Employees Day Off and A Realization

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


June 26th,

Dear Journal,

I dropped a note off to the Paladin to let him know that we were going to use Dawnglory’s sister for the wedding rather than him due to his own upcoming nuptials and I knew that he was a busy man. I will admit that I was more than a bit taken aback, however, not too terribly surprised. Seems he’s already had his wedding. Funny thing is, I don’t recall getting a wedding invitation either, however, with the group that he is affiliated with, it was rather doubtful that I would be getting an invitation to anything. I certainly do wish him all the best of luck with this marriage following so closely on the heels of this divorce to his first wife and the mother of his daughter.

I wonder if the ex-wife gave away the bride. Wouldn’t that have been a choice development? No, I’m being spiteful. I do wish him well and I hope that his life is as happy as mine is and will continue to be since I am avoiding that past affiliation like the plague. As for anything that he owes me, that is off the books entirely and was written off long ago after not hearing anything from him since he offered his services to officiate at our wedding and nothing since then. That’s another one of those “friends” that you have that is out of sight and out of mind as it should be. Fair weather. It would be like me sending a wedding invitation to Poetica, more of an insult that an invitation to join in on the happiest day of my life. No, Poe won’t be getting an invitation either because I’m not that hurtful to people. What happened between us is over and very dead.

Funny thing is that I considered a lot of the people in that group my friends; however, I’m finding that that was one-sided. So be it, they no longer exist in my mind. I do know that I have passed several of them in Orgrimmar multiple times and they don’t even acknowledge my presence either. I am just as guilty though because I tend to avoid their old haunts as much as possible. I will relegate them to the “acquaintances” level in my mental files and leave it at that. I would like to give them the same kind of support that they have given me since I left their little organization.

I had gone to Orgrimmar again yesterday to finalize a few things and met with Zippie for a while. She’s in agreement with Fae that I shouldn’t be giving all of the employees the day off the day of the wedding because the costs would be astronomical. I still think that one day isn’t going to hurt anything and I will let Fae know that I’m the one to make that decision, no matter what the numbers show.

The company has been going better than ever on both sides of the factions and I can’t see not letting the employees have the day off at least. They have all been working hard and they deserve the extra day to spend with their own families for a change. It is a paid day off since they are paid by contract and if they have their contracts caught up; it won’t be a financial burden for them. I’m also considering sending out an extra bonus to them on that day too.

Amyn and I both are kind of relaxing and taking it easy and counting the hours until the wedding. I think that we are both too tired right now that we might just sleep for the rest of the time until we have to get everything down to the wedding site.

The house seems rather empty without the little guys running amuck, however, I know that Amyn and I both are enjoying being able to take a nap if we feel like it and I do mean sleep.

Fnor Morningstar


4 thoughts on “Employees Day Off and A Realization

  1. I was thrilled to see that someone else is doing fanfic here too! I’m enjoying following your posts.

    My first impression of this story is good — I like your writing, but you’re encountering a common problem with first person accounting that I tried to avoid with my third person account, although I don’t have a way to explain -how- the story appears for roleplaying purposes. I can’t tell what your main character is because it’s hard to do self description in first person without the old “looking in the mirror” cliche’ — I’m assuming he’s NOT a dwarf, though! I devised an IC way for the story to exist in third person for my Runaway Rakhanar series, but my WoW writing came first and I hadn’t thought that out yet. I might include a little device for that, now that I’m thinking about it…

    Good story! I’m interested!

    • All of my journals are written in the “fist” person because it is the character writing the information down in his journal – not realizing that the world is reading it. I’ll definiely have to take a look at some of your writings as well. He writes about what he has seen and been through. Thank you for your advice andI’ll hae to take a look at it to see what it is that you’re saying.

  2. You do the journal style well! I’m not very good at first person, which is why I try to find ways around it for my stories. First person accounts can go for a while before the reader gets a good picture of the character because that’s the only way to write realistically. How often do you give a physical description of yourself when you’re writing in a journal, unless you have an issue with your appearance? If the character has low self-esteem, s/he might mention some attribute that s/he considers unattractive, but if an attractive character makes mention of their own appearance they come off as vain. Hard to get a picture across to a reader, in that case.

    I read some of your later OOC posts and I see you were on Wyrmrest Accord. So was I! Great RP server, at the time! I moved my character over there later in the story from Shadow Council, and started a female dranei paladin also.

    You make me wish I was still playing WoW!

    • The character that you have read about is actually a Blood Elf and occasionaly he will mention his appearance or more often as not – I will have another character talk about him in a descriptive manner. Being the atypical Blood Elf, he is indeed very vain about his appearance.

      The journals are by different characters that are actually intertwined within them by the stories that each one of them may have to relate in their journals. Dawnglory is actually very involved with the Morningstar clan and has been for quite a few years.

      Oh yes, Wrymrest is still a great RP server and I have been playng there since the realm opened, I think. I had never done RP in this fashion before, so, it’s still a learning process for me. LOL, I’ve only been blogging for the last couple of years, so, I’m very much the newbie.

      You should come back and give it a go. I’ve been playing for almost a full eight years now without a real break and am finding it a challenge to keep up with all of the characters that I have on the realm.

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