Sharing Is Not Always Caring

This is basically an introduction of how a warlock came to be – her possession from a higher being from the Nether – some of the things that can happen when you do things blindly. Fnor Morningstar’s fiancée died as did their unborn child – this is the aftermath of that and the reanimation of the body. This whole conversation takes place in the mind of that reanimated body known as Angelese.  Also, it’s an experiment of sorts of the author going off the beaten path a bit.

July 8th

“This is not my room!! Where are my things, my bed, my jewels?”

Shut up you weak piece of flesh, you’re interrupting my slumber.

“I remember my room, this is not it. I am not in Dalaran in my fiancée’s house. Where Am I? What AM I!?”

You’re mine and we’re in my hiding place in Silvermoon, which is as it should be. You are me and I am you – your body is my vessel to use as I see fit to wander the mortal world and to regain my power, shut up with that weeping, being.

“I remember sitting in front of my mirror and brushing my hair…the baby was kicking so hard and I looked so fat, I wished that it was over.”

You got your wish.

“Where is my baby…I can’t feel my baby inside me”

There was no baby, that was me growing and gaining my power to take what was rightfully mine. A life in this new world…stupid girl.

Did you think that the nether would call you and not require a price?. Did you think that when you were fornicating on that alter with that man, there would be no price? At the moment when he was spraying his seed inside of you, I came into being in the egg he fertilized. Silly mortals – you shouldn’t toy with things that you don’t understand.

“I don’t understand, I’m alive, I’m here …”

No, fool, you have just found a way to annoy me that I will soon fix. There can only be one of us in control of this piece of rotting meat and it’s not you. Stop your crying or I will take what’s left of this body and burn it. You should be able to feel that, I won’t.

“My baby, what happened to my baby? Where is my baby?”

Oh, you want to see your baby, which is my vessel that is holding my soul as I wander around in this meat sack that you called a body? Here look, my pretty…here is your beautiful baby that you made with that man. I’m beautiful don’t you think.

*loud screams fill the beings mind*

See, isn’t it lovely? The eyes show the true ages of the millennia, the teeth allow it to take nourishment from the sacrifices that I give it. Aren’t you pleased with our handy work – the jar is filled with what was left when you died.

“I’m not dead, this is a horrible dream and soon Fnor will come in and wake me up… I know he will, he always comes in to make sure I’m okay”

Silly girl!! He’s long gone and you’ve been dead for a few years, he’s found another. I will admit that you died a lonely death and a slow death. I needed the blood to feed myself and the vessel that resides in the jar. That “baby” is what keeps my powers burning and allows me to reanimate this piece of meat that I have to use for the time being.

Your skin was so soft and your blood was so warm as I slowly cut the arteries in your wrist and watched you flop to the floor like some child’s rag doll. You fed me well, the final sacrifice was made so that I could live.

Oh, you should have seen the man sobbing and holding your corpse and the shrieks of pain when he discovered your “child” lying there with you. It was wonderful, I haven’t felt so much power in a very long time. His emotions were so delicious, I almost wanted to take him there to add to the shard that you had given me.

“Where was I buried if I’m dead, tell me that – whatever you are?”

Don’t make me laugh, do you think that I will tell you that, you’ll try to escape again and try to tell people were my powers are hidden. You’re a fool.

Of course, I’m sure that when you tried to escape the other night when that man came to where he thought you were buried and I was dancing in the moonlight there, you tried to tell him. Fool!!

It didn’t help that he brought that Light Walker with him that kept trying to tamper with things that he has no idea of. He will give me his name and I will have power over him soon, they always do. I suppose I could get his name from those silly girls that you’re friends with in Silvermoon. Oh, excuse me, that your body is friends with.

“What is it that you want? If I’m dead, let me rest in peace.”

There is no peace for you as long as I can use your body to regain all the power that I need. You see, in the nether, I have no form and by reanimating your body and using my skills to keep it from rotting away, I can move around this plane of existence with your flesh friends none the wiser.

Oh, I can see in your thoughts that you’re wondering whose body was in the grave since it wasn’t yours? Remember the mage that was tormenting you and wanted to take you to his bed, after we drove him insane – you didn’t think he did that on his own, did you? It was his body that was put to rest in your grave after your body was moved here. I thought it was only fitting – his pathetic attempts with the arcane were almost like an aperitif to when he thought he could “bring you back” to be with him. Silly man, foolish man.

“Why can I see through my eyes if you’re in control of things, whatever you are? Why can I make you listen to me when you’re supposed to be in control?”

It’s only because I’m tired that I am allowing you to hold this conversation with me. I’m also letting you know that you’ll soon have company – the man you slept with, maybe that Light Walker…and that other blonde fellow, he has an evil in him that tickles my fancy. Oh yes, that silly blonde girl, she will be joining us soon too…I can control as many of these flesh bodies as I choose. How can that be?

I am of the Nether, we surround this world in ways that the mortals have no concept. I want power to control the other beings of the Nether and I can take control of what was supposed to be mine. You see, when the Dark Portal opened, there were things promised to those of us in power in the Nether. Those promises were not kept. I am here to reclaim what was promised.

Now, shut up and let me sleep, we must stalk the streets of Silvermoon tonight, I need some more shards and maybe a little soul here and there.

“You can’t make me shut up, I have the right to say what I want! ”

Oh do shut up with that “rights” drivel, you’re giving me a headache.

* a loud clap of power is heard and the odor of ozone fills the air in the room*

Okay, now that’s better, just a couple of more hours of sleep and this bag of bones ..kind of sexy at that … will be ready to gather what I need.

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