Wedding Jitters, Nightmare Invitation

((Still trying to figure out all of the nifty artwork and have been sitting on this post for a while – please forgive the juvenile attempt at artwork.))

June 24th

Dear Journal,

I know that my Sindorei means well but he’s really getting on my nerves. He said that he hasn’t heard anything from the paladin that lived her at the house previously with his children, in quite some time, so, he’s asked Dawnglory’s sister to officiate if need be.

I do so wish that he would leave things alone and let me finish up the wedding plans. The invitations are horrible, I can’t seem to get the printer to understand what I want, so, I may just go with a plain one and hope that we have guests that will be able to attend. The wedding is one week from today and if need be, it will be just us if everyone else is busy. I know that I will be so happy when this is over because I think that it has caused me more headaches trying to plan this and trying to keep up with the business at hand.

I had to laugh at him yesterday when he got back from his trip to Silvermoon because he had the matching wedding bands with him. They turned out beautifully and with the way that the gold and white gold is braided together, they are really quite elegant without being ostentatious. Of course, that’s when he met with this priestess and his sister while he was there in the city. I just wish he would make up his mind.

I know that he was all but dancing around the bedroom last night and getting as excited about the wedding as I am. Of course, we’ve not had the chance to run into any of the friends that we have currently in Dalaran, however, I’m sure that some of them might be able to attend. He even started talking about having the wedding before that, here in Dalaran.

To be honest, I think he is tired of me being so disconcerted with the whole thing. It hasn’t been easy trying to do most of this alone. I haven’t even seen Lali since we went to Stormwind together and I am assuming that she is busy with her studies and her own new marriage. Funny how we have all been running in different directions. Oh, the kittens must be old enough to give away now, I hope she remembered that I would like to have one.

Business has been rather brisk in Stormwind and I think that Kaldor is taking it all in stride and I’ve already had a talk with Vashlan about his studies and told him that I thought it wouldn’t hurt for him to pay attention to the paperwork at the office there when Remy isn’t available. Of course, I got the pouting face on that one but he is just going to have to do his part for the company.

I can’t tell if either one of the boys is pleased with the idea of the wedding or not. I think that Kaldor is too wrapped up with his job and mooning about some girl he’s met in Stormwind that I haven’t ever met yet. Vashlan is getting impatient with his instructors and wants to learn more things at a faster rate which makes him a cranky little beast.

I’m still sitting here staring at this invitation and I am about ready to throw up my hands in dismay. I think that that is what has Fnor ready to just run away and have the marriage done and come back after the fact. I’m doing this whole for him, doesn’t he understand that. If it were my decision alone, we would have already been married all of these years with just our mating at the moonwell. If he wants to call the whole formal thing off, we can do that, however, I will still wear my wedding gown that I got in Stormwind for the occasion, it’s a beautiful gown and I want some of the Sindorei tradition to be upheld.

Even my Mother has remarked that I am being extremely critical and cranky of late and this is why. I am unsure what I’m doing. Give me a sword or a bow and I know exactly what I’m doing, these social things are more than what I know. Fnor has helped and he’s trying to tell me that it’s not about the ceremony itself, it’s about the celebration and that we are sharing it with our friends. What if no one shows up?

I know that I am just not going to worry about it anymore. I’ll send out the invitations and they look horrid and not what I wanted at all. We’ll have the caterers have everything ready and we’ll get it all transported down there somehow.

I’m a Sentinel for Elune’s sake, I’m not used to these social things and it’s driving me insane and making everyone avoid me, even my beloved.


Come One and Come All

Join in the Celebration of the Marriage


Fnor Morningstar


Amynlarae Shadowmoon


Date: July 1st

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Location: Transportation will be arranged


Refreshments will be served after the ceremony at the location for everyone to enjoy the celebration the union of this couple. Please dress casually due to the location of the wedding and the request of the bride and groom, it is a rustic setting.


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