A Very Angry Fae

July 7th

Dear Journal,

It’s been a long time since I have felt the need to sit down and write out what I have going on in my mind and not just blowing it off or talking with someone. Well, today, I am more than a little bit angry at my roommate and I can’t very well talk to her after I’ve pulled her hair and punched her in the nose in a fit of temper that will make my brother very proud, I’m sure.

Okay, here’s the gist of it, Felessa Dawnglory is a whimpering little girl that should get her butt spanked by someone. She’s had a “secret crush” on my big brother for years and was stupid enough to think that none of us noticed. Oh geez, she’s not just a blonde on the outside, her brain is blonde too.

It has been so obvious that my sister, Felaran, and I used to giggle about it constantly but we were being kind and didn’t tease her about it because we didn’t want o hurt her feelings nor did we want to deal with her brother because he has a vicious temper when it comes to protecting his little sister. We don’t know what makes her so special since he is one of these guys that will screw anything that lays still long enough. I didn’t mean that, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all that.

I’ve known her brother as my brother’s business partner for years and he’s always had a crush on me and I think he’s more than just a little bit good looking. However, the pity of the matter is that he knows it and I’m afraid that he might just be trying to use me and I don’t trust him.

Anyway, Felessa did perform the wedding ceremony for my brother and his Kaldorei wife and they got married. Whoopee!! It’s about time considering that they have children almost as old as I am or maybe the oldest boy is older than me, who knows.

Felessa has been moaning around here for days and days, crying and carrying on like she’s in mourning and just attended a funeral. She’s the one that said as a priestess she could perform the ceremony – well, it may have been her duty as a priestess but it’s her duty as a person to just shut up and get on with her life before I thump her again.

I was sitting at the breakfast table this morning, doing my best imitation of waking up when in she comes, all tears and sobbing with my brother’s scarf in her hand. it was an old ratty scarf that he left her a long time ago and we had all assumed that he’d lost in at the Bazaar or something. Now, I know that not only is she a crying, wailing, simpering idiot, she’s a thief too. I will have to admit that I was probably a bit more cross than usual this morning because I had been out drinking with some of my friends and her slowness had stayed home to mourn her loss.

I was still in my robes and I thank the Light for that because I could have seriously hurt her if I had punched her in the face with a gauntleted fist instead of my bare hand. I think that this whole thing could have been avoided if she hadn’t been having this constant pity party going for the last month. “Oh, poor me, Fnor is getting married and he’s gone forever!” Bullshit, I call it!!

He’s been married before and she didn’t carry on like this, I guess this one seems different because of his having children with this woman and he honestly acts like he is more than just a tiny bit in love with her and it’s not a convenient place for him to sleep and get sex when he wants it.

I don’t usually talk like this but I am very angry and if I don’t get it out this way, I’ll end up having to have a repair person come in to fix the wall that I will punch a hole in.

Now, the double pain the butt is that we have a mutual acquaintance, I won’t call her a friend because she just kind of scares me. She’s always asking questions about Fnor and I tell her what I know, however, stupid tells her everything she knows. I bet she can even tell someone how many times he uses the bathroom when he’s here at the house. I don’t like the way this girl keeps asking things and I’ve quit telling her anything and told her to ask Fnor the next time he comes to town.

Her name is Angelese and she is just plain spooky weird. Of course, Felessa thinks she’s the best thing other than a good bottle of Dalaran Red that we usually have for special occasions. In between her wailing and carrying on, she’s got this brilliant idea that Angel should move in with us. I told her “no”, we can’t have this almost total stranger move in with us without asking Fnor about it. This is his house and he’s letting us live here as it is.

“No,no,no, we shouldn’t have to ask Fnor anything, we should be able to pick and choose who we want living here”, she says. She has no clue what a temper tantrum Fnor would have if we had people just moving in here like that. It’s expensive to keep up appearances and to maintain a manse like this one. His name is on the deed and I’m just happy that I can come and go here because he lets me do it.

I feel bad that I lost my temper but she is the most insufferable nag that I think I’ve ever seen except for Felaran when she is on a chocolate hunt. I never thought that a Death Knight could have cravings like that but she sure does and I feel sorry for the person that holds out on her when she gets that full on “Give me chocolate now” look on her face.

I suppose I ought to go apologize to Felessa but I won’t do it right now. I can hear that Angel in Felessa’s room now talking in that low voice of hers. Honestly, she just appears out of nowhere and I’m supposed to tell her everything that there is to know about my family and now, she’s taken my best friend away by saying how mean I am and how she should be able to live here.

I ought to get in touch with Fnor and let him know what I’ve done before Miss Weepy gets a hold of Dawnglory and he goes to tell my brother what a bitch I am. I don’t think he’d do that though because if he causes me trouble, there’s no way he’s ever going to get in my pants. So There, Weepy Whiny Goody Two Shoes Stupid Priestess!!

Fnor would be so angry with me right now. He’s spent all of this money trying to get me educated and to make sure that I turn out to be a “Lady” of the top order and here I am writing and acting like a gutter rat. Damn that girl, why does she have to have a crush on my brother and why does that Angel have to be sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She better not say anything to me when I leave my room in a few because I just might punch her in the nose too.

Faendra Morningstar



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