I Think I’m In Love

February 11th



I know that I haven’t written in you in a while but I have been rather busy. All kinds of things going on in my life right now, not to mention, I do so want to throttle my brother , Fnor. He’s an idiot sometimes but he’s my idiot.

We have had three holidays all rolled up into one week and a bit beyond. I’m ready to tell the Elders that they can take care of themselves, that’s why they are Elders – no, I’m not visiting you on top of some bloody mountain somewhere that only you know about. Dark Moon Faire, well, I still have bruises on my arse where I hit the dock after allowing myself to be fired out of a canon to hit a target out in the water, I’m done with you too – at least for this month anyway. Oh yes, Love is In The Air, that one I can kind of deal with because I am of that mindset at the moment. However, all of that perfume in the air is enough to gag a person, even if you’re not supposed to be able to smell it.

I met someone, yes, I did. His name is Geio and he is definitely the love of my life. A mage that is a bit older than I would have thought would ever be interested in the likes of me. A Death Knight is not known for their body warmth, you know. He’s very formal and very old fashioned, which is kind of nice – so much the gentleman. We have had several dates so far, he’s even been ballsy enough to ask Fnor if he can court me – yeah, he’s seen something in me that I can’t fathom.

We even went fishing in Uldum. He likes to fish as much as I do, if not more, that’s not possible. It seems that we can talk for hours on end, his interests are a little bit different in mine but I think that we both want the same thing. We’re even discussing moving in together – separate bedrooms for the time being. Neither one of us has ever been with anyone, which probably makes us both the oldest virgins on the face of Azeroth.

He’s loving and kind. Ahh, he really has got a way about him. Makes me feel like I’m almost normal. I even got to cook some of our fish when we were in Uldum and he didn’t die nor did he complain about the fact that the fish was a bit overdone and he almost lost a tooth while eating it. He did tell me that he thought we would get a housekeeper for our little apartment, when we find one, because we’re both too busy to have to deal with those domestic chores like cooking. That makes me wonder if my cooking really is that bad. He is going to talk to Fnor about our living arrangements and get his permission for that too – silly man, I don’t think that I need to check everything out with Fnor, for Light’s sake.

As for Fnor, he’s going through some kind of midlife crisis or emotional upheaval. Things are not going as well for him as if he would like everyone to know – I think that he’s having second thoughts about his fiancée , however, he’s not allowing things to be discussed about that very much. He’s not as happy as he once was though – he’s lonely.

He had us all worried last weekend because he came up missing or we couldn’t get in touch with him. He always goes to the rave in Shattrath to be with Poetica and spend some time with his friends, however, this past Saturday, he says he lost track of time – I wonder if it’s not something else going on in his head though. He acted all embarrassed about it all when he told us all that he had turned off his comlink when he was in the Basin doing some fishing and swimming – I’m not buying that either. That’s like telling me the LIch King is back and ready to take over again – I call bullshit, my brother.

What he doesn’t seem to realize is that I was in the Basin all day long, doing my own thing and I never saw him or Pan out there romping about. I know his haunts down there and he wasn’t in any of them, although I wasn’t looking for him specifically either. At least Fnar got the satisfaction of punching him in the jaw , I wanted to plant my boot up his arse when I saw him Sunday afternoon.

He really should realize that he can talk to me about things. His personal life isn’t all that private with the number of people we have living with us in Dalaran, it’s like living in an Inn. I will admit that my privacy hasn’t been intruded upon though, I learned how to lock my door a long time ago.

I suppose I ought to mind my own business and keep my mouth shut but I think there is something amiss with Fnor at the moment. He’s acting rather secretive about his absences from the house and that bothers me. I can remember a time when he would disappear for weeks at a time and suddenly pop up like nothing was wrong. I know that business is brisk, maybe that’s it, he’s working extra hard. He works like that when he is trying to avoid things too. Silly man, he just needs to sit down and tell me what is going on.

I wish Geio would hurry up and find an apartment here in Dalaran so that we can start living our own lives. Not to mention, I want to find out what is so great about this sex thing too. I’ll admit that I have seen Geio almost naked when we were fishing, he has scars from some mishap in his past but they aren’t noticeable to me. I wonder what it will be like when we finally do get around to actually doing that thing?

Oh, I guess I had better go, seems like I am being paged by Fnar for some reason or other. Doesn’t he know that I am a busy woman, I have my own things to do.





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