Enjoying The Time Together Before the Wedding

June 28th

Dear Journal,

The wedding is not that far away and all I can feel at the moment is the relief that it is almost over. I know that I am doing this largely to please my Sindorei, however, I am also doing this for myself and for the boys. I don’t want any questions to ever be raised again in regard as to how our relationship really is.

I like the relationship that we have now here in Dalaran. There is no question as to whom my husband is and that I am his very much in love wife. I know that I have always felt this way, however, I’m not sure that it was recognized by a lot of people, including some members of my family. Now, with the wedding, it will all be resolved.

I know that it was all that I could do to drag my body out of bed this morning and to not just lay there with head on Fnor’s chest , just listening to his breathing and his heart slowly beating as he slept. I will have to admit that the hair on his chest is so soft next to my skin that I would stay there forever if I could. Just laying there next to him, feeling his arms wrapped around me and that one leg of his draped over mine. I don’t know how he can sleep like that, maybe he thinks I’m going to get up and run away. Everything feels very tender, loving and secure…this is how Elune must have meant for us to be all along.

I know that some of my Sisters wonder how it is that I fell in love with a Sindorei, they are so small and delicate. No, they may be small in stature, so am I for a Kaldorei, however, they are very much men in all things. Some of my friends have met our sons and they are very much aware that my Sindorei must be capable of getting me with child, there is no doubt about their heritage.

The house is so quiet with all of the children gone and I will have to admit that I am enjoying the time away from them for a while. I miss the antics of the little ones, however, I am just enjoying the fact that I can sit here in the sitting room at my desk and write without being constantly interrupted. I do miss Kaldor and Vashlan quite a bit however, they are enjoying their freedom in Stormwind and I do know that I can’t keep them with all of the time, even if it were possible.

Fnor and I have been hiding away a bit with the wedding so close. Last night we sat in our room and had strawberries, with some wine and chocolate. It was heavenly, we both just sat there and laughed until we cried with some of ways that we came up with how we could eat the strawberries and melted chocolate. I will admit Fnor surprised me a couple of times as to how he wanted to do some things that we had never done before. Even when I’m thinking about it right now and wondering if he got all of the chocolate out of there, I can feel myself getting a bit aroused all over again. I know that we both had chocolate from head to foot before it was all over and I’m sure that the sheets that we had thrown on the floor in front of the fireplace were a glorious mess.

Of course, after we had finished with our gourmet lovemaking, we were both rather intoxicated as we stumbled into the bathroom. I am so happy that my Sindorei had the sense to have the tub made large enough for two people to lay there in the hot water. I can’t explain to anyone how it feels to have your hair washed the way Fnor does mine. Of course, we both have long hair and I will have to admit that we both seem to be rather sensual these days, must be we are just making up for lost time and enjoying the time without any of the children in the house. I just sit here and blush a bit as I think about what we’ve been doing for the last few days. I suppose we ought to save some of this more intimate moments until after the wedding but it has been so long since we’ve had this time alone.

I can’t believe that we have so much to talk about. It’s almost like we have been starving for the conversations with one another. I suppose we could look at it that way, somewhat, with all of the years that we spent apart or with other people. This is different, this is more loving, that’s the only way that I can put it. I can actually look into those green eyes of his and see the warmth there and the tenderness that I always felt was missing.

I know that we are both planning on taking some time off after the wedding for our honeymoon and yes, we’re going to Feralas. I don’t know why we feel so drawn to that area of Kalimdor but it is as if we are coming home when we’re there. I know that our boys, all four of the boys, not just Fnor’s and mine, seem to enjoy the area as well. We’re going to take our biggest tent to camp in and that will be wonderful because we have had some custom things made up to make it even more comfortable. We already know where we are going to camp and it is doubtful that we will have anyone stumble into our camp. Naturally, we will be taking Pan and Lumina with us because I don’t think that either one of them would let us out of their sight at this point.

Both cats were really upset with us last night when we locked them out of the bedroom, however, there are times when we need to be absolutely alone and not have two pairs of cat eyes staring us down like we’re doing something wrong. I know that when I opened the door this morning, they both raced in and started sniffing at everything to make sure that we were the only people in there. Honestly, you’d think we were having an orgy in there with the way those two were acting.

I hope that Fnor and I run into Raleth and Lali because I would like to make arrangements for them to keep my kitten until we get back from Feralas. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a new kitten into the house and then leave it alone with the housekeeper while we’re away. Besides, I’m a firm believer that you have to bond with the animal shortly after you take ownership or they will give their affections to the person that has spent more time with them . I don’t think Agatha would mind having a little kitten attached to her though, she doesn’t have a family of her own.

I thought that Fnor was going to spend the day in bed and sleep today but I just heard him start cursing under his breath and walk into his office. Poor man really needs to take that comlink and throw it off of Dalaran some times. He’s still not completely well from his collapse, although, the healers seem to think that he’s doing just fine for the time being, he just can’t “over-do” as they like to put it because it could happen again. Who knows what is going on now? He definitely has his hands full with the employees in Orgrimmar right now, several new hires that are giving Dawnglory a fit.

Well, I think that I am going to get up and get dressed and take a walk. Maybe I will run into Lali in the park or maybe I can just go by and make sure that our flowers are going to be ready for the wedding. I also need to pick up some more herbs or we will have another little one running around the house if we’re not careful. Or, I may just continue to sit here in my robe and enjoy the luxury of being able to just do that. I’m sure that Kaldor is handing things in Stormwind.

I’m still laughing at the fact that my Father had Uncle Andrew and his brother go to Stormwind to keep an eye on things while I’m otherwise occupied. I know that it is probably making Kaldor mad enough to spit but he’s a good boy and he will do the right things, I’m sure. I hope that my two youngest aren’t making their Grandparents too crazy, however, knowing my Mother, she’s got them running all over the place and making them help her gather herbs. She’s of the opinion that if children are idle, they will get into trouble.


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