Men Are SOOOO ..Blind?

June 26th


Well, isn’t this just a fine kettle of smelly fish! I guess that Fnor is as blind as a bat and now I have a weeping friend that is starting to question her own sanity. Poor thing has had a crush on Fnor for years and we’ve all known it, even though we were kind enough not to point it out to either party. Maybe we should have? Now, I have to get in touch with her brother and have him come to Silvermoon to help me clean up the mess. Poor Felessa is in her room sobbing her heart out and I could just slap Fnor for being so stupid. How could he? I mean, I don’t mind him marrying Amyn, she’s a nice sort for a Kaldorei and she hasn’t been mean to me or anything. My nephews are truly awesome to look at and they are well mannered, well, the two eldest are, I’m not so sure that the two little guys are going to grow up all the way before someone throttles them.

Okay, Fnor has always been a bit of a skirt chaser but not anything compared to my friend’s brother, Fnar Dawnglory. Yes, yes, he’s single, attractive and I’m sure that he knows his way around a bedroom real well and his anatomy is in working order. He’s been chasing me for years and I keep running away too because I want a man that is going to be faithful to me and I don’t know that Fnar has that capacity in his mind. Not to mention, my big brother, Fnor, would have a royal fit because Fnar is his best friend and business partner. He always says “Don’t dip your quill in the company ink” and I suppose he knows better than anyone what a disaster that can be. He married one of his employees and she dumped him for an Orc. Imagine!! Ewww, that almost makes me want to throw up, just imagining how that coitus might be, not to mention a bit painful.

I can’t use the comlink to get in touch with Dawnglory for the simple reason that it will go out companywide and I don’t want Fnor to know how stupid he has been. If he had only opened his eyes a few times when he was around Felessa, he would have seen the look of absolute adoration on her face every time he said anything to her. Now, she’s crying and I can’t concentrate on the accounts here in the office. Oh, wait a minute, I know that Fnar has been doing some research on some of the new hires and I bet Zippie can get him to Silvermoon without too much trouble, she’s good at being able to pull things off like that, she’s a goblin, she knows the tricks of the trade, I suppose.

I know I don’t want to leave Felessa here bawling like some Tauren with an udder stuck in a gate either. It really is annoying and there isn’t much I can do to comfort her because I’m supposed to be blind to the fact that she’s in love with my brother. Maybe I should go in there and just tell her that I know she’s more than a little bit smitten with my big brother and its okay, only now, he’s getting married to the woman that he should have married years ago. Would that be too hurtful? I don’t know, I’m not used to dealing with this stuff.

I know that Fnar will be upset with his sister getting her feelings, hopes and dreams dashed to the floor; however, he will be able to make her understand that Fnor didn’t mislead her in any way. The man was so blind to the situation that I don’t think it even entered his mind. Maybe I should meet Fnar away from the house and talk to him privately before we come back? That sounds like a plan.

Damn it, Fnor, why do you have to be so stupid when it comes to women? You have your life in order but you’re sure tearing up everyone else’s in the process. Wake Up!!

I know he’s doing the right thing in marrying Amyn and I do wish them the best, however, I just have a feeling that it isn’t going to be smooth sailing from now until the end of time with those two. Look at all of the obstacles they are going to be dealing with. She’s Kaldorei, he’s Sindorei…they have two sons that are of mixed blood that aren’t really accepted on either side of the factions if push came to shove.

Fnor wonders why I don’t date anyone or go out much. It’s stuff like this that makes me crazy. Give me my accounting books, a nice fire and my cats and I’m a happy girl. However, by Sindorei standards, I’m probably an old maid and still a virgin.

Well, screw it, I’m going to call Zippy and have her get Dawnglory’s butt here to the office, I just can’t stand the tears anymore. Now I’m upset…here I was planning on doing some work and then going out and doing some hunting of my own. Now, I have one weeping roommate and one very crazed bird flying around the office because of the crying.







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