Gathering My Thoughts…and My Sindorei Intrudes

June 14th


Dear Journal,

I will have to say that it has been more than a few days since I’ve last written, however, my two youngest sons have been keeping rather busy here in Dalaran trying to find them things to do. I oftentimes wonder if they wouldn’t have been happier staying with my parents in Dolonaar? I know that they would enjoy the freedoms that they currently don’t have in the confines of Dalaran. There are definitely limited areas where they are allowed to go and limited things that they can do…that’s why they are getting into so much mischief. I don’t think that my parents would mind having them for a few days because they are full blooded Kaldorei and they wouldn’t have to do the precautions that they did when my two eldest would visit them. It must have been hard for them but they never complained. I know that Fnor is at his wit’s end with them because he can’t think of anything for them to do other than the duties they’ve already been assigned. If the truth were to be known, they miss their older brothers as much as I do.

Fnor is sleeping in this morning because of the fact that he is tired and knows that he is going to have to make a trip to Silvermoon later today which he likes to put off as long as possible. I can understand some of what he says about the city and I can tell that when he goes there it does bring back some rather bittersweet memories for him. His life there as a child was wonderful from what he has told me and the fun that he had with his sisters sounds as if he were quite the little terror to them. However, his time there as an adult and joining the Rangers was not all that pleasant for him. He never had the feeling that he quite belonged anywhere.

I am definitely enjoying my sitting room adjacent to the bedroom and Fnor’s office because it does afford me some respite from some of the daily things that have to be attended too. It also gives me a place that I can call my own most of the time unless Fnor decides to come in here to read a book or try to stalk me for some foreplay before he hauls me off in his arms to the bedroom.

I never realized how ardent a lover my Sindorei could be but he has proved to be very attentive and very romantic since we have been living together in Dalaran. He acts like he’s afraid that some young buck will try to steal me away from him. As if they would, a woman with four children is quite a bit of baggage for a fellow to take on.

Of course, he keeps trying to talk me into making another baby with him and I keep putting him off because I’m not sure that I want to do that right now, although, a little girl would be a wonderful addition to the family because I am surrounded by so many males. If I were to get pregnant and was lucky enough to have a little girl, I would like to name her Felarae after Fnor and his sisters as well as myself. Silly as it sounds, I miss having a little one around. Of course, with the way that Fnor lives here in Dalaran, I’m sure that I wouldn’t be the only person to take care of the child. Maybe after all of the turmoil of planning the wedding and having the event, I’ll talk to Fnor again and we can try to make another baby, I’m still not sure if that’s what we want, however, if I do get pregnant, I’m sure that Fnor will be here with for the whole pregnancy. Now that I have written it all down, I kind of like the idea. I know there is no guarantee that I would have a little girl, however, if the Blessings of Elune are there, it will be what we want. As I am sitting here, I’m wondering if that miracle may have already happened because I have missed taking my herbs a few times when my Sindorei has tackled me when we were out in the wilds together. He does seem to get aroused very easily and I will have to admit that my ardor hasn’t waned either. He just has a way of awakening those passions with a look or just the way he touches me casually.

I have to go to Stormwind this afternoon for another fitting on my wedding gown and will probably stay the night with Kaldor and Vashlan. I’m not sure that I will take the little guys with me, however, if I do, I will be dropping them off with their grandparents for a few days afterwards. I miss my oldest boys more than Fnor could ever realize because they have been such an integral part of my life that I can feel my heart aching when they aren’t here in Dalaran. I miss Kaldor’s laughter and I miss Vashlan’s attempts at trying to make things work for him magically, although, I’m happy that he’s not here “sheeping” his little brothers anymore – that was a bit too close to provoking my anger as well as Fnor’s.

I know that I need to take some time to spend with my boys. It seems like they have been gone from the house in Dalaran for too long. I know that I walk past their bedrooms and sometimes catch myself welling up with unshed tears. I miss them.

I know that Fnor wants me to start taking a close look at the books while I’m in Stormwind tonight too. He thinks that things are just going too well in that area and he wants to make sure that Kal hasn’t started stepping out of his role and doing some things that he shouldn’t be. I know that we’ve talked about it and I’m worried that Kal feels like he is too restricted with the duties that we’ve given him and wants to do more.

I also hope that I run into that fellow that I met on my last trip to Stormwind. A very interesting rogue with some very thought provoking ideas and mannerisms. I think that he would come in handy with some of the things that we have been working on in Shattrath.

I haven’t seen Lali in forever, nor any of the girls but I think that might because I’ve not been going out of my way to find them either. I’ve been busy and the children just seem to demand so much attention, not to mention, getting all of this stuff ready for the wedding.

I hope that it will be something that Fnor will like. I have the flowers ordered already as well as trying to come up with a feasible design for the wedding invitations now that we have decided on where we are going to have it. Of course, it’s one of those things that Fnor and I had to agree on. The two places that we had discussed previously proved to be a little too near our separate factions. However, the lake between Mulgore and Feralas is lovely and I think that we will be able to arrange transport for most of our guests if not all of them.

I need to talk to Lali and find out what she thinks. She’s the one that I rely on for expertise in putting together this wedding. No to mention, Fnor has to get in touch with that fellow that is going to do the ceremony to make sure that he hasn’t changed his mind.

Well, I hear Agatha in the kitchen and I think I heard Fnor rousing himself from bed. I suppose I need to get dressed before he realizes that I am sitting here fairly well nude. Oh no, he’s at the door and has that smile and that come hither look in his eyes and I can see that he’s ready for another romp. Silly man, doesn’t he know that I want him as much as he seems to want me.

Later – I need to go take care of my mate’s desires and my own. Silly fellow is nuzzling my neck and trying his best to pull me out of the chair.





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