Throes of Passion …the Aftermath

July 6th

Dear Journal,

What a wonderful night Fnor and I had last night. We actually were able to put some of the recent things out of our minds and tried to get back to a normal life again. It wasn’t easy since some of the things have been rather traumatic to the both of us. Damned demon thing in Silvermoon has us both on edge.

We were planning on going out for a long ride in the moonlight last night across the Borean Tundra, however, we decided to stop by the Lounge in Dalaran to see if some of our friends were there. They were and we had a real enjoyable time. They were very understanding about our “family emergency” that forced us to cancel the wedding that they had been invited too and were very happy that we did get married anyway. I’m looking forward to planning the reception that we are going to have in Dalaran so that they can all come. It was so nice to see them all there, I felt like I could finally relax and be myself again.

Oh, that silly Sindorei of mine was just beaming with happiness with the people he knew because he knew that they would be happy that we were married. He kept smiling and joking, which he hasn’t really done since this thing in Silvermoon started happening. He was the man that I knew last night and just as happy as I am with things. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it was to see him acting like himself again because he has been a mess for a few days.

Oh well, I did finally get my kitten from Lali. What a beautiful little fellow he is too. All black with those green eyes – a little miniature Pan. So, I named him Pan, Jr….however, we’re calling him Junior. He is a loving little thing so that means that Lali and Raleth must have shown him a lot of affection when he was living with them with his siblings. Pan didn’t know what to make of the kitten when we brought him home, however, they are inseparable now because Pan is just letting Junior climb all over him, even lays there cleans the kitten off with that big huge tongue of his. Junior seems to be real happy to have Pan to climb on. Now, my lady, Lumina, is a bit more reserved and is just eyeballing the little one and occasionally giving him a sniff and a lick – she won’t hurt him but she’s definitely not sure of what to make of this new addition.

They seem like such a wonderful couple and I hope that Fnor and I can become more friendly with them. Of course, we’re the old people that have children, so, it might be a bit of a stretch for them when we start talking about our family.

Speaking of families. It does appear as though Lali and Raleth are trying to make a baby. Poor Lali just needs to put those books away and let nature take its course. People try too hard sometimes and nature will not be forced into something that isn’t quite ready yet. I think we embarrassed the heck out of poor Raleth with our rather open talk about making babies. Fnor even jumped in on it, however, I think that was primarily to get a rise out of Raleth.

Poor Raleth looked very tired and looked like he wanted to crawl under the table a few times. It sounds like Lali has been putting him through his paces in the bedroom trying to get a baby made. Poor fellow is probably exhausted because it sounded like she is of the mind that the more you do “It” the more likely you will make a baby. I can imagine that poor Sindorei is worn out, I know how our female Kaldorei sexual appetites can wear one of them out. I know I’ve worn Fnor out a few times, even recently.

Fnor and I are at the point to where we just like the pleasure of the activity, it’s not just for procreation. Oh my, the way that that man can move and he knows just the right places to touch to make my passion almost push me over into insanity. Of course, I’m no slouch either, I can make that man whimper like a baby and still not let him have his release, just with touching.

We actually did take that ride over the Tundra in the moonlight. It was perfect the way the light was glistening off the snow and yes, we did find a little place where we made love like there was no tomorrow. I knew that look when he glanced over at these trees and nodded his head. We were so lost in what we were doing we didn’t care that we were close to anything dangerous or not. The only danger I could see was what was bulging through my Sindorei’s pants when we took off our armor slowly – oh how he loves his foreplay, I was so wet that I ended up throwing my undergarments in my bags and didn’t bother putting them back on when we were finished.

When he knelt in front of me there in the snow, I knew what he was planning on doing and he definitely did exactly that, I’m surprised the poor fellow still has his ears attached to his head at this point. I know that he had my passion burning so high that I had an orgasm before I even realized it…he has a way with that tongue of his. My nipples are a bit sore this morning but then, he is one not to leave anything untouched when we make love, not to mention the gravel scratches on my knees when we changed position. It was wonderful there in the snow and I’m sure that any animals that came by later and smelled the scents in the air probably got pretty randy as well.

Oh, my Sindorei knows how to pleasure a woman in ways that I can only blush and think about. I didn’t take my herbs last night either. He wants to have another child and if Elune is willing to bless us again with another baby, so be it. We actually made love again when we got home in Dalaran.

As Lali would put it, I think I broke him because he is still sleeping and I can see that the little kitten has found another nesting spot on his chest, hairy beast that he is. He is laying there , flat on his back with his legs spread out under the covers and I can tell that he is definitely sound asleep because the kitten has started grooming his chest hairs and he hasn’t even moved an inch. Silly kitten! Silly Sindorei!

Yes, I’ve been with other men when we would be separated because I never knew for sure that he would come back. My Kaldorei mate was a wonderful lover, however, I will have to say that no one has made me feel all of the things that Fnor does. He not only makes love to my body, he makes love to my mind as well…it’s always like dying a little bit each time and he always brings me back feeling more alive than I’ve ever felt before.

Oh well, Amyn, stop being such a sex fiend. He’s yours and he’s not going to be out gallivanting around Azeroth and chasing skirts like did in the old days. He knows what he has here now and I don’t think that he will get the wanderlust again.

Now getting back to this nightmare demon bitch! I know that with the exception of last night that Fnor has had nightmares about her. He won’t tell me what they are about but I know it’s about her and what she used to be in his life, if that is how this thing operates. No, I’m not going to have her seducing and tormenting my Sindorei while he is asleep in my arms. I am still trying to find a way to get to her and put an end to her resurrected life, if that’s what it is.

That’s the whole crux of the matter, we don’t know what she is or how she came into being. We just know that she is trying her best to intrude in our lives and I’m not going to let some demon thing do that to us. Not to our family and not to the people that we care about. I think that I am going to tell Fnor that I am going to do some shopping in Stormwind this week and check on the business there with Kaldor, however, I fully intend on talking to those magical folks and see if they have an idea of what is going on. Maybe a trip to the Cathedral, there might not be a bad thing either since Fnor has put all of his faith in this Paladin friend of his, why can’t I find a Paladin in Stormwind that might have an idea about this. Whatever this thing is, she is definitely not of the Light and I doubt that Elune would condone her existence either.

I know that I have heard of warlocks that stay in the catacombs under Stormwind, maybe I’ll just steal up my nerve and load up my pouch with enough gold to see if I can get one of these dark magic people to help us too. It wouldn’t hurt or couldn’t hurt I suppose.

I’m almost tempted to take that necklace off of Fnor that his friend put on him to see if I can’t entice her out of Silvermoon far enough to where I can get a shot off at her. One arrow, that’s all it should take. I wish I knew more about magic, maybe Vash has some ideas but he’s so young and new to his studies that he might not know anything and I hate to bother the poor boy with something that his parents should be able to take care. I’m not going to say a word to Kaldor about it because he has his Father’s temper…well, mine too and he would go off on a killing spree if he thought that would fix it. Poor child got a double dose of temper from his parents.

Oh, I can see Fnor starting to move around in the bed a bit and I did hear him grumble something about hairballs after the kitten hissed at him. I’ll go get us both some of that fabulous coffee of his for us and I think we’ll have coffee in bed, on the bed, under the bed. Yes, I do mean we’re going to do it again. He’s usually very amorous when he wakes up and it’s a great way to start the day.




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