Felaran Takes An Inventory of Her Unlife

May 11th


I know that I haven’t written in quite a while, however, I had a lot of shit going on. It turned out to be just that too. I’m so angry that I was foolish as to think that that mage loved me. Oh well, it’s over, it’s done and I’m back home with Fnor and the rest of the family.

I think I was just naive and just had that hope in my heart that things were going to be kind of normal for me. Who the hell was I kidding? Myself, that’s who! Who in their right mind would want to have any kind of a relationship with a Death Knight. I thought things had changed enough in Azeroth to think that it might be a real thing. Apparently it wasn’t.

He asked me to marry him and move in with him, which I did move in after Fnor gave his approval. I think what happened is that when Fnor left that particular organization, my fiancé got cold feet and didn’t want to have anything further to do with me. That’s fine, Fnor keeps saying don’t dip your quill in the company ink. I think he’s right.

I’ll admit that I did go out looking for the fellow to find out what was going on, however, he seemed to have disappeared from the face of the world. I just wanted to find out what happened, if I had done anything wrong, that’s all. Well, that’s not going to happen. I do wish him well, whatever rock he might be hiding under – I looked under quite a few.

Oh well, it’s done , it’s over and my unlife will continue on. It still hurt though and I’ll admit that I did cry a bit about it. I talked to Fnor and Faendra and they seemed to think that I was doing the right thing by coming back home. Of course, things have changed here at the house again and it’s okay. I like Fnor’s mate and the kids are a bit strange – the little ones are especially kind of curious. They are as big as I am and yet, they have mental capabilities of a gnat sometimes. At least Fnor has someone else to yell at about blowing things up – I only blew up our kitchen, not the sewer in Dalaran.

Well, I suppose I ought to quit writing and get back to work. I’m sure that the Ebon Blade is tired of my emotional problems and they just want me back at work. Of course, I’m still helping out with Morningstar Enterprises a bit too. Oh, I finally met Sadheart, the other Death Knight. He is adorable and has such an even temperament. I asked him about the name and he said that was the one that he was given because he wasn’t too thrilled about waking up dead. Hence the name, Sadheart.

I can her Fnor’s mate, Amyn, giving the little guys another talking too. I kind of wanted to ask her if she wanted me to just drop them off Dalaran or something. Seems like they are at their pranks again.


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