The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t

July 3rd,

Dear Journal,

I am still sad that our wedding didn’t happen the way that we wanted; however, I think that our change in plans might have saved us and our guests quite a bit of trouble in the long term. Of course, we will be explaining all of this to our friends and guests in the very near future and hope that they will forgive our rudeness for putting their safety first.

I had met with Fnor and Felestrien the night before the wedding and found out some rather disturbing news that still has me a bit nervous as well as a bit angry. Seems that an element of Fnor’s past has decided to raise its ugly head in a very macabre manner to pay us a visit.

It all sounds insane to me even as I write it down and hard to believe, however, considering my Sindorei and this Paladin were explaining it to me, there had to be some actual validation to it. I’ll write down what I understand of it and hopefully, it will make sense. It sounds very convoluted and complex even as I sit here and try to think about.

I will have to admit that we did get married on July 1st as planned without the party that I had worked on for so many months and left the area for our honeymoon in Nagrand, which we are planning on cutting short and heading back to Dalaran to explain to our friends what happened. I hope that they aren’t too angry with us and will still be our friends anyway. It’s like our wedding had a cloud over it from the very beginning and neither one of us had a clue about it until several days before. All of my planning, dreaming and happiness for the event went down the drain when we started looking at the potential issues that would have or possibly occurred.

It seems that Fnor met a young lady in Silvermoon when he went over to pickup our wedding rings and stopped to visit his sister and Dawnglory’s sister that are currently living in the city for the time being. Seems this young lady had befriended them and was visiting at the time of his arrival.

He said that she made him feel very uneasy with her uncanny resemblance to his deceased fiancĂ©e from many years ago. What he failed to mention was the eerie feelings that he had afterwards, the way that this person, just seemed to pop into his mind at some very unguarded moments. Apparently she was able to put some kind of controlling spell on him somehow and was able to know what he was doing and where he was anytime she chose. As far as I am concerned, she has just joined a very short list of This Sentinel’s targets.

You don’t mess with my mate/husband at any time without thinking about the fact that he might not retaliate, however, you can guarantee that I will be out there stalking your butt with a very strong bow and some very sharp arrows. I have had too many people, women primarily, come between this Sindorei and I in the past and that will cease and desist as of this moment. No more nice, Amyn. He is my mate and he is now my husband by the Sindorei standards and that means he’s my man in body and soul.

Yes, I was frightened that this girl seems to have some kind of magic and some kind of hold on Fnor, however, the mysteries involved with that can easily be put to rest if a plan is in place to do so that is totally infallible. The plan that I have working through my mind right now seems to be one that will work regardless what kind of magic she is using. Sometimes, you have to truly believe in what you are doing is the right thing and it will defeat any magic that might be trying to defeat you. I have other people at my disposal these days that will be more than happy to assist me in laying this demon to rest once and for all. She will no longer threaten my husband’s future happiness with his family.

We will be holding a reception party for our friends in relatives in Dalaran in the very near future so that we can at least celebrate that portion of our marriage. Yes, I want to be able to put my wedding gown on again and stand next to the man that I love for the entire world to see. It will happen and I can assure you that no little demonic person from Silvermoon is going to destroy that happiness. Nor is she going to threaten my family in any way shape or form. I have my own gods to call upon to assist me with this thing’s demise.

I still don’t understand how a girl that is supposed to be dead was able to switch bodies with another. I know that it can happen under some rather unusual circumstances; however, this is so bizarre that it is almost mind boggling. It seems that Felestrien, the Paladin and Fnor took a trip to the burial site where this woman was supposed to be buried and she was there. I don’t mean in the ground, I mean standing there in the shadows dancing around. From what I was told, she had put some kind of spell on Fnor and was able to reach out and touch him to tell him that she had already had his body and now she wants his soul. Well, she is going to have to be something real remarkable to pull that off with a half dozen arrows sticking out of her body when I’m done and a few rogue blades cutting through her cold dead heart. I know that I will bring a shaman in my group to help assist in contacting the elements to help us drive this thing out.

Our wedding that we were able to throw together in a rather impromptu fashion consisted of Fnor and myself, Mooma Cloudhoof as a witness and Fnar Dawnglory’s little sister, Felessa officiating. I could tell that it was very difficult for the little priestess to say the words that would bind my Sindorei to me forever because you could see the love on her face as she said the words and the tears in her eyes. How this man can seem to capture hearts of these Sindorei women just by being nice and polite to them is beyond my comprehension, however, he is mine. We were able to have the wedding in a remote setting in Feralas where there were very few Sindorei or Kaldorei scouting parties nearby.

As long as Fnor wears the necklace with the holy water in it that Felestrien gave to him, this little chippy can’t seem to get in touch with him through his mind and hopefully won’t be able to track his whereabouts. I know that I am nervous at the thought that she might be able to track him back to our home in Dalaran, however, if she does do that, we have quite a friends that are mages and possibly a few warlocks that are living another life up there in our fair city.

I think that our wedding night was as it should be regardless of the situation. It was a night that was filled with as much passion as we could muster having several guards standing around the camp. I know that Fnor kept apologizing and I kept trying to get him focused back on what we were doing. I don’t think that either one of slept until dawn. Who knows if my herbs were able to work through all of that lovemaking, it doesn’t matter at this point. If I have conceived another child from my Sindorei, it is with Elune’s blessings.

One of these days, we will have a normal life by some people’s standards and be able to sit back and enjoy our family without any shadows lingering near us. It is something that I am looking forward to making happen. Our businesses are doing wonderful, the children seem to be safe and happy at the moment, I should just relax a little bit but my mind is set on devising this plan that will come out of Stormwind like a shadow in the night.

Of course, Fnor is trying to put a spin on things and make me happy that we are married at long last in his tradition; however, my mind is still working on the puzzle of this female and the ways that I get her out of the picture. I will talk to a few of the mages of my acquaintance in Darnassus as well as in Dalaran to see if they have any ideas as to how we can defeat this thing.

Oh, Fnor Morningstar, you have no idea in your head how much I love you and the things that I will do to keep you safe. Not only you, my beloved, … our children as well. You always seem to wander into these situations and take them at face value, you never look at what is underneath if it is not a combat situation with military controls. Life is not like the military, it throws curves and it doesn’t play by the Rules of Warfare that you sometimes use as your holy scripture as to how things should be. Sometimes it takes a woman to thwart another woman’s plans because we can throw that book aside and go with our faith as our shield.


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