Adventures At The Faire

May 10th

Dear Journal,

I couldn’t just sit down and not give this book a name. It’s one that my Father, I still don’t feel comfortable calling him that yet – he hasn’t earned it, bought for me in Dalaran. It’s a real nice leather-bound book with the Morningstar insigne on the front that is all gold and shiny. Naturally, he must have talked to Mother about the colors that I like and this one is blue. The pages seem to be able to be removed so that you can keep using the leather cover for quite a while. I guess it is some kind of Sindorei thing that he likes.

This has been my first chance to actually sit down and write in it and I’ve had it a while now. Fnor has decided that I have too much leisure time on my hands and has given me contracts and has had me running like a slave trying to get them done. He says that he wants me to burn off the excess energy that I seem to not know how to use constructively and I need to get my mind on other things.

I have been working my ass off trying to get all of the chores done that he thought that my brother and I could handle here in Dalaran. If I see another stall that needs cleaning or another piece of tack that needs mending, I think I’ll go berserk or something. I guess I should say “we” have a stableman that seems to be rather busy with all of the animals in the stables and Fnor thought it would be a great idea if we gave him a hand, my younger brother and I. I’ll admit that he paid us a wage that was rather substantial every week but this is definitely not something that I want to make my life’s career either, I’m made of sterner stuff and I wanted some adventure in my life. I didn’t want to sit on my butt in Dalaran and turn into some kind of weird foppishly dressed dilettante.

Yes, Fnor has been rather ill lately and my Mother has made it very clear that we’re not to upset him or make him angry by being stupid. I’m not stupid, come on. We were all living in the little guesthouse behind the main one in Dalaran and I guess that Mom and Fnor decided that the big house needed some work on it after a bunch of people that Fnor had living with him moved out. At least that’s done now and we’ve all moved into the main house.

At least I have a room of my own and it’s huge. I could actually run laps in here if I wanted too, I guess. I even have my own bathroom and a huge walk-in closet for my few clothes that still fit. Fnor even gave me one of his spare armor stands, which is great because I don’t have to worry about things getting all tangled and it does make it easier to hang the stuff up after I’ve given it a proper cleaning…just the way my Mother and Fnor showed me how to do it. Hell, I used to just take it, clean it and drop it on the floor next to my bed so my brothers wouldn’t be tempted to “borrow” it because I’m a light sleeper and I’d kick their butts if they did that. Now I have my own room and Starshine won’t let anyone in here without raising a ruckus before he attacks them.

Oh, Starshine is my cat that I tamed in Stranglethorn when we went trekking with Fnor. He still gets a bit rowdy and temperamental now and again. Fnor says I need to work with him more and he will show me how to train him a bit better. I’ll admit he does need work because he still likes to scratch on things that he shouldn’t – my legs, my brothers’ legs and he actually knocked down one of the little brothers and was proceeding to groom his hair.

I’ve never had a room of my own. I’ll admit that it is nice and I don’t have to worry about people coming in here without knocking either, that seems to be the standing rule in the house and I will have to admit that I like it. My little brothers tend to think that it’s a free-for-all when they used to just run in here and start jumping on the bed or I’d wake up and find one of them sleeping next to me. At least Fnor and my Mom seem to understand that a fellow my age has to have his own space, his own privacy to do whatever he wants to do. At least they’ve recognized the fact that I am not a little kid anymore, I’m a grown man and need my time alone if I want.

I guess Fnor was feeling pretty good a few days ago and decided that we all needed to go to the Faire. I’ve been before when I could slip away from the other kids and my Mom long enough; however, this was really fun. I actually could do a lot of the things that I had never done before because Fnor pulled me off to the side and gave me some extra coins, which was nice because he knew I was saving up for a new polearm that I saw in Dalaran. Of course, he warned us about the pickpockets and to stay away from the “deals” the goblins might be hawking this time. He had told us about his misadventures with those goblins and how Dawnglory had gotten some “free” potions that turned him into a murloc for a while.

My brother and I didn’t want to hang out with the parents and my younger siblings, so, we told them we were going exploring. Oh, did we ever do some exploring and I saw things that I never thought that they had there. We ate more than we should and I’ll admit that we did try out some of the alcoholic beverages that neither one of us had ever had before. I like that Darkmoon Reserve that they had there and I think that Fnor does too because I saw a couple of cases of it hidden away in the tack room.

Oh man, the women! They were walking around with a lot less on than they ever did in Shattrath and all of them seem to have that “come hither” look. We decided that they must be whores or something with the way they’d just kind of walk up and start talking to us and saying some rather silly things about how tall we were and “my, what big feet you have” kind of thing. I’m not stupid; I didn’t fall of a wagon and hit my head recently. I know they weren’t talking about our feet.

There was one girl in particular that caught my eye. A nice looking Kaldorei girl with real long blue hair that had a way of walking with her hips swaying that I really couldn’t help but notice it. She wasn’t with the ones that came up to us, she was just walking down the fairway and she seemed to be by herself. I’m not real shy either, which helps a bit I think. My brother kept whining that we ought to go find the rest of the family and I kept telling him to shut up, he was spoiling my mood.

Well, I just decided to walk up and start talking to her. I mean, I’m single and I’m assuming that she was too or she wouldn’t be wandering around alone the way that she was. She had on this real clingy green robe that showed every single curve that she had and exhibited them quite nicely. She was hot!!

We were just talking and walking. I bought her something to drink and we sat by the food vendor for a while and I kept making hints to my brother that he ought to go find the rest of the family and he kept telling me that he wouldn’t. It was kind of funny, now that I think about it. She and I never did exchange names. We ended up holding hands and I kissed her hand and she smiled this smile that melted my heart on the spot. She was beautiful and she had a laugh that tinkled like little bells, not to mention, when she laughed her breasts would all but leap out of the robe. I tried to make her laugh a lot.

Naturally, things progressed a bit more than they should have and we went out looking for a private place to be alone for a while We found a tent just off the fairway and things progressed. She did things to me that I didn’t even know were possible. I told my brother to stand outside and keep an eye out to make sure that the family didn’t come wandering up or someone get too close – he just rolled his eyes and told me I was being a man-whore.

Well, he didn’t do such a hot job of keeping watch. Who in the hell should find us except for Fnor. I guess he was there long enough to know what was going on and it didn’t help matters any when my brother told him I was “busy” and he was sure that it might be a while. He even had the colossal nerve to tell Fnor that we would join him in a while and that he should go help Mom with the kids. Oh, by Elune, I will kill that boy one day for his stupidity if the Fates don’t beat me to it first!

I could tell that Fnor was pissed when I stepped out of the tent. His eyes were flashing and his face was as red as it could be. He started berating both of us like we were just little kids. Of course, the girl comes out of the tent and she did look a bit rumpled, winked at me, gave me a kiss before she curtsied to Fnor and ran off.

I guess I’m on his shit-list now. He went on to tell me that that was not the conduct that he would prefer having for a son of his. I think I was just shocked that he would just lose it like that. My brother kept saying he was going back to Mom and the kids and Fnor reached out and grabbed his arm and told him that he was going to hear this too. He went on to tell us how disappointed Mom would be and how hurt that she would be that we weren’t acting like gentlemen when we were out in public. He said that he was going to make sure that we stayed with the family for the rest of the trip and would make damned sure that he found something more constructive to do with our time when we got back to Dalaran. The real corker that almost had me burst out with laughter was when he told us he was going to tell Mom about it and that we were going to be in so much trouble.

Constructive!! It was constructive to me and very satisfying in more ways than one. She was just a girl that I happened to meet at the Faire and things just kind of happened. She kept leaning into me and we were kissing and the next thing I know she’s rubbing my crotch, as if that needed to be done at all. I was all but bursting through my new armor before she started doing that. It wasn’t my first time and I guess it definitely wasn’t her first time either.

My thoughts were this, here is this man, standing here, telling me how wrong it was for me to have a strange girl that I just met in a tent that was there for just that purpose, I guess. He and my Mom have been together off and on for years and he has always had a woman or a harem off on the side. Oh hello, Mr. Morningstar, don’t be throwing stones at me for following in your footstep, even if I didn’t know I was until recently.

We got back to Dalaran okay and I will admit that I did feel bad for upsetting him so much when my Mom had told us not do that sort of thing because he was just starting to get better. I don’t think it set him back any, however, I don’t like to make her mad because she has a vicious temper and has a very hard right-hand that make you see stars if she clips you just right.

The next morning Fnor announced that he wanted my brother and I to go to the tournament grounds with him so we could burn off that excess energy that we seemed to be bound, bent and determined to use and get in trouble like we did at the Faire.

We went to the tourney area and it was absolutely awesome. I know that they had even better looking women there than I saw at the Faire. Of course, Fnor had to teach us some of the finer points of jousting and signed us up under his house-name to participate. I know we could have probably done it without that because we’re Shadowmoon and I think our name is almost as good as his, however, it made him feel better and he wants everyone to know that we’re his sons.

It was great! I don’t think that I have ever had that much fun and I did real well at it. Even the stupid brother did well. Yeah, I fell off my mount a few times when I’d catch sight of some fine young thing mincing her steps down the walk next to where we practicing. I guess that we’re going to all start coming up here quite a bit because it is something that Fnor really likes to do. He really is good at it and has been doing it for a very long time.

At least now I don’t have to clean the stables anymore. Fnor gave me a whole stack of contracts to work on and told me that I had to meet the deadlines or he’d fire me like he would any other employee. I won’t get any special privileges because I’m his son. My Mom isn’t too happy that my new job is going to keep me away from Dalaran more than she’s used too but she’s going to have to get over it. I’m a grown man and I have to make sure that I can earn a living on my own too. She can’t always be there.

Even if I have to have stupid come with me on some of these so he can transport the stuff back to the warehouse in Stormwind. I sure wish he’d get a grip on things and start acting like a grown man, however, he’d much rather sit in the garden and read a book and clean out the stables than go adventuring with me alone. Well, could be that anytime we’re alone, I usually do things to him – like throwing his slightly chubby butt in the moonwell in Darnassus, which got me in trouble with the grandparents.






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