Back to Business – Children Do Complicate Things

June 20th

Dear Journal,

Fnor and I finally escaped from the house without any of the children in tow to go out and enjoy some time at the Lounge. I’m happy that we went and happy that we got have some adult conversation for a change. I love my children but sometimes my mind needs the stimulation of other adults.

I didn’t see Lali last night or her husband Raleth; however, I did see Kestrae and some others. It was nice to hear about the things going on. I know that Fnor has met with them a few times when I was in Stormwind or otherwise involved with something else and unable to be with him.

I think Kestrae was very surprised at my ring and I was happy to be able to finally show it off. Of course, the one fellow that we had been looking for in regard to the jewelry happened to be there last night. Fnor and I both wanted Teniron to check out the ring that we finally had made in Silvermoon to make sure that the workmanship was up to his standards. After all, we had heard that he was the best that there was in Dalaran, apparently. I will admit that I was a little reluctant to give him my ring, however, he promised to take a look at it with the tools he has at his workshop and return it today. I think he was impressed with the stones, however, they were stones that Fnor has accumulated over the years and we already know the appraised value on them.

I will be leaving here shortly to go to Stormwind to check on things there, drop the younger boys off with my parents in Darnassus before I go to the warehouse. I know they want to see their older brothers; however, they always seem to get into mischief in there whenever my back is turned. I know that Fnor’s boys weren’t ever this mischievous and these two are making their Mother get gray hair amongst the white with their antics.

I know that last night Fnor and I had a bit of a squabble about his promoting Kaldor to higher position in the company because I don’t think that he’s ready for it. He’s ready with his mind and his body; however, I’m not so sure that he is ready with his emotions. Fnor wants him to start handling more of the mercenary and bounty work out of the Stormwind offices and I don’t agree. Yes, he has grown into quite the brawny young man, however, I think that Fnor forgets that he is still a boy in a lot of ways, he hasn’t had time to enjoy life yet and I don’t want him to turn into the workhorse that his Father is. He needs to take time to enjoy the fruits of his labors and to see more of Azeroth than where his contracts take him. I don’t like this idea and I will talk to the two of them together next week, both Fnor and Kaldor.

I think that Kaldor is seeing some human girl and has run into some other people in Stormwind that are making me a bit nervous. Of course, I will have to admit that I am quite taken with that Civardi fellow; he is a very suave and debonair fellow for a rogue. The others, I’m having them checked on to see what kind of reputations they have before I pass any judgments on them. So many little companies involved in so many little things that might be an asset to Shadowmoon Enterprises. Well, that’s what Fnor thinks anyway. I know that I will be handling the personnel things in Stormwind most of the time although we have been trusting Kaldor with some of it for the time being since he’s decided to stay there when he’s not working.

Vashlan has started to trim down a bit and doesn’t look as chubby as he did when he came to Stormwind initially. At least he’s not eating Kaldor out of house and home all of the time these days. He seems happy enough with the training that he is getting from the mages, however, I have a feeling that he is still trying to learn as much as he can on his own without the proper training, which is frightening to me. His grandparents have even remarked at how much he has changed physically. I am curious and will do some research on the matter when I get the opportunity to find out if that Fel magic from the Sindorei side of his bloodline can be passed on to the children. Vash exhibits some tendencies that make me worry more and more as he gets older. He’s so headstrong and stubborn about things – I wonder where he gets that from?

Fnor has already left for Orgrimmar to meet with Morningstar to discuss some of the contracts and some of the personnel they have working for them. Fnor is a little disturbed about a rogue fellow that he hired and sent to Orgrimmar for further observance by the group there. I hope that Fnor doesn’t pick up any more of those bounty contracts that make his heart race this time because he has no idea how much I worry about him when he does those. One of these days his confidence is going to get him into trouble and I’ll have to put the pieces back together again, like I’ve done so many times before.

There are times when he leaves Dalaran that I do feel that streak of jealousy start to flare because I don’t completely trust him yet. He has strayed before and all it has brought for the two of us is more trouble and heartaches. I can’t blame him for looking at those tiny little Sindorei women, however, he better not be setting up shop with another one or we won’t be having any children in the future because I will personally geld him.

He says he loves me with all of his heart and that he won’t ever stray again. I know that he is more subtle with his indiscretions than Dawnglory is, however, that doesn’t mean that I will tolerate it after we’re married.

I also have to pick up my wedding gown today; it should be finished at long last. It’s just a simple gown and not as elaborate as I am sure some of the other girls have had for their weddings but it suits me. I’m not into all of the fashion things as much as I am to just getting the job done.

Oh well, I suppose I should get going too, I need to meet with Remy to decide how we want to handle some of the business that we have going on in Shattrath. She’s a great person for a Draeni; however, I do have trouble understanding her accent sometimes. I would like for her to come visit in Dalaran sometime soon, I don’t have many friends and it does get lonely up there. Besides, I think she might just shock Fnor silly with her mannerisms. He needs a good jolt every now and again. She’s a shaman, so, I think she could manage a jolt or two.


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