More Worries and How to Hide Things From Your Wife

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Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

June 29th,

Dear Journal,

Yes, I did make it back to Dalaran rather later last night and I’m sitting here in my office with my coffee and cigarettes and just trying to gather my thoughts a little bit. Here I had planned on spending some time alone with Amyn before the wedding and it seems to have taken quite the opposite turn, which has made me rather cross.

The house does seem a little empty without all of the kids running around, however, it is rather pleasant and does remind me quite a bit of the times before when it was just the two of us. Oh yes, we did have different surroundings back then and we definitely didn’t have the luxuries that we have now, however, it does make me think about what it was like back then. We were almost blissfully happy in Shattrath and just enjoyed a normal existence for a Ranger and a Sentinel trying to keep our relationship fairly well hidden and yet, a bit more open to the public view than we would have liked sometimes. Those were happy times, however, I may be looking at that time period with rose colored glasses and putting a different spin on how things were than what the reality truly was.

I am sitting here smiling thinking about the romp Amyn and I had night before last and thinking of how we haven’t changed all that much since our younger years. With the children, I do mean the two youngest being out of the house right now and staying with their grandparents in Dolonaar, it means that we have no interruptions and we can act like adults without a care in the world for a while. It’s a fool’s paradise for certain, however, it’s something that we both needed.

Oh we had way too much wine the other night and when we added chocolate fondue and strawberries to the mix, it was almost decadent. If it were possible for two people to just have an orgy all of their own, we did just that. I’m still getting chocolate out of my ears and I’m sure that Amyn is still getting chocolate out of other places. I’m sitting here grinning like a hyena and chuckling to match the same critter because it was fun, even if we were both a little bit on the drunk side.

I had planned on sleeping quite a bit yesterday, however, that wasn’t meant to be. Amyn had gotten up earlier than I did and was in her sitting room writing in her journal when the damned comlink went off. It was Fnar Dawnglory in Orgrimmar with some rather disturbing news.

Just when I thought we were finished with getting bizarre things in the mail, we seemed to have gotten a plethora of them in the last week. Yes, more body parts and more heads delivered to the office. It seems that Morningstar Enterprises has become a target again, however, I have a feeling that this is coming from the fact that Shadowmoon Enterprises is starting to be noticed in Stormwind. We don’t go out of our way to become noticed, it’s just that our business has taken off much faster in that area than I thought it would, not to mention, Kaldor has really been bringing in more contracts than anyone there.

I’m also starting to get word that more inquiries are being made about the business there and about my sons being in the city so much. Of course, Amyn has been so busy with the wedding plans that I am sure that she hasn’t really noticed much other than what kind of flowers she can get there from her homeland for the decorations.

I know that Sollonne had brought me word of a group called “Shadows of Elune” that seems to be operating out of Darnassus and has cells in some of the major cities on the Alliance side. She was definitely pretty well beat up when she and I met. Seems she has been tracking some of the members for a while and apparently had a bit of a scuffle with them before she returned to Dalaran to let me know what was going on. These people apparently have the idea that they are going to purify the bloodlines of Azeroth by doing away with any of the mixed bloods that they find. I wonder if that would include the poor bastards from Gilneas that have been given the “curse” of the worgen?

I don’t think that the people in Darnassus would take it too kindly if this group moved against the Gilneans in the city because there appears to be quite a few residing in the city proper itself. Of course, not all of them have been touched by the “curse” but it seems that this group just takes things on a blanket label without a whole lot of proof.

Amyn has made several inquiries about the group and wasn’t able to find out a whole lot other than it was small and didn’t seem that much of a threat. However, we did have Kaldor and Vashlan come back to Dalaran for a few days and warned them about the possible dangers that they could be facing in their travels. My gut feeling is that these people would like to get their hands on Kaldor since he seems to be the one that is making a name for himself in our business these days. Would they kill him? Possibly. Would they want to make some kind of example of him because of his mixed heritage? Possibly.

I also found out that Morningstar Enterprises may have been infiltrated by a spy or spies that is giving out information in regard to our business to some of our competitors in both factions. This causes me a little bit of concern because of the fact that it means that my employees may be in some danger again just for their place of employment. Fnar is not a happy fellow at the moment because he is having to deal with some rather strange new employees. We’ve hired so many in the last couple of months that it may take us some time to ferret out the individual or individuals that are playing cards on both sides of the table.

I know that my last trip to Silvermoon on business was very profitable and the bounties were rather large, which is why I handled them myself rather than let someone else take the risks involved. I didn’t have any trouble waltzing into the city and doing what needed to be done and collecting the fees before I left. Yes, bounty hunting can be a dirty business and some people like to call it “murder for hire”, however, I don’t look at it that way.

Faendra seems to be okay staying in the manse with Felessa in Silvermoon and I did stop in to see how they were doing. Of course, I also had to stop off and pick up the wedding rings while I was there. I will admit that the rings turned out even better than I thought that they would. Of course, Amyn and I are waiting to hear back from Teniron to see what he thought of the engagement ring that we had made in Silvermoon too. Wish we could have found him before we did that but the ring looks okay to both of us, we just wanted to make sure that the workmanship met his standards. I know that the enchants on it were done correctly at least.

Anyway, getting back to the girls, I did ask Felessa if she would be willing to officiate at the wedding this weekend and she had said that she would. Apparently, she has been upset since then and has caused some emotional upheaval with her brother and Faendra. I don’t know what it is about, however, I do hope that she gets over whatever it is before Sunday. Amyn and I don’t need any drama at the wedding in front of our friends and families.

I still can’t get Faendra and Felessa’s friend out of my mind for some reason. Her name was Angelese or something like that – they just called her Angel. Her resemblance to my dead fiancée was uncanny to the point that it made my skin crawl and set off all kinds of alarm bells in my head. I think it was the way that she looked at me with those eyes of hers and the sound of her voice. It was almost like being haunted by a living person that was a throw-back to another time. Still, I can’t get her out of my head, it’s almost like some kind of thing that keeps nagging at the back of my mind and surfaces when I least expect it.

I think that I will see if Fnar can’t track down Sol and have her do some of her snooping around in regard to this young lady. I definitely don’t want her putting my sister or Dawnglory’s sister in any kind of danger, however, you never know. There is just something completely eerie how she kept staring at me and smiling a rather cold smile. I could almost swear that she was able to read my mind and had access to some of my deepest darkest secrets. It still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up even while I’m sitting here in Dalaran and this happened days ago.

No, I haven’t discussed this with Amyn. I’m not that stupid or I think I’m not. How would it go if I just sat up in bed and told my wife-to-be “Oh honey, I think I found the ghost of my ex-fiancée in Silvermoon the other day and I can’t get her out of my mind.” I don’t think that would bode well for me at all. Not to mention, Amyn hasn’t shot me in a while and I would like to go to our wedding without a noticeable limp or a sore rump from receiving an arrow in those parts that shall go unmentioned.

Well, I had better wrap this up for this morning since the pile of contracts on my desk hasn’t gotten any smaller. I wish that Felaran would stop in the office this morning, I have some contracts picked out for her that I think she will enjoy. One thing about having a Death Knight in the family, they are very efficient when it comes to collecting those bounties that are unsavory to some of my employees other than myself.

Oh, one thing, Amyn thinks we’re going to Feralas for our honeymoon. I have a surprise for her that I think that she will like. I think we will go to one of our old haunts in Nagrand, just for old-time’s sake. No, not the cabin, just one of the islands that we used to like a lot when we were younger. I’ll just act like we’re going to Feralas until we actually start to leave the reception.

Fnor Morningstar

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