Working TOO Hard

May 16th


Dear Journal,

Well, well, well. I finally got a compliment from my employer and Father, Fnor. I must be doing something right at least. I know that I have been working my tail off and trying to do everything that he has asked me to do and do it three times better than anyone else. Seems I’ve succeeded in that area too. He said I might even get a junior partnership if I keep producing the way that I am.

I don’t know that I want that partnership just yet though. I need to keep working as hard as I am, however, I need to have some time for the things that I want to do. I would like to be able to just sit down and not be constantly working because, to be honest, I’m getting tired. I need a day off and I need it soon. My Mother thinks that I am just like my Father with the work that I am doing and I’ll admit that I am following in his footsteps, however, there has to be more to life than just working. Right?

I don’t think I’ve had time to stop and talk to anyone since I said I would work for Morningstar Enterprises. It gets to be kind of lonely out there in the field and I would gladly like to stop and just relax for a while. Of course, dragging my whining , chubby brother along so he can just make the deliveries back to the warehouse hasn’t really helped a whole lot. I swear, if I hear him say that he wants to eat or to stop and make camp early one more time, I’m going to put my foot up his backside and send him packing back to Dalaran. No, I can’t do that either, I promised my Mother that I would run some of the fat off of him, however, I don’t think she’d mind if I gagged him.

Fnor thinks by working me this hard that it will make me be too tired to think about sex and women. Well, that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about them, it’s just put a cramp in my style since I haven’t had the chance to even talk to one, much less do anything else with one. I think I’ll go talk to that Dawnglory fellow and see if he has any clues as to how I can work like this and still find a woman every now and again.

I was wandering around Stormwind the other night like some tourist when I happened upon a group of people doing some pretty strange things, just outside the city. Well, I am fairly new to Stormwind, however, I guess that my Mother and I are in charge of the Morningstar warehouse there. Guess I should learn my way around a bit better. My Mother just chuckles and tells me how to get to places when I bother using the comlink that we have.

Anyway, getting back to these strange people. There was a rogue named Civardi, he wore an eye patch and looked kind of beat-up, a huntress that was named Seashen. I liked Seashen, not only was she lovely to gaze upon but she liked my cat, Starshine. That would make her a good person in my eyes either way you look at it. There was another person there by the name of Kai, I think that was her name that didn’t appear to like me all that much because I’m of mixed blood – she said something about the fact that I shouldn’t exist and how did it happen. Was she stupid or just that dense? Of course, I exist. How did it happen? See, she was really stupid, so, I thought I’d just tell her how it happened. My Mother and my Father went to bed, made love and a few months later — here I am. She just kept grumbling and making remarks, may her tongue grow cleft to the roof her mouth. Anyway, Seashen and Civardi were apparently killing sheep for mutton to feed themselves and their beasts. That’s okay, sheep are smelly things anyway, however, the wool is great for making stuff. I’ve never seen a sheep explode before but apparently, these are special sheep that do just that. I know it made a mess of my armor and it did make it hard for me to keep my eye on that Kai person.

Yes, I’ve run into people before that didn’t like the fact that my parents made me. Yes, and it wasn’t my choice either, however, I’ve dealt with it my whole life. I’ve had black eyes, split lips and even a broken arm due to some of the people that felt it was their civic duty to let me know my place in the world. I have to laugh because my Mother taught me how to fight when I was little.

I came crying into the house in Shattrath because some of the other boys were beating the crap out of me every time I went outside the door. One particular day, the beatings had been rather horrendous and I was just to the point in my young life that I was about ready to just stay in the house all of the time. My Mother grabbed me by the shirt collar, tears in my eyes and all, and started showing me how to fight…how to stand, how to throw my punches and to be able to see how the other fellow was telegraphing his next move with his body. She wiped my tears, straightened my clothes and proceeded to shove me back out the door – she said “Don’t come back with tears in your eyes, come back with the knowledge that you are who you are and be proud.”

So, off I went. I will have to admit that I deliberately hunted down the biggest bully in Shattrath and proceeded to kick his ass. I think all of the boys were surprised at how I fought that time. I didn’t stop hitting the bully until he started crying and I kicked him squarely in the backside and told him to go home to his Mama, which, I think he did. Funny thing is, I didn’t feel good about doing that. At least that ended my being afraid to go outside anymore. All of the boys and I became great friends and the bully, Arnot, became one of my best friends ever. I wish Arnot was still alive, he got killed in a tavern brawl shortly after my step-Father died. To lose the man that you knew as your Father for all of those years and to lose your best friend ever in the same year was hard.

Oh, enough of that drivel. I had told my Mother about meeting Seashen and Civardi in Stormwind and she said that was nice and had an odd look on her face when I mentioned the rogue. She just kind of shook her head and told me to be careful of the friends I make and that was it. I wonder what she was thinking about? I found it rather strange but she didn’t tell me not to be friends with them. Oh yes, I did tell her about Kai and she just laughed and told that I had handled things well.

Well, I guess it’s time for me to get off my butt and head out the door again or I might just ask Fnor if I can have a day off – I haven’t had a day off since the Faire and him catching me in the tent with that girl. Naturally, I don’t think he’ll let me skip the tourney practice today. If he lets me have the day off, I think I will soak in the tub, sneak some of that brandy out the liquor cabinet and sleep. Of course, I’ll have to choke my brother a few times if he comes in my room again without asking first. A fellow has the right to do some private things without his brother bolting in during the middle of it.

I wish I had gotten that girl’s name from the Faire. She was definitely more experienced than I am and I’d like to try that out again.






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