A New Nightmare Begins…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author


June 29th,

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here at my desk while plying myself with as much coffee as I can obtain at this point. It was a very long night last night and not one that I would want to repeat for a while. It wasn’t a pleasant experience on the eve day of our wedding. No, Amyn and I didn’t have an argument or anything of that nature – that I think I could deal with more easily than what I did have going on. I know that I didn’t get that much sleep last night and got a bit of a scolding my lovely bride for staying up all night and working.

Little does she know that I wasn’t exactly working all night and that I wasn’t in my office all of that time either because I took a bit of a jaunt during the wee hours of the morning without waking her up.

I had been sitting in my office trying to make some sense out of the contracts that we have gotten in during the last couple of days. Trying to decide which ones we are actually going to accept and which ones we are going to refuse to do because of the amount of work involved and the low pay that it will eventually work out to be. Some people expect you to be able to harvest all of the arctic fur in Northrend and only want to pay you 1 gold per fur. That’s not going to happen, the hunters have their own expenses to cover, time and equipment – they need to end up with a profit over what the few copper it would at these rates. We already have several government contracts for that specific item and a civilian trying to compete with that particular market isn’t going to happen through Morningstar Enterprises.

I know that I had been sitting there working away when I happened to glance up and see someone coming towards the office door. Someone that I hadn’t seen or heard from in quite a while, which means that I was beginning to wonder if he had written the friendship off as well. It was Felestrien, the paladin that I had spoken with in regard to officiating at the wedding tomorrow and hadn’t heard back from since then.

We sat there for a while and talked about some of the things that had been going on in our lives. How our families were doing and how life in general was going along. I guess that his Mother had finally found out about the fancy footwork and annulment of his first marriage and had gone off on a tirade of sorts, as any typical Silvermoon banshee would. I know that she had even tried to take custody of Fel’s daughter away from him and his new wife, Etain. I know that she is one person that tried to cause trouble not only for him but she also tried to take some legal action against me, personally, and against Morningstar Enterprises.

It still makes me chuckle how she went to the courts and wanted to attach my assets in Silvermoon and how the court system just basically laughed at her and told that they were very sure that a lot of people would like to get their hands on the money I have there as well as the houses. Let’s just say that Zippie did her usual thorough job and has attached all of the woman’s assets and has taken control of any monies that this woman happened to have, which wasn’t very much. Her wealth consisted of very little and wouldn’t pay the expenses of running the Dalaran house and office for a month. Apparently she has backed off on her legal attacks against Felestrien too, which means that I can loosen the controls on her wealth a bit, just enough rope for her to hang herself with in the Silvermoon society.

Let’s just say that if there were any differences between Felestrien and I, those have been more than resolved at this juncture. I thought that since he was here and we were talking about all manner of things and enjoying our coffee that I would broach a subject that I wanted to get some answers for. Something that has been nagging at me ever since I met the woman. After all, Felestrien is a Paladin and I’m sure that he is more aware of some of the darker things in this universe than the average citizen on the street. At least I would assume that they cover both sides of things when they are being educated in the way of the Light when they are going through the trials with the faith.

Oh yes, I have my faith in the Light, Elune and the Earth Mother to bolster me as a person as I go through my daily living, whatever may happen. However, someone that is a Paladin not only studies the faith, they live the faith as well or that’s just an assumption on my part with the few of his ilk that I have known.

I started asking him some questions about things that have been troubling me since I met the young lady that has befriended my sister, Faendra, and Dawnglory’s sister, Felessa. How she reminded me so much of the dead fiancée that I once had. No, she wasn’t dead when I asked her to marry me, you buffoon, she was very much alive and committed suicide.

I told him about how I can’t get this girl out of my mind and how completely uneasy I feel about the situation since I met her. Her appearance, her mannerisms and even some of the things that she said when I met her just chilled me to the bone. Not to mention, I have been hearing whispers in my mind and have felt like I had more than just my own soul inhabiting my thoughts at times. I wanted to know if she could be some kind of doppelganger or some creature of darkness that was somehow connected to my deceased love. I don’t know what kind of answers I was expecting to get from him in regard to this particular situation, however, I was unprepared for the amount of questions he asked and the amount of information I did receive. If I was uneasy prior to the conversation and that’s why I was asking the questions, I was absolutely horrified by the time he finished his dissertation.

We talked at some length about my relationship with my fiancée and how things had gone from to worse before she died. We talked about the fact that I had taken the body back to Silvermoon to be buried along with our unborn child, a daughter. He wanted to know if I ever had gone back to visit the grave and I was very honest with him when I told him that I hadn’t gone back to the grave.

What I didn’t tell him was the fact that the reason that I didn’t go back to the gravesite was due to the fact that I was absolutely heartbroken when she died and didn’t want to see the grave to remind me of what I felt like was a personal failure on my part. . I also didn’t tell him that I felt responsible for her demise, I have and always will feel that there was something that I could have done to help her and therefore, preventing her death. Several years went by before I could even push that guilt to the back of my mind and get on with life again. So many years wasted in self-doubt and maybe more than a bit of self-pity at the loss of someone I had loved deeply and the loss of a child.

We both decided that it would be best if I did go back to the gravesite to see that things were as they should be. I was extremely reluctant to go back to the grave, even now, with the implications that Felestrien was talking about. That nothing had changed or seemed out of place. The more we talked, the more concerned we both became to the point that nothing would do than the two of us would set off for Silvermoon as soon as possible.

So, off we went, like a couple of heroes out of some cheap romantic novel to find out if the gravesite was as it should be. I’ll admit that I was surprised at the urgency that the Paladin wanted to address the situation, however, I felt relieved that I had been able to talk to someone about this and have them understand how I was feeling and someone that was assuring me that I wasn’t losing my mind. The things that were happening could and were assuredly real, or it was at least feasible.

I know our trip from Dalaran to Silvermoon was rather uneventful or we both had our minds on the task at hand that we didn’t notice anything untoward. I did notice that there are parts of Silvermoon that can still flood my mind with memories and that the beauty was still there especially in the wee hours of the morning when most of the populace happened to be sleeping soundly in the luxury they had grown accustomed too.

As we were coming out of the city and headed towards the burial site, I could feel the hair rising on the back of my neck when I heard the soft laughter in my mind, a woman’s laughter. Even now, it makes me feel uneasy to even remember it. When we drew nearer to the site , in the shadows near the grave, I could see a woman standing in the shadows as if she were waiting on someone.

Felestrien had told me that this could be a situation very similar to what we had experienced in the past with the Bokor. How a wielder of magic would and had possessed someone else’s body as a host so that they could live longer and work their evil deeds. Of course, this was a while back and this particular entity was after larger game than just a mere mortal such as myself.

I recognized the person as we drew closer and I will have to admit that I almost started crying with just the fear of the unknown. I’m not a coward, however, this was so far beyond any of my comprehension that I felt like my emotions had been reduced down to the level of one of my step-sons.

Her laughter rang out through the night like a myriad of bells going off all at once, a cacophony of sound that was almost as harsh as the look in her eyes when she gazed at the two of us. She spoke and said that she was expecting me. I’ll always wonder how she knew that I would be coming to Silvermoon to this gravesite in the middle of the night – was this some sort of plot or plan that she had devised.

Felestrien asked her name and she told him that he already knew her name because she was sure that I had told him. She kept saying weird things like Fel’s faith was intruding on her magic, he was a Light walker and his faith was intruding on her darkness. She also kept asking for his name.

She finally said her name was Angelese …Dawnglory. Okay, with that revelation, I’ll admit that I almost passed out. I knew she wasn’t a Dawnglory and I called her on it. She wasn’t anything like Felessa nor Fnar, she was dark in her coloration and they were both light. She laughed and said that was the name that she had chosen for this week. She might want to keep the blonde hunter as a pet .. it went on and on and just became totally bizarre. I didn’t know that she had even met Fnar or if she had, I’m sure he might have said something to me about how much she looked like someone he knew in the past.

Felestrien exchanged a few more words with the woman and I could tell that he was getting a bit heated with her attitude. I know that there was a gap in my memory at that point. Apparently, she started laughing and walked over to me and put her hand on my face and said something on the order that she had my body and she wanted my soul. I guess Felestrien knocked her hand away and she cast a spell and disappeared.

When my mind kicked back in to gear, Felestrien was asking me if I was okay. I think I was or felt like I was a bit bewildered. He told me what had happened. We started looking at the burial site and the two markers that I had put on the grave were gone. The ground didn’t seem to have been disturbed, however, Felestrien knelt down and started doing some casting of his own.

Okay, I can now add grave robber to my resume if I should ever have to go out looking for work on my own. We dug the casket up and I’ll admit that I was horrified at what we were doing. We wanted to make sure that her body, my dead fiancée, was in there. I know that I didn’t want to look in the box anymore now than I did when her body was placed in it years ago. When her body had been placed in the coffin, she was holding our child in her arms as if to comfort the child in death when she hadn’t even held it when she was alive.

We examined the body closely, the baby’s corpse was gone and it appeared as though her body was there. At first I thought it was her and then on closer examination, I knew that it wasn’t. Felestrien quickly pointed out that this body wasn’t even female. It was so deteriorated from being buried for so long that it was hard to tell. However, Fel said he could pick up on the Fel and Arcane magic that seemed to still reside in the corpse. I think I almost passed out because I was sure that it was her, she had on the necklace that she always wore, the ring I had given her was gone.

This is where it got really weird. Fel ran his hands over the body using the magic that he has been blessed with and jumped back as if he had been shot with an arrow. I guess that when he came into contact with the necklace, the taint was so strong that it pushed him away.

That’s when we started talking about soul shards, how a warlock can make soul shards. Felestrien gave me a pendant to wear that is a reliquary for holy water. At least I can’t hear the whispering and I don’t feel like I’m mind sharing with someone. He even started sprinkling holy water on the ground as we started reburying the remains and the ground literally started smoking as if it had been burned.

I had so many questions that I wanted to ask him and we both had the urge to leave the area as quickly as possible. Of course, we both knew that Angel could show up at any time as well. We went back to Dalaran to my office and talked for hours. We discussed quite a bit about my lost love, what her family was like, if she had had any kind of magic in her bloodlines. I really didn’t know that much about her or her family. She was of noble birth, her Father was abusive and he had arranged for her to marry a mage from Silvermoon, which she escaped from by coming to Dalaran. The mage eventually went insane and disappeared from Silvermoon. I was her rescuer, I suppose because I noticed a beautiful young woman standing on the walkway, crying and offered my help. That’s how it all started. The body in the casket that we had unearthed was the mage.

I know that my brain is so overloaded with information at this point that I can’t even begin to fathom it all. Apparently, this Angelese is or could be my resurrected fiancée in body if not mind. Some kind of Fel magic is involved, throw in a little arcane for giggles I guess and some nether chaos for grins. it’s all so damned mind boggling at this point and I’m very confused.

This whole thing has a surreal quality to it, even now , that I am still having trouble grasping at the reality of it.

The long and short of it is that I have to tell Amyn that we’ve had a change in plans with the wedding again and that Felestrien will be officiating. He will be coming by the house later this afternoon to help me explain to Amyn what is going on with Angelese. Yes, there is a danger there that I don’t even want to bring it out into the open without some reinforcement from the Paladin.

Well, I suppose that I need to stop writing and try to sneak in a nap so that my beloved won’t be upset with me anymore than she is. She thinks I was in my office smoking my brains out and working all night. Little does she know.

It’s less than twenty-four hours until the wedding and I think we’re both nervous. Yes, the wedding is going on as planned and I’ve been assured that our wedding guests are in no danger whatsoever. I will not have Amyn’s day spoiled for anything. The whole wedding means a lot to both of us, however, it means even more to Amyn because it gives her some closure in knowing that I am her husband, her mate and that means that we will be together for the rest of our lives.

Well, providing this weird woman doesn’t figure out a way to kill me or something worse. I’m tired, I need to sleep, nothing makes sense at the moment. If I’m dead, it couldn’t’ get any worse, I suppose.


Fnor Morningstar


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