Meeting Strange People in Stormwind

May 18th


Dear Journal,

I know that all I asked for was a day off and I got handed a stack of contracts with the instructions that they needed to be completed by the end of the month. I went through them and I think that I can afford to take a day off and still meet the deadlines. I know that I could get a lot of things done faster if I didn’t have to drag my whining brother around with me, however, a promise is a promise – I did promise Mother that I’d take him with me. Well, at least he’s losing some weight, I don’t know if it is the exercise or the perspiration of being in the jungles of Stranglethorn with all that heat. I know that he seems like he’s lost that fat all over too, his armor is a fright because he doesn’t clean it right.

One of the things that I am noticing is that my brother brought books instead of extra clothes with him, so, he is started to look like a ruffian. He looks bad and sometimes smells worse because he washes his clothes by jumping into a stream and letting them dry on his body as we keep traveling. I asked him about the books and he told me that they were interesting and that he didn’t really want to be a hunter because he wasn’t very good at it. He’s right there; he’s not very good at it. I know we spent hours tracking a large cat that he had shot and wounded. He can skin a good pelt off an animal without a single problem.

I don’t know if I should tell my parents or not but he finally told me that he wanted to be a mage like the ones in Dalaran. He wanted to learn more about Azeroth than just the anatomy of animals and taking their skins off. He wanted things to happen, he wanted to feel the magic all of the time like we do in Dalaran, and he wants to learn things. I don’t know that this is going to make my Mother happy or not, she’s a bit skittish about magic. I don’t know if I should ask Fnor or not about it because I don’t know him that well yet. Maybe Vashlan would be better off running around in those long robes like he is always admiring in Dalaran.

He scared me the other night because he was reading one of those books he brought and starting looking like he was in pain and slowly waving his hand around and murmuring things that I couldn’t quite hear or understand. What scared me was the fact that he made the campfire roar higher than it was supposed to be and the flames looked kind of blue. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was trying to teach himself to be a mage. Somehow, I don’t think that you can teach yourself to be a mage, just like you can’t teach yourself how to be a good hunter. I told him to stop it because he might do something he didn’t mean to do because he had no clue what he was doing. I think I need to talk to Mother even if he asked me not too. He’s always been the one to go his own way in some things and always ended up getting into trouble that I would have fight our way out of in Shattrath with the other kids. Is it wrong to break a confidence with a sibling if you feel like they are being a danger to themselves?

I had sent Vashlan back to Dalaran ahead of me because I wanted to be able to check on a few things in the warehouse and make sure that the inventory was as it should be because Fnor told me that he didn’t want a bunch of the pelts and hides to be sitting there too long. I was afraid that some of the other people weren’t cleaning their hides as well as I did. They get a bad odor when they haven’t been cured right and I know you can’t sell them when that happens. At least we have the warehouse in Stormwind where we can at least bring the stuff instead of hauling it all back to Dalaran so Fnor will have to ship them to Orgrimmar. I think that it is a good thing that we have the name Shadowmoon Furs on the place although, I think I’ll suggest that we change it to Shadowmoon Enterprises, just like Morningstar Enterprises because we do more than just take in furs, makes sense to me.

I know that I was getting very tired and hot in the warehouse and thought that I would take a few minutes respite down on the docks. It’s usually noisy there, however, I found a few places where I can sit down out of the way and watch the sunset on the water. I don’t know why it is but that is always very calming to me. Not as calming as the temple in Darnassus, but still soothing in its own way.

As Starshine and I got to where we were normally sat, I did notice a rather large stack of crates near where we usually sit. Oh well, that was okay, there didn’t seem to be anyone around and we could hide behind the crates a bit. I’m still nervous when I’m in Stormwind sometimes because I know that I don’t like running into people that ask a lot of questions to me, about me. Seems there aren’t that many halflings running around these big cities and there is still that stigma and bias to deal with. Luckily, there hasn’t been any trouble about it; people just look at me strangely sometimes. I thought I was better at covering that up; I need to work on that some more too.

We were sitting there watching the water and just enjoying the sunset when I heard someone mumbling and saying things around the crates beside us. I was almost afraid to look for fear that it might be someone trying to steal the contents. However, this fellow was holding a notebook and was writing in it and mumbling about the fact that not all of the stuff was there that he thought should be. I got up and introduced myself, since there was no relaxing to be had with him prying those crates open and talking to himself the way that he was.

His name was Harrier and he said that he was in the “import” business. I asked him what he imported and he told me “stuff”, not any details, just stuff. I think maybe he might be some kind of smuggler or something. No, don’t be stupid, Kaldor…a smuggler wouldn’t have his stuff dropped off on the docks in front of all of those guards and such.

Did you ever feel like you were being watched and you didn’t or couldn’t see anyone or anything there? It was kind of creeping me out a bit and making me feel like maybe I should get away from this fellow. His name was Harrier and he seemed like he was out there checking his shipment and was looking to hire people for whatever line of work it was that he was doing. He wouldn’t say anything about what he was actually doing; however, he did offer me a job. I work for Morningstar Enterprises; however, it doesn’t hurt to look into other places to see what they do. I asked a few questions and he always tried to evade them, he said I had to speak to some Gilnean woman to find out the details; however, she didn’t really seem to have a name other than Lady. Well, whatever this Gilnean person is like, she definitely doesn’t change with the curse that some of them seem to have. I made the mistake of saying something to the fact that yes; I had seen the worgen running through the streets of Stormwind. I make some major social mistakes sometimes and I think this was one of them.

Anyway, I was trying to get some more information from this Harrier fellow because I was just curious. He apparently had the same feeling that I did, you know, that someone or something was watching us as we stood there talking. We were both right, someone was there because I heard the soft laughter when we were talking and couldn’t quite pinpoint where it was coming from. Harrier apparently did, he’s older than I am and I guess he’s used to this sort of thing happening. It was a girl, a druid. Her name was Josie.

I’ll admit that I have seen the humans in Stormwind, can’t say that I’ve talked to a whole lot of them. I know that the one I did spend any time with when I was in the city didn’t care for me because I wasn’t supposed to exist. You know the one that was with that rogue, Civardi and Seashen.

Anyway, this girl was really cute and kind of girly. She and Harrier are partners, which made me think that maybe they were “partners” like my parents were. I know she was sure cute and had the softest voice. She wasn’t built too badly for a human either; she had on this outfit that definitely outlined her attributes quite well. The cut of her armor was such that her cleavage was definitely on display and I couldn’t help but notice them and kept trying to draw my eyes away from them to look into her eyes. I think it’s rude of a fellow to stare at some girl’s breasts and talk to them instead of looking the girl in the face. You know it is, however, they were distracting. She was really pretty and young.

I guess this Harrier person didn’t allow her to get out much or something. She had never been to Shattrath nor had she been to Dalaran. I thought everyone had been to Dalaran at some point in their life or maybe it’s because I live there. I invited both them, Harrier and Josie to come to Dalaran sometime because I thought that Josie might like to see the city – it is really beautiful.

Did you ever feel like you had oral dysentery that just wouldn’t stop? I think I told these people too much about myself and I’m a little concerned. I know that Fnor keeps talking about being discrete when I’m talking to people and not tell them everything I know. Well, I may have said too much but I’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

I went and had a couple of drinks with Harrier and Jose. It was fun and I had never been in one of the taverns in Stormwind other than to drop off a package to one of the bartenders from the warehouse. It was on my way and I didn’t see the harm in doing it since the workers at the warehouse seemed kind of busy.

Anyway, we sat and talked quite a bit. Well, Josie and I talked and Harrier watched and listened. I kind of thought that he wasn’t too pleased that Josie and I kind of hit it off a bit. We were talking about my travels; she doesn’t get out much at all it seems. Maybe he was jealous or overprotective, I don’t know, it’s so hard to read these city people sometime. Josie had finished her drink and was going to go home and I offered to escort her. I didn’t know where she lived; however, this was one way to find out. I was also going to ask her if I could see her again sometime too. No, this wasn’t meant to be because Harrier said that he could take her home and that I didn’t know where she lived anyway.

It was really an odd situation all the way around. Here I was getting offered a job, I met a pretty girl that I’d at least like to talk with sometime and met a strange fellow that acts all mysterious and a bit cranky if you try to ask him too many questions. I’m beginning to think that when older people have something to hide they get cranky when you just get curious. I finally stopped trying to find out anything.

One of these nights I will have to stay over in Stormwind. My Mother and Fnor have a small apartment above the warehouse where they stay sometimes and I’ll have to get the key. I guess Fnor gets disguises and can slip into the city now again with her. Anyway, I’ll do that. Maybe I can find Josie again and we can talk, she was really pretty and the first human girl that I’ve spent any time with that didn’t think I was some kind of freak.

I think I’ll see what kind of mood Fnor is in today and talk to him about my brother. I think he might be more acceptable about his becoming a mage than my Mother would. I’ve spent all of my time teaching this kid how to be a hunter and now he wants to wear robes, wave his hands around, read books and make things catch on fire or something. Well, maybe he can cook better if he becomes a mage. There’s nothing like a good piece of well cooked meat when you’re out in the field, all I get from him are burnt offerings of fare.

Sure wish I could get a day off but with the stack of contracts that Fnor gave me, it’s going to be later than sooner for that. Maybe if I just push my way through them and not think about it, I can get a day off before the end of the month. He’s sending me to some strange places that aren’t exactly easy to get too and sometimes the prey is rather difficult to obtain. Who in their right mind wants basilisk hide from Deepholm? They have perfectly good basilisk in Stranglethorn. Oh, here’s some for Uldum…a lot from Uldum. I guess I had better tell the brother to bring some extra clothes for sure this time, it’s going to be awful sandy and hot there…besides, there are times I don’t want to get downwind of him because he smells like…well, he smells bad.







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