The Cloudhoof Clan

The Cloudhoof Clan



Mooma Cloudhoof – Matriarch of the clan

Mahamura Cloudhoof – Hunter and daughter

Sadheart Cloudhoof – Death Knight and son (Naton)

Nahai Cloudhoof- Druid and son

Tahfal Cloudhoof – Light Walker (Paladin) and son


The plains of Mulgore and the Barrens will never be quite the same since this family has been brought back together again in Thunderbluff. Of course, this is not how the story truly began nor how their lives were lead in the years following.

Mooma was a young Tauren growing up in the Mulgore, her life was filled with the love of her parents and the rest of her tribe. When she took her spirit journey, her path was chosen to become a druid which was rather surprising to her Mother and Father since they were both hunters and scouts.

However, Mooma did not have the stealth nor the grace to become a hunter, her hooves always seemed to get in her way and she would fall down when she was running or would try to shoot her bow and most often as not, her target would be missed. Her parents were somewhat disappointed that their daughter would not be following them in their chosen professions, however, Mooma didn’t seem to mind.

She was more inclined to gather herbs at her own pace and was quite adept at drawing and writing. So, it was already written in the stars by the Earth Mother that Mooma was going to be different. She had a special calmness about her that made her different from her other friends. She found her own brand of inner peace communing with the Earth Mother and with the things around her. She didn’t seem to be interested in the same things, she liked her solitude where she had her time to daydream and wander the plains. Of course, her clumsiness was a major concern until she took her sprit journey and she was chosen to become a druid. Once she had learned enough to where she could take her cat form, her clumsiness disappeared and she was always the fastest of her friends. Her skills grew in time to where she could take the many forms of a druid and she truly knew happiness.

She found that her happiest times were when she was out herb gathering and when she learned some of the different inks that could be made from these herbs, her artwork grew by leaps and bounds. Yes, she had found that happiness that she had always envied from some of her friends. Her parents were amazed at the changes in their daughter and were very proud of how she was applying all of her energies to learning.


Naturally, time went by at a winged pace and Mooma found the bull of her dreams. They were eventually married and lived a peaceful life for the most part, producing four calves as quickly as possible. Mooma and her spouse would spend days out in the plains, she would herb while he hunted and everything seemed to have blessed this little family, however, this peaceful existence was not to last.

One day while they were wandering the plains in search of game and herbs, they became separated for a time. Mooma heard her husband shout to “Run” and instead of running away, she changed into her feral cat form and followed his voice. Much to her surprise, her husband was laying on the ground, trussed up like a plains strider ready for the spit and there were Grimtotem standing around him discussing their shortest route back to their camp with their captive. Mooma charged in with a furious roar to protect her mate and was promptly taken captive because she hadn’t seen the other five Grimtotem on the other side of the trees.

The people in Thunderbluff knew that there was something amiss when Mooma and her mate did not return for the tribal meeting that night. The eldest son, Naton, was more than a bit anxious and bolted away from the others to go out in search for his parents, leaving behind his siblings, Mahamura, Nahai and Tahfal. He was considered one of the best hunters, for his age, and one of the best trackers in the tribe. He had taken after his Father in his size and his abilities and was very devoted to his family. He would not sit idly by and just wonder about what had happened to his parents. He was determined to track them down along with their captors.

Days passed, weeks passed and then months passed without any sign of Naton or his parents. Naton’s siblings were mourning not only their parents loss but also their brother. The tribe took the youngsters under their community of caring. They were all too young to leave the camp fires and go in search of their missing family members.

As time marched on, the children grew into fine members of their Tauren society. Mahamura, now believed to be the eldest surviving member of the group became a proficient hunter like her Father. Nahai, the second child, became an excellent druid, following in his Mother’s footsteps. Tahfal , the youngest and most protective of the three, took the profession of being a Light Walker and devoted follower of the Earth Mother.

Each year the three would make the trek with the rest of the community to the graveyard to pay homage to their ancestors and to mourn the loss of their family – however, this would change over the years as they grew. Each child felt in their hearts that their parents and their brother might still be alive somewhere. They always felt that the Earth Mother would guide them back home to Thunderbluff.


(To Be Continued)



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