Dwarf Escorts …Finding Fires ALL NIGHT LONG!!

June 27th

Dear Journal,

Whether the dwarves like it or not, I’m going to take a nap. Seems they thought I needed to help them go through the entirety of Azeroth last night and the wee hours of this morning and help them put out fires. Why? Well, it’s a celebration of the Summer – it’s just hot to me. Anyway, we traveled the length and breadth of the place, of course, they had to stop and have a few beers at every fire so that they would feel the need to relieve themselves at the next one.

I will have to admit that I am getting used to having them around and they do keep me laughing with their outrageous behavior. However, I will have to admit that the two little fellows, or I should say short little men, know a lot about hunting and even some shortcuts that I know that I wasn’t aware of.

I don’t think that I would be so tired right now if I hadn’t started having some beers with them. I thought that with my size, I could out drink them, you know, body weight and all that. Maybe that’s how I ended up going to Vash’yir (however, you spell it, I just call it Waterworld). I thought it was kind of funny that they wanted to wait on beach while I went down and took care of the fire.

Who knows with those two? Maybe it wasn’t time for their yearly or quarterly bathing that I’ve heard tell of with dwarves. I like water, I like swimming and I don’t like naga. The whole time I was down there, I kept thinking about the time that Vash and I went exploring in Un’Goro and fell in the tarpits. Yeah, it was kind of like that but at least you could see the shore there and knew you’d be able to move naturally again soon. Not down there!

So, since I knew I was going to be doing the work for the three of us while I was down there, I drank enough to make sure I could go that much. That was my mistake; I was so drunk that I think I hit the fire and anyone that happened to get near me. Have you ever started going and you couldn’t stop, no matter what? Haven’t had that happen since I was a little kid.

I can hear the dwarves laughing in the kitchen and I almost wonder what is so funny but I’m too tired to go look. Not to mention, I think I still have enough water in my ears to make my brain all fuzzy.

Sleep, I think I’ll just sleep and hope they don’t have any more of these all night adventures planned again. I want some time to go find Josie.


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