough, makes it very entertaining.

I will have to admit that my mind leapt back to the bachelorette party that she had before the wedding and we were discussing male size and how she had actually been able to get a measurement of Raleth without his knowing. I know I tried the same thing with Fnor and he caught me at it and told me promptly that it wasn’t the size that mattered and set out to prove it to me. No, size has nothing to do with the pleasures of the flesh. Oh, that man can sure … well, let’s not go there for the moment.

I’m a little concerned with Kaldor and his new found freedom with his job. He came home this weekend and was telling me about some people that he had met close to Stormwind. It has me a little concerned but not really. Seems they were out gathering mutton to feed themselves and their beasts. A kind of strange rogue named Civardi and a huntress by the name of Seashen. He said they seemed likeable enough and he hoped that he would get a chance to see them again. The name of the rogue sounds familiar to me for some reason and it almost sets off some warning bells in my head which I am choosing to ignore at this point. A Mother can’t protect her children all of the time, especially the almost grown ones. They have to make their own judgment calls and make their own mistakes if they are as headstrong as my son is. I guess one of their friends had an instant dislike for Kaldor due to his being a Halfling – I hate that word, half-breed, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. He’s been down that road before, some people accept him for the person he is regardless of his racial mixtures and some don’t.

Oh, seems Fnor has decided that we need to do some exploring today. I wonder if he means indoors or the outdoor kind?




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