Tourney Rules – SCREW THAT

December 13th


Hello Journal,

I suppose I ought to get back into the habit of this sort of thing again, since I have been remiss in doing that for quite a while. I wanted to start out by saying “How’s it hangin’?” but that’s not seemly I suppose. What the hell!! It’s my journal, am I not right?

Anyway, I’m sitting in the bathtub with a mug of mead and just soaking some of the dirt and grime off and thought that it might be a good time to start this.

Well, Mr. Fancy Pants Morningstar really was going through some quit trips about his shagging some married woman but I told him not to worry about it unless she turned up pregnant and on his doorstep. He is so particular about whom he sleeps with; however, we’re not alike in that regard. If someone says something to me that they want to have a go at it, I’m always able to rise to the occasion. I like women, even if I do have to pay for their services now and again, what of it? Anyway, I make it a habit of stopping off at any of the local brothels on my way home to Dalaran and make sure that my libido isn’t going to keep me awake and have a nice roll in the hay.

Why am I writing this morning? I don’t know, just saw Fnor scribbling away and thought it might be a good thing to do today. I can’t say that I will write all of the time, just when the mood strikes me, which hasn’t been all that often by looking back at the previous entry.

Well, Fnor must have gotten over his guilt because he brought home a little Death Knight that he picked up somewhere on his travels and the noises coming from his room would tell me that they aren’t playing a game of cards in there. She must be something else to make him moan like that and it’s been going on for hours. Oh well, I’ll have to take things in hand and get over it, I suppose. Oh well, it’s been a long time since I’ve known him to be with a woman, other than his latest “error in judgment” as he refers to it.

I had talked briefly to Fnor prior to his return to his bedroom suite and his guest about what he wanted me to do today, anything like another escort job or possibly a couple of bounty contracts that might make things a bit more exciting other than patrolling the field and checking on the subordinates to make sure they were filling their contracts. His suggestion was “Go to the tourney and do some runs, you’ve not done that for a while and it might get your head out of the clouds.”

So, off I went. To the Tournament grounds to see what kind of mischief I could get into. Well, the regular stuff was just freaking boring as hell because I rarely get unseated these days even if it has been a few months since I took up a lance.

Well, I drew the task of heading over to take care of some Scourge Commanders, the tourney way. You know, get on a mount and just joust your brains out while you’re getting pummeled by aerial bombardment and trying to kill the Commanders. Things were going along nicely until I got double teamed and unhorsed. That’s not a bad thing. What was the bad thing is that the Commander decided to go after my pet, Dawn. I must have lost my temper when I saw that because there I stood without a mount and the commander was hell bent on killing Dawn. Well, there’s no freaking way that I am going to let that happen, she’s my best hunting animal and the pride of my heart.

So, being in a rather awkward situation, I dropped my bow off my back and it started. I chased that bastard down on foot while firing arrows like there was no tomorrow, yelling encouragement to Dawn. Well, the bastard wasn’t too pleased with that and ran to a second Commander that joined in. There I stood my ground and started firing arrows until I think my arm started going numb. Anyway, battle score is Fnor and Dawn – 2 dead Commanders. Since the rules state that I am supposed to do this mounted and by my jousting skills alone, I did remount and finished off a third one “correctly”. It all counted, got my purse from the judges and they are none the wiser. I’ll admit that it was fun chasing those buggers down on foot and just letting my skills take over, screw the rules.

I will have to admit that it felt pretty good to go up there and do some of the more “gentlemanly” things that Fnor approves of but I don’t know that I can make it a habit the way that he does. He usually heads up there once a day to keep skills honed as he says.

Anyway, I’m not going to be telling my sister, Felessa, about Fnor’s latest bedroom romp because she would be very upset. She’s got a bit of a crush on him and yeah, I’m seeing his sister, Faendra – which he knows nothing about. No, you filthy beast, I’m not sleeping with her but I sure would like too – that great red hair and those green eyes, long legs —nope, not gonna go there.

Well, I ought to grab some lunch or something and get busy working. I had some contracts put on my coffee table when I got back, which means – get back to work you lazy sod.

I want to go to Nagrand and do some more drawing. I love that place and it’s so quiet there and the women in Shattrath are just grateful as hell when I come waltzing through.

Fnar Dawnglory – the master of all he sees.





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