Getting Ready For A Date With A Young Lady…and bonus, the Date

June 30th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that I was exhausted by the time I got through running about all over Azeroth with those two blasted dwarves and I did sleep most of the next day. However, I was really excited that Josie had received the gifts that I sent to her from Dalaran. It wasn’t much, just a bottle of wine, some flowers and some sweets from the vendor on the corner down from the house.

My Mom and Fnor told me that girls like flowers and sweets a lot; I just got the wind as an added thing because someday Josie and I will be able to have that picnic that we have been discussing. I know that it has been hard for me to try to find her in Stormwind sometimes or I am just too intimidated by that Harrier fellow to actually go into the watch shop where she works.

He worries me and I think that he may not like me as a person for some reason but I’m not going to worry about that just now. I have been trying on a bunch of my clothes to see what might be suitable for a date with Josie. Yes, when I sent the gifts to her, I did ask her to meet me in Dalaran to see the sights and to have dinner. I’m excited and if my parents were here at home today they would be wondering about what I’m up too. At least the little fellows are still in Dolonaar with the grandparents and I don’t have to deal with their brand of terrorism on their big brother. Vashlan had classes today, so, he couldn’t really get away to tag along. I really didn’t want to drag him along anyway; nothing cramps a fellow’s style than having a sibling under foot.

Well, I think I have the perfect outfit and a perfect plan of seeing the city without it being too boring for her. I shouldn’t think that taking her to the top of the tower and overlooking the city and Ice Crown would be that big of a deal or frightening but it is definitely on my list of things that a person must see if they have never been to Dalaran before, which she hasn’t. Might as well start with the best of the best that she should see and save almost the worst until last because we may as well be honest and let her know right away that this isn’t some perfect spot on Azeroth because that’s just how it is. Of course, I’ll take her to the fountains and the statues so that she fan see those too because they are pretty impressive to the newcomers. Oh, the other place that I plan on taking her is probably not one of the most beautiful of places but she might as well see the good and bad of Dalaran – the Sewers.

I’m sure that they have something similar to this in Stormwind, although I’ve only gone by the entrance of the Catacombs and haven’t exactly gone out of my way to go into them yet. I’m curious about it but I know that I have to make the time to visit it sometime when I’m not running myself ragged working. I know that Fnor and Mom keep telling me that I will get a few days off when they return from their honeymoon which I think will be this week sometime. As far as I am concerned, with all of the noises when I’m home and in my bedroom – the honeymoon has been several months long now.

Which reminds me, I am not involved with Josie in that way? She’s very attractive and I very mysterious in her own right; however, I haven’t made any overtures to her that might seem ungentlemanly. I know that I respect her as a woman, first and foremost and I have to admit that I am also a bit nervous. I was nervous enough before but I can honestly say that I have never been with a woman that could shift change into a wolf. I know that there could be some rather awkward situations that might develop in that area. I suppose that when I get to know her a little better, I might have to broach the subject – I mean I would hate to have my face eaten off or something else eaten off in the throes of passion. Just wondering how that could happen and if she knows or control it. I mean, I could be going to bed with a beautiful woman in my arms and end up with a furry filled with fury at an elf getting intimate. How does one know? I’m not going to worry about it now because it will just creep me out and I don’t know that she would ever want the relationship to go any further than it is at the moment.

I know that I am no Sindorei like my Father or that Dawnglory fellow. My poor Father, Fnor, really has had bad luck within his own race. I don’t know whether to just look at him and tell him outright that I think he has been foolish by thinking that every where he’s been physically with a woman doesn’t mean that they love him back. Now that he and my Mother are together permanently, or she will kill him this time, I don’t think that I have to worry about a change in status at the big house. Now, Dawnglory, I kind of like his style – I think he looks at a woman and thinks “My part and her part will fit together, let’s get it on.” He doesn’t seem to let his heart lead him around too much and he gets the physical gratification that he needs. Of course, I’ve seen some of his women and they all look like they have been extremely pleased with his physical prowess, however, I can’t say that I have seen repeated performance attendees come out of his room either. Oh well, Fnor says that I should take Dawnglory as an example as to how a fellow should treat girls because he thinks that Dawnglory is broken in some way there – he can’t let his emotions get involved.

Oh well, I’m a long way from there with Josie. I care about her a great deal but I’m not even sure that the feelings are reciprocated or if she cares about me enough that way to want to do that.

Oh, I guess Vashlan had to tell Mom about the fact that the girl I’m seeing is a worgen. Now, she’s asking me all kinds of questions about it too. I don’t have any answers that I can give her other than the standard “I don’t know, Mom.” I know that doesn’t please her whole lot but she doesn’t have any objections to me seeing her. I didn’t think that she, of all people, would object to me seeing anyone even if they are of a different race because she knows it’s hard enough for me meeting people with my mixed heritage.

You know it wasn’t too bad growing up in Shattrath as a half-Kaldorei, half Sindorei because I could settle a lot of the disputes with my fists when push came to shove. You never know how people are going to react to you in some of the other major cities. I know that I have to be extremely careful in some parts of Darnassus even now, supposedly, they are more liberal minded these days but I am not going to be one to test out the waters either way. I know Vash just avoids the whole situation because he’s learned how to change his appearance more easily than I have. He laughingly told me the other day that he wished we had taken after our grandmother because of the fact that she’s a druid and can run all over any city pretty much in her cat from.

June 30th – The Date

Oh, I think the date went really well. I never could make up my mind what to wear, so, I ended up wearing mostly my armor. You never know what might be attractive to lady or not. Oh, Josie looked absolutely beautiful. She had on a red gown that really made her dark coloring look very exotic. Or, I thought so anyway and was very proud to have her on my arm as we strolled through the city. I couldn’t help but notice how the men were looking at her, part of me was jealous and part of me was just proud as can be. We had so much fun seeing the sights. I think it took her breath away when we went up in the tower and looked at the surrounding countryside. It made me enjoy that even more, being able to share it with someone that I care about. I just wish that it had been at night so I could have shown her the stars and how the magic contrails play in the clouds and maybe have even had a chance to steal a kiss.

I did take her down in the sewers and did explain to her that it was kind of dangerous down there which made her squeal a little bit and hang onto my arm a bit tighter, which felt kind of nice. I actually was able to entice the crocolisk up to the bars by teasing him a little bit and Josie was afraid that he might get out – I told her that if he did, we could run really fast back to the surface without much trouble. I did have my knife in my boot but I’m not stupid enough to take on a full grown croc with it either.

I had heard tales of the shark in the sewers too but I had never actually seen him myself, so, nothing would do that we would do a bit more exploring too. Well we found him over by the poison vendors and what a monster beast he was. Naturally, we weren’t about to get in and test out the water at any rate but it was fun watching him swim under the dock and try to snap at the shadows on the surface, which happened to be us.

I even showed her where the younger brothers have been raising so much havoc setting off the bombs in the sewer trying to get the fish to float to the surface. She laughed very hard at that and wondered if they did it often enough that the city would fall out of the sky. I told her that I thought with all of the mages in the city that that would probably never happen and that if it did, my Father would be so pissed.

We went to the pet shop and looked and made it to the toy store so that she could see the fun things that they had in there. I really feel bad that I didn’t buy her something that she could take back to share with Pup, maybe next time he visits, and I’ll be able to do that.

We went back to the Inn for dinner and I know that I was trying to convince her to stay later and she said that she might next time — that does mean there will be a next time, which makes me really happy. I know that she said that she hadn’t told anyone that she would be gone overnight and didn’t want to worry anyone. So, I enjoyed the time that we had together and hoped that she did too, enough to where we can get a chance to see one another again.

I just know that where she lives right now, it does seem rather odd and that Harrier fellow really doesn’t like me for some reason and I think that that Marjolaine lady likes Josie too much for it to be a normal kind of thing. Oh well, that’s must my opinion and I’m not in any position to say anything to anyone about it.

Oh crap, here come the singing dwarves again, I wonder what kind of torture they have lined up for me today. The want to make sure I’m a “full-growed “man and someone that my grandparents and Mother will be proud. By Elune, I’m a little bit over seven feet tall in my boots; I wonder what “full-growed” means?


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