Back In The Saddle Again

May 11th

Hello Journal,

I know I haven’t written in a while but there has been a lot of stuff going on here at the house in Dalaran. Of course, Fnor was the reason for that and I hope that he’s happy now. I know I was really getting tired of sitting at that desk and working on all of those fucking contracts while he was getting his bloody life sorted out.

While he was getting his life sorted out, mine took a hiatus. You know that priestess that I was kind of hung up on in Thunderbluff? Well, I kept going back and she was nowhere to be found, her stuff was there for a while and then the last trip it was gone. Guess she decided that Dawnglory wasn’t good enough for her. Oh well, never did get laid anyway, so, I suppose it wasn’t a real loss. I did like her though, she was kind of special in her own way. I hope that she finds whatever in the world she was looking for and I’m kind of relieved that I didn’t allow myself to get tied down. Nope, nope, not the marrying kind.

Fnor’s moved his mistress into the house with the kids, which is okay, I suppose. We just got rid of the bunch of people that he had given a safe haven too here in Dalaran and now, here’s a whole new group moving in. I hope to hell we don’t have any more of those drama filled people here this time, I don’t think that I could handle one more bawling woman. I guess his engagement is over with the Death Knight, she seemed nice enough, however, it wouldn’t be me doing the deed with a dead girl, it’s just wrong.

I will admit that Felaran is kind of cute, however, there again, you have that dead girl thing going. I want a woman that is warm all over and feels like they are going to eat you alive if you get them hot enough. Oh well, that’s just my opinion and I try not to influence Fnor too much in that area. However, I don’t think that this Kaldorei woman is going to let him wander away too much this time. I mean, she and Fnor have two grown sons together and she brought along two more little guys that are baggage from another relationship.

Well, all three of the little green guys decided to take off on their own. They said something about making a better profit if they started up their own company. Well, that’s okay, I suppose. I will miss the little hunter and the shaman, however, that little mage was trouble on two feet. He’d get fucking drunk and lay on the floor looking up women’s dresses and shout out descriptions of what they were wearing or not wearing. I can’t tell you how many times I had to go bail that little bastard out of jail in Shattrath or Orgrimmar for his drunken and disorderly conduct. Of course, his two nieces were definitely cut from a different cloth. I wonder if they will ever sell Sylvannas on the idea of more light bulbs in Under City? I will admit that they all made me laugh, however, they were a handful and probably took up more of my time than any of the other employees there for a while. The little shaman was also studying to be an attorney, she had gotten enough certificates out of her boxes of cracker jacks to where she could work in criminal law. She always had something going on. I think she will make a great lawyer for goblins, I don’t think she was really going to work out for our company too well.

Fnor was real sick there for a while but he definitely seems to be on the mend, even if he is a bit distracted with the mate and kids here. I did bust a gut laughing at him the other night when we were talking about the two oldest, his sons. Seems the eldest got a bit busy getting laid at the Faire and Fnor was appalled. By the Light, man!! A fellow needs some female companionship every now and again, it gets kind of lonely sitting in your room doing that sort of thing, not to mention a sore wrist sometimes.

When they were all off at the Faire, I didn’t do too badly myself. I went back to the Animal for a bit and ended up with not one but two girls to spend the night. Man, that was some exercise and not to mention, it was unbelievable. I had been trying to stay “chaste” as they say, when I was seeing that little priestess, however, when she took a powder like she did, it was time for Dawnglory to have some women.

I can’t blame that kid, Kaldor, for getting laid at the Faire. A fellow has to do what a fellow feels is a natural thing to do. However, Fnor told me that I shouldn’t talk about my sexual exploits in front of his sons. Well, damn it … if the kid asks me something, I’m gonna tell him. Nothing wrong with a fellow getting laid as long as it’s not some idiot’s wife.

I was talking with Faendra the other day when she was working on the books in the office and I have to admit that she is growing into a fine woman. Nice breasts, real perky, nice ass – looks real firm and she has those long legs that a man could always think about what else is attached. I know that Fnor has always told me to stay away from her. I think that whatever happens will happen. I wonder if that flaming red hair of hers matches all the way down? Sure wouldn’t mind trying that out and I know she’s still a virgin because she’s said she’s never been with a man before she started blushing and almost got tears in her eyes. Well, if anything does happen, Fnor will just have to get over it.

Oh, another laugh filled time was Fnor taking his sons to the tourney. Seems like they did real good if their hormones didn’t get in the way. Fnor has to realize that he’s uprooted these boys from what they knew in Shattrath, brought them to Dalaran and there are all kind of temptations up here in the clouds. Well, they aren’t temptations to me because if I want to do something, I do it.

Seems the eldest is going to be working for the company now too. Nice kid, big strong hunter and seems to know what in the hell he’s doing. He has sure been producing the pelts ahead of time, which is greatly appreciated by yours truly because when the contracts start falling behind, I have to go out, kick some asses up to peak and get the jobs done.

Well, I guess I ought to go out and start checking on the employees today. Seem Fnor is going to be in the office and I should be doing my job. I need to check on the status of my two Tauren Death Knights, Sadheart and Freshmeat and see what they have been up too. They keep turning in contracts like regular but I haven’t seen either one of them in Dalaran for a while. Oh yes, Fel has finally moved back in and I can expect her to be doing her share of the work too when she’s not off with the Ebon Blade.

Who knows, I might even wander to the Faire while I’m out to see if I can’t find some of the action that the kid did.

Fnar Dawnglory




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