Letter to Raleth

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 24th


Our minds must have been traveling the same paths this morning because I was just coming back in from mailing out the wedding invitations. Amyn is still sorely disappointed with the way they turned out and I just told her to let it go, let them be plain and simple, that’s always a good plan.

As for birthdays, Amyn and I share the same birthdates, or that is what she has decided. It is also the same date that we initially said our vows at the Moonwell in Ashenvale. It all makes it easier to remember and you know how we can be sometimes when we have to remember too many dates. I know that we both celebrate those dates each year but I don’t think that the Kaldorei put as much credence in that as the Sindorei might.

As for Lali’s grandfather going back to the Ashenvale area, Amyn has an Uncle and some cousins that live in the vicinity as well. The one thing I have found, even with Amyn’s parents, if they are familiar with an area, they will want to be in that area rather than go out adventuring when they get older. I know that we have offered Amyn’s parents a place to live here in Dalaran, however, they have said that they were happier where they were in Dolonaar. You can take the Night Elf out of the woods but that doesn’t mean that their hearts aren’t yearning to return to their old haunts.

As far as producing children rapidly, Amyn and I seemed to do it without too much trouble. However, there is an herb that counteracts the birth control method that both of our ladies have been using. You can check with the herbalists here in Dalaran or Lali can. I know our second child was conceived in Winterspring when we took a nice long trip there, the hot springs, the cold air…just seems to work magic of its own. Amyn and I still frequent the area quite a bit when we can break away from the business and the children for long enough. Who knows, one of these days, we might have another child in that same area, with the same methods.

As far as gifts go, Amyn and I usually take some time away for ourselves and that is gift enough – undisturbed time is a premium when you have businesses and children to take care of. Amyn hasn’t ever been one for a lot of gowns or jewelry, so, I ‘m sure that as we get older, I can spoil her with those things.

As for the kitten, I will definitely let Amyn know that they are ready to find a new home. She was worried that Lali might have forgotten that she had promised one to her. Male or female, it doesn’t really matter, just another furry pet to love.

I hope that we will see you two sometime in the near future. We’re still finalizing the wedding plans and I should be in Dalaran for most of the week finishing that up with Amyn.

Fnor Morningstar


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