You Sindorei Bastard

March 10th


After taking a peek at some of the things that my Sindorei has written in his Journal, yes, I read them, how else am I going to know what he has going on in that head of his under all that hair? I thought that I would try to write something that might make some sense, his Journals are rather strange and I do have some trouble translating them into Common sometimes. I don’t usually have the time because I don’t want him to know that I am going through his things.

Here this grown man is running all over Azeroth thinking that there is someone tracking him. Well, there are several some ones and I happen to be one of them. He had six following him at one point when he went to that place in the desert, Uldum. When he got to Feralas to make camp in an area that he and I have camped many times, there were only four following him, I had killed two of them during the night as they stood their posts, a quick knife to the throat would silence them very easily. I had to protect my beloved and he has our two sons with him, after all. Silly fools all dressed in their black garb, little did they know that they were very easy to spot because they weren’t even trying to stand in the shadows, I just went for the darkest spots near the trees, they stood out in my eyesight like beacons.

When he left me there in Dalaran, I was angry, very angry. How dare he leave me here in this strange city with all of these people? I had barely had time to unpack my things before he was off on his fool errands. When he wanted to take the boys with him, I allowed them to go because I knew that they could take care of themselves and this fool of a Sindorei, their Father.

I stayed to myself in the forest in Feralas, my eldest son, Kaldor, knew I was there because he had seen Royal through the trees. He and that cat have been companions for many years and knew the tread of the beast. He gave a bird call that I answered because I didn’t want him alerting the others to my whereabouts. We talked briefly and I made sure that he and his brother were doing well in the company of their Father. He said they liked the Sindorei well enough and that he seemed as if he knew what he was doing, which coming from my son was a compliment of sorts.

I watched my Sindorei leave his camp to head into Mulgore. My sons were left on their own in the camp in Feralas which was rather secluded and somewhat close to the Sentinels on the coast, I knew they would be safe. I did walk into the camp and made my presence known and swore them both to secrecy, they were curious about that but they have a tendency to obey me without question, I am their Mother, after all. Mother’s don’t usually have secrets and they knew I didn’t want the Sindorei to know that I was nearby.

When some of my brethren chanced about the boys in their camp, it was a delight to see two of my cousins and my Uncle amongst the group. They were out hunting as per usual. It was very nice to see them again after all of these years. I joined the group and we had a family gathering of sorts. They hadn’t seen my boys since they were quite small. They had heard from my Mother and Father that I had left Shattrath and decided to enjoy the heights of Dalaran for a while but the two youngest boys were too much underfoot for the time being, so, they were home for a visit. We sat and spoke in our native tongue and shared family stories with my children that they had never heard, we all had a great time.

Kaldor had given Fnor his great horned owl to use as a messenger bird when he had crossed the mountains to Mulgore. He was supposed to let the boys know when he broke camp and headed elsewhere. I knew that Fnor had a great deal on his mind and was doing what he thought was best to protect those people that he has chosen to associate with and I have to respect him for that, he is at least honorable with his friends, if not always, to his family.

When Kaldor got his owl back, the note was tied to his leg securely and it appears that Fnor’s plans had changed. He had originally told the boys that they would be heading into the Ashenvale area and then on to Winterspring, now, it seems they were to take the boat to Booty Bay. Now was the time to make my presence known to him, I suppose.

When the boys and I arrived in Booty Bay, you could see the shock and surprise on Fnor’s face when I stepped from the boat to the dock. I know he was happy to see me when he took me in his arms and smothered my face with kisses. Of course, the boys were very embarrassed at this display of public affection but they will get used to it because it is my intent to make the disclosure to them that Fnor is their Father and also to let him know as well.

I knew exactly where we were going to camp when Fnor started out of Booty Bay. It was one of our old haunts and trysting places from years past. Oh the hours that we spent making love in this cove by the waterfall will always be a part of my memory. The way we swam together and made love in the water like two of those fishes that you see in the streams up North. My body was tingling with those memories even when we set up our camp in the cave behind the waterfall. I yearned to feel his hands on my body and the heat of our passion when our bodies joined. Yes, I know the boys were there but my own passion was over-riding that sensibility.

However, this was not meant to be. I heard the comlink that Fnor carries give off the chirp signal that it gives when he has someone trying to get in touch with him. I watched his face go from what had been rather relaxed and filled with some of those passionate thoughts that I was having to almost haggard. It was that Death Knight, that woman thing he is putting up the sham of living with at Dalaran. I caught myself glaring at him and I had to walk away before I said or did anything that we both might be sorry for later. I didn’t even hear him leave, he didn’t say goodbye because he knew I was angry and we would probably have an argument right there in front of the children and his partner, Fnar Dawnglory.

After he left, I came out of the jungle and the look that Fnar gave me said it all. He wasn’t happy with the situation one bit. Here he was with Fnor’s woman and her two children. Oh, Dawnglory and I get on well together, I respect him and he respects me, so, it’s always a draw as to what we will be talking about next. His Common is somewhat better than Fnor’s because he was raised in the orphanage in Shattrath, the children all speak their own native tongues as well as a smattering of Common.

We talked about the fact that Fnor had just summarily left us all dangling here in the jungle and had gone off to be with this Poetica person. Well, the more we talked, the angrier I got. No, this was not going to be the way of things Mr. Morningstar, not at all. Of course, the boys were overhearing some of this and were getting a bit nervous because they have seen me lose my temper before. They have seen the battles that Fnor and I have gotten into before and heard the words exchanged. They have seen me attack him on more than one occasion, although, they both will have to admit that he has never struck me, he’s always been on the defensive – always the gentleman, that one.

I thought I had better get away from the men for a while and try to cool my temper down before I followed Fnor to where he was and started a public brawl if I didn’t get killed by the Horde guards first. I went to the bottom of the waterfall and took a bath.

I will have to admit that it felt like a luxury to feel the water wash over my body in such a way, I found my hands involuntarily massaging my skin with the thoughts of passion that were once again aroused with my memories. Yes, I was angry with Fnor but that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to feel him inside of me and his body pressed against mine. My mind was definitely playing tricks on my body as my hands explored the areas of my body. I must have whimpered when I triggered my own orgasm, my loins aching to have him inside of me again because Fnar called down to me to make sure that I was okay. I know my voice sounded a bit husky when I answered him as best I could.

When I returned to camp, Fnar’s face was beet red and I had to laugh at the way his ears were just as scarlet. This was especially noticeable with his light skin and very blonde hair. So, I quickly excused myself and retired to my blankets in the back of the cave.

I had put up a blanket as a curtain to give myself some privacy away from those male eyes. I sat on my blankest and applied my ointments and perfumes because I knew I was planning on still seducing Mr. Morningstar if he should return before morning. I know as I drifted off to sleep, I was cursing his name and cursing myself for being a fool.

When he crawled under the blankets, he awakened me with a soft kiss on the cheek as he wrapped his arms around me. I could faintly smell that smell, the smell of a Death Knight . All I could think of at that point was here he was, coming into my bed after he had been with her. I quickly rolled over and slapped him as hard as I had strength to throw my hand. The sound reverberated off the cavern walls and his gasp of surprise was just as loud.

I will admit that I jumped out of those blankets like I had been set on fire and my temper was to the point that I had flashes of light dancing in front of my eyes. I just screamed “YOU…YOU…SINDOREI BASTARD!!” as I stalked out the cave with the blanket curtain wrapped around my nude body.

Naturally, that yell woke up everyone in the cavern, not to mention, got Fnor’s attention quite readily. I could hear him scrambling about for his own clothes as he followed me out of the cavern. I was so angry that I had tears in my eyes.

He caught up with me halfway down the path to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and we talked. He had a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, my palm print and some blood trickling from his ear. I guess I must have had more strength in my hand and arm than I knew I did. He started explaining to me that they had only talked, nothing more. No, he hadn’t had sex with her, yes, he kissed her and yes, he hugged her but there had been nothing more. When he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head, I could feel my body relaxing against him. I had to believe him, I had no other choice.

He told me about some of the things that had happened, the arrest of this Freya person that had put up the security on the house in Dalaran, the people living there weren’t protected as much as they should be. We had to go back to Dalaran.

Oh, how I would have given anything to have had a few hours alone there in the jungle with my mate. Just to have him to myself, to spend time alone, to make love as we had all those years past.

So, here I sit at my table, gazing down the street to his house in Dalaran, my anger still seething. Well, Fnor, that was round one, let’s see what the next round brings shall we? Sindorei, round 1…this Kaldorei is taking the second round and taking the prize home with her.






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