Wandering Thoughts

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 18tj

Dear Journal,

It has been a few days since I’ve taken the time to sit in my office and actually take the time to write in my journal. It has been extremely busy with the business and with the family, which is all that matters.

I made my trip to Silvermoon and was actually able to fill three of the outstanding contracts in just a few hours. No muss, no fuss and the bodies, minus the evidence of the kill to be turned in with the contracts, left in the Row. I may be getting older, however, I don’t think that I’ve lost my touch and definitely haven’t lost the ability to get the job done. I shouldn’t admit this but I did find myself chuckling a little bit, there are time that I miss this part of the business.

I was able to get the ring design to the jewelers and was able to pick it up before the weekend hit. I will admit that I am a little tired today because my mate was very appreciative of her ring in a way that only she has that brings more than a smile to my lips. The wedding bands should be ready by the end of the week with the special enchants and engraving that I requested. It seems that part of the wedding is all done for me now.

Silvermoon hasn’t changed from the days when I was a young man there. The same political intrigues, the same little groups that are of the mindset that they control the universe from the comfort of their guarded city. I know that I avoid the place as much as I can manage although I have several property holdings there that need my attention now and again.

I did stop by the house to see how Faendra was doing in Silvermoon. She grew up here for the most part until I brought her to Dalaran, almost kicking and screaming to be leaving all of her friends behind. I wanted her to become reacquainted with her Death Knight sister, Felaran, and to get over the bigotry that she was learning from the lovely people she was socializing with. I will have to admit that she was very resentful to me for a long time after that, however, I think it was the best thing that I have ever done for her. Her education was the best that money could provide for her at the Academy and then, she threw that all away to follow in my footsteps. I can’t fault her for that, my trade has been very profitable for the family At least Fel and Fae are now the best of friends, as sisters are supposed to be and I relish the times that I can garner with them. They still make me laugh and they will always be my baby sisters.

I will have to admit that I was slightly amused that Fnar had been Silvermoon just a few hours before I got to the house. Fae was happy to see him, however, she is definitely keeping her guard up when it comes to him on a personal level, which I can’t blame her for with his reputation with the ladies. I also got to see Fnar’s sister while I was there. She is always so shy, demure and very quiet when I’m around, however, she and Fae do seem to enjoy their own company. I know that I wish that Fnar would find a way to spend more time with his sister, she is just too shy and maybe some his brashness would rub off on her.

I know that I was able to show the girls Amyn’s engagement ring before I left to come back to Dalaran and I got the appropriate compliments from them. I was absolutely sure that Amyn would be thrilled to finally have a ring that she could show her girlfriends in Dalaran. I have been dragging my feet a bit on getting the ring made in Silvermoon because I was in hopes of locating that jeweler in Dal, however, he was always like the invisible person, I’d just miss him at the Lounge.

Amyn and I do need to start getting out more often too. It seems like we stay so busy that we barely have time to spend with one another other than in the bedroom. We need other outlets for ourselves, not just business and the children.

Amyn was definitely thrilled with the ring last night and I was more than a little bit relieved because I have to pick up the matching earrings and necklace yet. I think she was more surprised with the rose petals all over the bedroom and me standing there in all of my glory with a rose between my teeth. Oh, it was a fun time and I did the ritual thing of getting down on knee and proposing to her in the traditional manner. I did start laughing though when she said that she thought I ought to ask her Father first and my response was “He’s too old for me and I don’t think your Mother would like sharing him.” I thought that Amyn was going to die laughing with that one.

We have been mated all of these years, however, I will have to admit that I have never enjoyed living with someone as much as I do my Kaldorei. We have our serious moments, our passionate moments, however, we’ve not forgotten how to play and enjoy each other’s company. Soon, she will be my wife in the Sindorei fashion which seems to be making her happy – it doesn’t’ matter to me, she has my heart completely and I don’t need anything to be legal to make a difference there.

I know from past history that when I am as happy as I am currently, there is always something lingering out there to just throw things to the wind. Of course, my mind keeps going back to the conversation that Sol I had about the latest little group of cultists that starting to show up in Stormwind. Amyn still hasn’t been able to trace them back to their roots in Darnassus, however, we both have discussed the situation with the two oldest boys and they are aware of the issues. I know that if anything happens to our sons while they are Stormwind, Deathwing’s Passover won’t hold a light to the damage that could be dealt by two angry parents.

I do have to admit that I am very surprised at how Kaldor is developing as a businessman and also as a person. I can definitely see a lot of Amyn and myself in him every time we get a chance to talk. Not to mention, he probably has better armor than I do at this point since his body just seems to be developing faster than my blacksmith can keep up with here in Dalaran sometimes. I can still see some of the youth in him with the way that he and his siblings seem to argue about the usual things. However, he’s maturing with some of his thoughts and ideas about Vashlan too, well, a bit.

My thoughts seem to be rambling of their own accord today, could be that I am tired and need to go back to sleep for a while. I can see that my mate is still sleeping as well and I think that I will go and join her.


Fnor Morningstar


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