New Hires…Rehires

June 18th

Hello Journal,

I wish that Fnor would slow down on hiring people, I spend most of my damned time setting up new teams and having people watch them these days. Little did I know that he was getting contacted directly in Dalaran by some of these people. What am I supposed to do about that shit, put an advertisement on the war board and hope that people can read it?

I know he’s getting antsy with this wedding thing coming up and being a Father on top of it but he needs to take some kind of chill pill or I can get my sister to pick up some blood thistle in Silvermoon for him or something. Sure, he’s got his hands full being the full-time parent now instead of just popping in on a whim, however, he needs to realize that not all of us are in the same boat and have other bloody things that we’d like to be doing. Me? Well, as per usual, I’d like to have a woman in my life rather than some passing fancy.

He sent this young fellow down to Orgrimmar a few days ago to meet with me so that I could get him teamed up with someone that would know whether he knew what he was doing or not. Well, Alinash is his name and I think that he will probably be better suited for some other things. I had Mahamura Cloudhoof tracking him and watching what he does and her report back was somewhat disturbing to say the least. He has a sadistic side with his skinning that almost makes my stomach curdle. I know that a lot of people have a cruel streak in them from time to time but I don’t think I have ever been one to skin an animal or take feathers from a beast while they were still very much alive. Maha was very distraught with this kind of activity because it goes against her Tauren beliefs as well as her own gentle nature. Can’t say that I blame her though. I’ll definitely make note of this and forward the information along to Fnor because he’s the one that sent him down here to Orgrimmar for “training” and observation.

I did manage to get over to Silvermoon for a couple of days. I wanted to check up on my sister and see how her studies were going and to see Faendra. They are both staying in the big manse that Fnor inherited from his fiancée which is kind of a big deal I guess. Felessa has been rather quiet of late and I know why, even if she won’t admit it.

She’s had a crush on Fnor ever since she first met him when we were both in the Rangers. Of course, Fnor cut quite the dashing figure in all of his Ranger regalia and he just happened to be my Commander which didn’t hurt things any. She has watched him go through all of these women over the years and I think she thought that she might have a chance of winning his heart one of these days. Now she knows that it isn’t going to happen since Amyn and the boys moved in and she’s a bit depressed with the whole thing. I mean, suddenly, this man that she’s lusted after or dreamed about – can’t say that I want to know about who my sister wants to sleep with, kind of makes me feel a bit weird – is now off the market and has a family. Of course, the fact that he is marrying a Kaldorei really was the capper for her. She’s been too long in Silvermoon to be all that flexible with her political beliefs, I think. Anyway, she sobbingly told me that her heart was broken and how could I allow Fnor to make this kind of mistake.

I had to explain to her that Fnor has been with Amyn long before we ever came out of Shattrath and moved to Silvermoon when I joined the Rangers. She just looked a bit perplexed when I started explaining to her that Amyn’s two eldest boys were Fnor’s children. Sometimes I just don’t get it. Felessa is intelligent but it was a total surprise to her about the boys. Well, can’t say that I blame her though because she’s never met them, she’s not been in Dalaran since Fnor was engaged to the Death Knight.

Faendra was a bit cool to me when I tried to talk with her although I did bring her some of her favorite sweets from Dalaran. I guess I have been pursuing her too hard or something. She was all friendly and sociable until I said something about her attending Fnor’s wedding with me and she got all kinds of cold. Guess she doesn’t want to go with me or it’s the wedding thing again. Women are just weird with stuff like that.

Oh well, at least my visit went fairly well and I was able to do some checking up on our new employee with the hall of records and not much can be found on him. One would think that he would have been in trouble or at least gotten some kind of write up about something. It kind of makes me nervous when the trail appears to be either too squeaky clean or it looks like it might be misinformation. I’ll have to let Fnor about this too. There is just something there that kind of bothers me about this guy.

Well, let’s just be fucking blunt, shall we? I’m not overly fond of rogues even though they have their uses, I’ be been jumped a few times by a rogue here and there – Alliance scum that they are. This Alinash kind of makes my skin crawl, even before I got Maha’s report back.

I’ve seen different predators and even a shark or two that have the same “dead” look in their eyes. Yeah, I know Forsaken have dead eyes too but there is usually some kind of feeling showing in their body language. This fellow seems to be kind of cold-blooded in a very rare way. I think that he has been hired by error to work in the skinning and leatherworking side of the business. He might be more in keeping with some of the bounty hunting or mercenary stuff. I think I’ll take a trip up to Dalaran and talk to Fnor about him because I know that most of my skinners are a bit squeamish if they’ve heard anything about him and don’t especially want to work with him. We could probably bump him up a bit and put him on some of the low-level bounty stuff and see how it turns out or maybe I could talk with Amyn and see if she could get some of her people to watch this fellow for a bit. If he is what I think he is, his contracts will have to be hand-picked and not just some of the retrieval stuff that we do where a body bag isn’t really necessary.

Well, looks like our little goblins have tried to make it on their own and have come back to Morningstar Enterprises, hat in hand. Zippie, our little attorney in training, came back first and was shortly followed by Zednick, her Uncle. Naturally, I was laughing the minute they walked in the door in Orgrimmar and happily put them back to work. I know that things have definitely been a bit quiet and not much in the way of comic relief that they seemed to bring along with them. Of course, they brought a third party with them, which kind of surprised me, a warlock by the name of Zapdamia. I’m not much in the way of really liking or trusting warlocks after seeing some of the things that they can do, however, Zippie and Zednick vouched for her…a cousin of some kind.

Zednick said that he has taken the pledge and won’t be getting drunk very often. I’ll believe that when I see it because that little fellow could sure sock away the booze. I guess Amyn and Kaldor have a dwarf working for them of the same ilk, Andrew Bitterbeer, that happens to be an old friend of Amyn’s Father. Oh well, I suppose we all need that kind of thing to break up the monotony. I guess Amyn has him tagging along with Kaldor for the time being, should keep the boy on his toes at least.

Hmmm, maybe this Zapdamia can help me out here in the office a bit too. I am in dire need of an assistant with the way that the company is just growing by leaps and bounds. I wish Faendra would come to Orgrimmar on a regular basis instead of me having to haul the stuff up to Dalaran all of the time. I’ll talk to Zippie and see if this Zap person is good at paperwork, providing her demon doesn’t set the place on fire, it might work out.

Well, I guess I need to take off and go check on the Cloudhoof clan again and see how things are going in the Thunderbluff area with them. I know they sure are an easy family to work with even if Mooma is getting up there in age. I will admit that I am still laughing at the last surprise she had in her last bag of herbs she sent over. It was just a hornet’s nest but it sure did catch some of the guys off-guard in the warehouse.


Fnar Dawnglory




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