Getting Saddled With My Brother…AGAIN!!

June 5th

Dear Journal,

Well, I am finally taking a few moments to sit down and look out my bedroom window at the harbor in Stormwind and write a few things down. It’s been too busy to even stop long enough to think straight, much less write anything down.

I got a summons to go back to Dalaran for a family meeting and the news was not totally good, I guess. Well, first off, there is a group of people that seem to be targeting us for the usual reason. Oh yeah, half-breeds must die kind of thing but I’m not really worried about that so much as I am in the fact that I am now being saddled with my brother, Vashlan, here in Stormwind.

How’s a fellow supposed to get laid if he has this chubby mage prancing around in a dress at his heels? Oh yeah, not a dress, it’s a robe, that’s what my parents told me. Still looks like a dress to me, he just doesn’t have the jiggling breasts hanging out of it. Well, he might have those but I’m not going to check that out, no matter what happens. He’s supposedly going for training and will be at the Blue Recluse quite a bit from what I can gather, talking mage talk with his mage friends. Whoopee!

I’ve met some pretty interesting people since I’ve been spending some more time in Stormwind. I did meet a girl that I would like to get to know better, however, her business partner might try to slice off my dangly bits if I try anything, which I’m not planning on doing. I can think about it, I suppose but I think she is a real lady and will treat her accordingly.

Apparently, they work for some strange lady from Gilneas and she wants me to do some work for her. Kind of a strange situation all the way around if you ask me. I have a feeling that she doesn’t totally trust me and it’s something that may or may not work out. I know that Josie’s partner, the girl I’m interested in, is kind of cranky or he may not like me that much. Who knows? I’ve been very honest and above board with them all in regard to my working for my parents.

Wish I’d run into those two elves that I met blowing up the sheep. They were a lot of fun even if the one person that was with them didn’t like me because of my racial background. I’m so used to that nonsense that it just kind of rolls off my back anymore. So what, my parents got excited, made me and here I am to deal with the consequences of their romp in bed.

I was going to get something to eat out of the kitchen but the galloping gut has already been in there and there are only a couple of dried out pieces of bread left. I guess that means I need to go shopping or start bring back some of the meat for us when I am out hunting again. One thing I will not bring into this house is cake or donuts; it’s like a trail from the kitchen to his room, all crumbs and stuff. I think I need to talk to Mother about his eating habits again. Why doesn’t he throw together some of that fluffy mage food, maybe his butt will get smaller and he can wear pants that don’t look like they’re straining at the seams. I think mage food doesn’t have the calories that regular food does – I’ve tasted some of it but it doesn’t stick with you for very long like some good old tubers and meat.

Fnor sent down another set of armor for me to try out and I think that I am going to have to go to the smithy and have some adjustments made in the shoulders, they feel a bit snug. I will have to admit that he is trying as hard as he can to make sure that I have all of the tools that I need at my disposal to be successful with the company.

Oh, I did make it to the tournament and I think that I am catching up with “Dad” in that area although I’m sure he’s proud of the fact that I can concentrate on what I’m doing and not looking at all of the girls.

I am planning on going to the Faire sometime this week, before it’s over. I think I’ll see if I can find that girl from the last time. She did things to me that I keep fantasizing about and would like to revisit them in person. Naturally, I wouldn’t try anything like that with the girl here in Stormwind but I bet she could do some amazing stuff too. She’s human, I don’t think that there is anything wrong in me getting involved with a human either. Naturally, my Mom may have some different opinions about it; however, she doesn’t have much room to talk about that sort of thing with her relationship.

I know that I have never seen so many rogues in a city before. Stormwind must be a breeding ground for them of something. I just know that I keep my guard up the whole time I’m in town and try not to let anyone bump into me or I’d be out some serious coin. Fnor told me to keep a blade in my boot, which I have done and to keep my coins in my belt. Seems to be working so far.

Part of me doesn’t want to share that bit of advice with Vashlan because I think it would be hysterical to see him chasing some rogue down the street and trying to “sheep” him because he stole his purse, or whatever he wants to call that thing he carries over his shoulder all of the time with his books.

Oh well, seems I have some more Shadowmoon business to take care of and maybe I’ll make it to the Faire tonight. Oh, yeah, maybe I’ll ask Josie if she wants to come along. It might be fun to have a girl on my arm and get a chance to talk to her without her grumpy friend.







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