Wedding Plans…and The Perfect Ring Design

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 23rd

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here this morning with my coffee and have a huge grin on my face for several reasons. Number one is that , well, yeah…I did get laid last night, which never ceases to amaze me. That one physical act and you can feel your whole being explode into some kind euphoric ecstasy. My mate never ceases to amaze me in so many ways that it’s hard to even think about it without wanting to kick myself in the ass for ever looking beyond what I have had all of these years.

Anyway, I guess that Amyn and the “girls” had a discussion last night about the upcoming trip to Stormwind to take a look at what they might have there in the way of wedding dresses. Of course, Amyn is as giddy as a school girl at the prospect of having a Sindorei wedding because it will definitely be official then. Yes, I will have to admit that I prefer the Kaldorei custom much better, it’s definitely simpler and less expensive to say the least.

According to Amyn, there were other women there in the park where she had decided to take a walk that were discussing their upcoming nuptials and were showing off their engagement rings. I think she felt bad that she didn’t have one to show them either, which in turn, makes me feel bad for her too. We’ve discussed the kind of ring we both want and I’ll be damned if I can find one that fits the bill just right. It’s not like I can’t give her one temporarily that will flash and catch the eye, however, the one we both have designed together is going to be very special and maybe a little gaudy – not recommended to be worn while one is in combat or maybe you could call it a fist weapon of some kind.

Luckily, I have been hanging onto some of the gems that I have picked up over the years and we pulled them out of the safe and started going through them together. We found one fairly large diamond that seems to be perfect enough and four medium sized emeralds The drawing that we put together has the diamond, square cut, as the center piece with the four medium emeralds, two on each side. The drawing should be sufficient for any jeweler to follow. Amyn was able to find out the name of a jeweler that seems to be somewhat trustworthy here in Dalaran, the brother of the fellow Ranger that we met at the wedding. Also the one that has the great looking little priestess for a fiancée, now, I guess.

I’ve actually met the jeweler when I attended the bachelor party for Raleth. He’s the one that left with the Kaldorei dancer that even had my eyes popping a bit. Of course, I have my own private dancer that actually meets my visual and physical needs quite nicely, however, there is no harm in looking at the menu as long as you don’t order. I’m a little concerned because this fellow has a bit of a reputation in so far as being a bit of a drunkard at times. I know that I will talk to Raleth and Theronil, the Ranger, and see if they think this fellow is trustworthy enough these days. Money isn’t an object on getting this project done either. We are going to have matching wedding bands with an inscription inside with the wedding date and some sentimental words.

I’m actually catching some of Amyn’s excitement too, it seems. My sisters, Felaran and Faendra are just laughing at me because they say that they haven’t seen me look or act so young in quite a few years and it’s nice to have their Brother back again. I’ll admit that I am more than a bit happy at the prospect of making all of this permanent, the marriage, the recognition that Amyn is my wife and that the boys are my sons, all of them, not just the ones by blood.

I think I may have found someone to officiate at the wedding too. The fellow owes me a favor or two after going through all of the hoop jumping of getting his divorce finalized and making sure that he didn’t lose his knighthood through some of his family’s inability to manage things properly. Zippie was a good little attorney and there are times that I wish that she hadn’t gone off with her sister and her Uncle to make their goblin fortune on their own. Anyway, I did put out a letter to the fellow this morning and I hope that he responds with a positive answer. Of course, I will let him know that this is a private ceremony and by invitation only because I don’t want anything to happen to spoil it for Amyn.

I think that we have decided to hold the wedding in Desolace or Feralas, we’re going to go and scout out a couple of places that we were thinking about. It should be easy enough for our guests to get a portal close to where we might have it. Oh well, we haven’t decided just yet and I think the date is tentatively set for July 1st. I would like to have it earlier than that, however, Amyn is definitely adamant about getting just the right dress and getting the correct flowers ordered. Oh yes, the food, we definitely will have to do some work on that and find a decent caterer.

Now, I am in a bit of a quandary with the choices that I have to make too. A Best Man. Of course, I’m sure that Dawnglory would be happy to do the honors, however, he may not. You never know what is going through his mind and he acts a bit put out that Fae is in Silvermoon for a while. She needed to get away from the constant flirtations and the way that he would keep showing up with little gifts all of the time, she was embarrassed and not sure if she should take him seriously or not. She has had a crush on him since she was old enough to notice men and I’m not sure it’s a good thing. I have even thought about asking Kaldor if he would like to take the honors of being the Best Man, however, that might be a bit tasteless or too odd even for these times.

Fnar and I had a long serious discussion about his womanizing and it seems he’s not quite the reprobate that I thought was. He says it’s a sham, kind of a camouflage that he puts out to people when he doesn’t want to get involved other than a passing tryst. I do kind of believe that because I know that he has been hurt in his past and it’s something that he uses to keep that from happening again. I can truly relate to that, I used to do the same thing. He was very hurt when his little priestess disappeared in Thunderbluff and told me that he is just not going to get that involved again. I had to laugh when he told me that he didn’t even get laid and yet he really cared for her on more than a physical level. I was more than a bit shocked, he’s never admitted that sort of thing to me in all of the years that we’ve been friends. Maybe Amyn and I can set him up with some nice Kaldorei woman?

Well, speaking of Kaldor, I think that I am going to go with him on some of his excursion and see how he is doing out in the field. I know that he has turned in record pelts that are beautifully skinned and the hides he turns in are absolutely perfect. Not to mention, he’s got the highest record for the number of contracts that he has turned in. I wonder if he would like to branch out a little bit more, like into the mercenary area or even a bodyguard at this point. I don’t think he’s quite ready for the bounty hunting side yet. although, he is very good at obtaining any outstanding debts that we had accumulated over time in Stormwind. I guess that I need to discuss some of this with Amyn before I suggest anything to him, after all, she is his Mother and he’s not just another employee. He has definitely fleshed out in the last few weeks in a good way. I know that I would hate to run up against him on a battlefield somewhere because I honestly think that he could take me down without too much ado. Let’s just say that I am very proud of my oldest son.

I guess the girls are going to do their shopping on Monday next week which means that I will either have to take care of the young ones or have someone else do it. While I love them to death, I don’t have the patience that Amyn has for their pranks. I’ll see what I can do, maybe invite her parents up for a few days? I know that Kaldor was supposed to go with them for protection, however, I got the distinct impression that he wasn’t rather reluctant to accompany them. I’ll have to talk to Amyn and see what she thinks, I don’t think that they will need a bodyguard with them and I know that he likes to go to Stormwind to scout out the women from time to time.

Well, seems Dawnglory wants to check up on some of Kaldor’s work too, so, I guess it will be the three of us romping around in Uldum. Now, if I can just convince Fnar to be on his best behavior down there and not lead Kaldor astray through the houses down there. However, I will admit that they do have some fine looking women that work in them. Me, I think I’ll just go fishing or go out and gather some skins. I won’t tell Kaldor not to go with Fnar, however, I will let him know that sometimes these girls take things seriously that was only poked at them in fun – I sure would hate to become a grandfather already and I’ve not even married the woman that might be a grandmother with me.


Fnor Morningstar


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