Night Terrors and Torment

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

July 4th

Dear Journal,

I am sitting here in my office in Dalaran this morning and slowly waking up. I’ve got my coffee and my cigarettes and I can look through the door and see my lovely bride lying in our bed, very much asleep. I will never regret marrying this woman, after all of these years, she was my mate and the Mother of my children, now, and finally, she is my wife.

We had planned on having our wedding in the area between Mulgore and Feralas in a high mountain lake; however, with the events that have happened in the last week or two, it didn’t seem like a good idea. Felestrien was going to officiate at the services after he had consecrated the ground to keep our lovely strange being from Silvermoon from being able to do anything to both Amyn and myself or to our guests that we were supposed to attend.

At the last minute, Amyn and I decided that it would be too risky to allow the service to go through as planned with this demon so near to attacking, or we feel that she is near to attacking us, our friends and our loved ones. I quickly dispatched a courier to notify Felestrien that we would not be having the wedding where we had intended so our plans for securing the area were not needed there after all. He has been a great help in the situation, however, I fear that he is going to find that this particular adversary is going to be difficult to dispatch.

Luckily for us, Felessa had already left Silvermoon and had made her way to Thunderbluff which was the closest to our wedding site that she needed to get prior to the services. She was visiting with the Cloudhoof Clan and I assume that she was having a great time with them, she always seems happier in Thunderbluff for some reason, maybe it has a peace to it that soothes any soul – the blessings of the Earth Mother are indeed great there.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Amyn and I decided that we would go to a place that we had grown quite fond of over the years in Feralas and have Felessa join us there along with Mooma Cloudhoof, the matriarch of her clan and a well-known druid amongst her people. Sadheart decided on his own that his Mama and Felessa needed an escort and I do appreciate his taking his time to bring them to the site. Amyn wore her wedding gown and I almost cried when I saw her in it.

It was a simple robe of silver with gold thread; her feet were bare in the Sindorei fashion to walk through the flower petals that she had liberally scattered on the ground. She looked both radiant and sad – this was not the wedding that the poor thing had envisioned us having, however, under the circumstances, it was what we had to do. No matter the threat, we were going to get married on the day that we had intended regardless. Mooma gave us her blessings in the Tauren fashion before Felessa started her legal ceremony. It was indeed a beautiful ceremony and I will admit that my bride was almost glowing in her bridal raiment.

We thought it best to do it this way to throw off the demon that I am sure was able to find out what our plans were by infiltrating my mind in the manner that she did. The necklace that Felestrien gave me seems to be working somewhat and I don’t feel the nearness of her nor do I hear her voice in my head that was becoming stronger each day.

Our honeymoon, if you can call it that was also in Feralas, not the lovely island in Nagrand that I had envisioned for us. Nor was it all that private since we had bodyguards with us and it rained the whole damned time. So much for a romantic beginning to our new lives, however, I made a promise to Amyn that as soon as this issue was resolved, we’d take our honeymoon after the reception that we are going to have for our friends in Dalaran.

I know that Amyn must have been rather disappointed with my performance on our wedding night and I hope she understood that it was due to my mind being more than a little bit distracted by what had been going on. There’s nothing that makes a man feel worse than to have his bride laying in his arms sobbing rather than making love to her.

One thing that has me concerned now is the fact that right after my fiancée committed suicide, I started having nightmares and felt like my home was haunted or something. I remember going into the room where she died, I saw her body lying in a pool of blood; the baby she was carrying must have been aborted at the time of her death because it was lying there as well, malformed as it was due to its early delivery. The healers were able to determine that had the child lived, it would have been a daughter.

Now, the dreams I had back then were pretty graphic and I will have to admit that it caused me a great deal of angst to add to my already mourning soul. I could feel the ghost or the presence of my beloved in my bed, touch me, caressing and I could hear her soft laughter. A few times I think that we even made love because I could hear her passionate moans in my ears before my eyes would fly open and I screamed. Yes, I cried almost nightly there for a while and got to the point that I didn’t want to sleep – that is when I really did start smoking. Anything to keep me awake and not fall asleep so that this phantom of my mind would not invade me and even rape me as I slept. It got so bad that I went to the healers and talked to them. What transpired then was rather bizarre by itself.

The healers gave me potions to take that would make me sleep deeply. The dreams became even more graphic and there were times that I couldn’t wake up from them easily. It was as if my very soul were slowly being taken from my body each time this phantom came into my bed, which was nightly. I quit taking the potions and went back to the healers.

A very beautiful young priestess and healer was listening into the conversations that I was having with her trainer and started talking to me one day as I was leaving. She had an idea that we both thought might work. She would come home with me and stay with me all of the time while I was in the house so that whatever this was – a figment of my imagination or even a true phantom, demon or whatever would be persuaded that I had taken another lover and would desist. She slept in my bed, me on top of the covers with a blanket and she under the covers so that we would both remain chaste. However, it’s doubtful that my manhood would have been capable of any kind of performance due to my emotional state. She stayed with me for several weeks and the dreams started going away. I’ll never know if it was the fact that there was another human being lying there next to me or if it was truly something that this phantom could not overcome. Each night the priestess would perform a rite before we retired and it seemed to help.

I have to laugh now a bit at the circumstances back then because I later found out that this was no young lady that had been sharing my bed. She was exquisite and one of the most people women that I have ever laid eyes on, however, under that robe, she was all male. I do thank the Light that nothing intimate had happened because in my state of mind at that point, I think that I would have fallen apart and had a hysterical attack of laughter. Not that I find the idea of men being together appalling or anything, it’s just not something that I enjoy.

Why I am bringing this up now is the fact that those dreams have returned. Even with Amyn in my bed, this phantom has sought me out again. Just as it was in the past, the laughter, the moans of passion and I can feel her hands touching me. The thing that disturbs me the most is that this phantom has brought our daughter with her now. It is the most grotesque thing that I have ever seen; it’s like something that has escaped the labs of Undercity. The baby or thing is in jar of what appears to be embryonic fluid and has fully developed – it has its eyes open as it stares out of the jar and even smiles when it sees me, the teeth are those of a much older being and look as if they would belong to some kind of carnivore.

These dreams started on our wedding night in Feralas. I have the necklace that Felestrien gave me that is supposed to suppress the mental attacks of this thing in Silvermoon; however, it’s not protecting me from this new horror. Have I told Amyn? Absolutely not, I’ve made her cry enough with the way that we changed our beautiful wedding and honeymoon into an impromptu camping trip.

This morning when I woke up, I felt like my leg was burning off, as I flipped back the covers to get out of bed and to see what was going on with my leg. I could see teeth marks on the inside of my thigh – these were not the marks that sometimes my Kaldorei would leave in the heat of passion, these were actual bite marks as if something were trying to draw the blood out of my body secretly. The marks soon faded away as I took my bath and dressed in my robes before retiring to my office to write this down.

I’m not horrified by any of this, I am absolutely terrified. With all that is going on in our businesses and family, I don’t want nor need anything around that is going to ruin it all. Whatever this thing is, it has to be stopped by someone or something. I’m not an expert on supernatural things, nor would I even attempt to comprehend what is going, however, I need to find someone that can help before I lose what is left of my somewhat fragile mind and spirit at this point.

I look into our bedroom and I see my wife sleeping soundly and I am debating on whether I should tell her this latest revelation or should I just keep the information to myself? I think that I need to let Felestrien know what is going on, his necklace with the holy water isn’t working all that well other than to mask the voices and the way this thing was controlling me there for a while. I wonder if he has something in that Paladin bag of magic tricks that can protect me from this.

I know that I have to hide things from Amyn because she has this amazing temper and I’m afraid that she will actually go to Silvermoon and try to stalk this thing down on her own. She’s very protective of the things that she loves.

Well, I suppose I ought to try to concentrate on something else, the contracts, the letters, the plans for our reception that Amyn still wants to do. Anything to stop thinking about this. I also need to find out if we have gotten any more bizarre mail at the office in Orgrimmar, which has disturbed me greatly and worries me with my sons in Stormwind without some kind of protection other than the paid guards.

I guess that I should thank the Light that I have had at least two months of peace and have had time to grow closer to my sons, step-sons and my wife. I should focus my mind on that, the pleasant things before I just start sitting here and shaking like a leaf. I’ll admit it, I’m a grown man and I don’t think that I have ever been this frightened.

Fnor Morningstar

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