Just Camping In Feralas -Just Being Guys

January 11th


Hello Journal,

Great!! Just Great!! I’m sitting here by the campfire brewing some more coffee for Fnor and myself while he sits there writing away in his journal. Naturally, he has a cold and has been sneezing and hacking like some old hag for the last two days. Figures!! First time we’ve been able to escape from Dalaran for a vacation in months without being encumbered by some silly client or some other clingy female types.

I’ve already asked him if he wanted to go back to Dalaran so he could get some proper care and rest, however, he’s adamant in the fact that he doesn’t want to go back just yet. I guess he’s reached his peak overload on people in the house for the time being. I know that I have since right before Winter Veil.

We were planning on doing some fun things while on this trip, instead, I’m sitting here listening to him sniffle and cough while I try to get him to take some potions that I had in my bag. They aren’t labeled, so, it’s kind of an experiment – the one that turned him green, really wasn’t my fault.

Man, I would so do some housecleaning in Dalaran if that place was mine. Too many females and too many emotional games being played. Of course, I’m lucky enough to have a place to stay when I’m in Dalaran but I prefer to stay away from the house as much as possible.

Fnor and I have known each other for years and I’ve watched him go through some rather bizarre things in his life, his personal life – professional life is a whole different game as far as I am concerned. Right now, with the three sisters living at the house, his fiancĂ©e’ and her twin sisters, it’s batshit crazy time from the minute you walk in the door until you walk back out. Add the little baby Death Knight and the half-naked Orc and you have a three ring circus that makes the Dark Moon Faire look like a safe place to live.

Me? I’m damned happy that I’ve never given a woman the opportunity to put her brand on my ass and try to keep me tied down. I mean, I like Poetica, she’s attractive in that sort of Death Knight way and she seems nice enough but I don’t think that I could say that I would get emotionally involved with her. Her twin sisters seem to be okay except for the Paladin, she’s a nut job from the get-go – I would so slap that bitch down if she said half the things to me that she has said to Fnor. He’s a gentleman, I try to be but it doesn’t always work out real well.

My baby sister, Felessa, and I do spend Winter Veil with the family because that’s what we have always done since Fnor and I became friends in the Rangers, however, this year was different. I guess it was the influx of all of the people in the house, I don’t know. Now, I have to deal with my sister too. She apparently has some kind of crush on Fnor, Light only knows why? He’s always treated her like a kid sister and has always been nice to her, I guess you shouldn’t be nice to women unless you’re planning on marrying them or something. I prefer the something because I am not ready to settle down and have never had a woman keep my interest for that long to want to make it a permanent thing. Oh hell no!! I don’t know that I will ever be ready for that kind of commitment without being committed to some kind of institution first.

I kind of feel bad for Felessa because she has always been the quiet one of us and a bit more of the introvert. I guess she thought that because Fnor had taken her to Story Circle a couple of times and actually took her to the party that he goes too in Shattrath a couple of times that he had a thing for her. I could have told her that he was just being nice to her and wanted her to get out and meet some other people – you know, different people other than the family in Dalaran and some of the people that she is friendly with in Silvermoon. Yes, I said freaking Silvermoon, the bane of mankind. She’s going to school there for the time being – which I have to say that I am paying for, would be a helluva lot cheaper if she was in Dalaran, she could prance her ass down the street and poof, instant classes. But noooo, she thinks she can be a better priestess if she gets her education at the Academy. Whatever makes her happy, I guess.

Life was so much simpler when we were kids at the orphanage in Shattrath. Sure, times were hard and so what if we never got adopted – we both had chances with families but we weren’t going to be separated from each other. I mean, we were all we had. Our parents? Who the hell knows, all I remember is waking up in the orphanage in Shattrath with Felessa in a basket on my lap. I was just a little fellow and what vague memories I have of my parents aren’t real pleasant – fighting and bickering. Mom punching Dad and Dad shoving Mom down the stairs – I don’t even know where we were living.

I know that I was laughing at Fnor last night when he was talking about some of the things going on. He was actually shocked that I admitted that I had no problem in smacking the crap out of a woman if she hit me first. Well, maybe not real hard but enough to where she would know that I am not some kind of pussy. He just kind of rolled his eyes at me and told me that with all of the education that he has tried to help me with, I was still a ruffian.

Yes, Fnor and I were in the Rangers together for a while. He was my commanding officer and I will have to admit that I have always had a great deal of respect and admiration for him, however, I don’t think that I could be as tolerant of people like he is. He has patience, I don’t. If you’re going to act stupid, then, stupid is how you’re going to get repaid, I guess.

We did get a chance to talk about how business was going and some of the employees. I need to start checking up on a couple of them since they seem to be falling behind in their quotas a bit – maybe it was because of the holidays and they had family things going on. I mean, we did give them the freaking week off to go to the Faire, least they could do is to pick up the pace to make up for the time lost.

At least Feralas is nice this time of year and I did bring my sketch book with me to pass the time, if I felt like drawing. Now, with Fnor being sick and just wanting to sleep his life away, I’ve got a shitload of time on my hands. Damned good thing we brought some supplies with us because I sure as hell don’t feel like chasing anything down this morning.

Maybe I can convince Fnor to go to Uldum for a while on this trip. Nice hot sun should bake that cold out of his system. I’ve seen some pretty hot women down there the last couple of trips that I’ve made – I think I need to get laid. Of course, we brought plenty of booze with us, so, that’s not going to be a problem. I know that he is really being stubborn about staying away from Dalaran, can’t say that I blame him though.

Well, maybe we can move our camp down there this afternoon. Oh Light!! He is so mad right now, I’m surprised I’m still sitting here with this blasted journal on my lap. Seems the last potion I gave him made him look and sound like a murloc – hey, they were free!! I got them at the Faire, fellow said they were good for whatever ails you.

Not only do I have a sick business partner on my hands but I also have two cats that are doing what comes naturally. Hope the offspring aren’t spotted like a leopard – Poor golden Dawn and randy assed Pan are at it again ….bye!!


Fnar Dawnglory




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