Stay Away From Cranky People…it’s the only option

July 8th

Dear Journal,

Well, I finally caught up with Josie or she caught up with me, I’m not sure how one would describe it. I was coming back from Grandparents home in Dolonaar and happened to be on the docks still emptying my stomach from the dwarves drinking bout that I had participated in night before last. I know that I didn’t think that anyone was on the dock or around that saw me.

Unfortunately, Harrier was on the docks and I guess he was picking up a shipment of whatever it is that he gets and as per usual, he was his usual charming self. At least we got that clarified last night as part of the discussion, he just doesn’t like me and now, that feeling is fairly mutual.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. I started talking to Harrier, just being social and whatnot, I keep forgetting that that isn’t part of Harrier’s makeup. He’s just a cranky fellow and hates the world, I’m thinking. Anyway, we were standing there and I think we were trading insults back and forth when Josie suddenly appeared.

I was very happy to see her and I just wish that Harrier had got eaten by a shark or something so that she and I could have had a chance to talk without him being so snarky. Oh well, that’s all past and I’m pretty sure that what transpired between he and I didn’t impress Josie a whole lot.

Maybe one of these days she and I will be able to get together and talk some more. It’s kind of doubtful that that is going to happen in the near future because Harrier and I ended up in a insult casting contest and I ended up just leaving. The fellow is just mean-spirited and rude and my tolerance level has reached its breaking point in trying to get him to even treat me with some kind of respect. I know I’ve just given up. Josie said she would write to me, however, I’m not going to wear a path to mailbox waiting on a letter either.

Of course, Josie works for Marjolaine, as does Harrier, so, I’m pretty sure that that avenue has been closed down now. I don’t want to cause Josie any trouble either, so, I’ll just stay away from the whole situation because it’s not worth causing her problems in my eyes. She was a nice girl and I really did like her and I did care about her, however, I don’t want to have to fight with that grumpy elf every time I run into him, which, I can easily avoid by not being in places that I know he likes to hang out.

He really seemed upset that Josie came to Dalaran to visit and he didn’t know about it. I happened to mention to Josie that I had hoped she had a good time when she was there and wished that she would come back. This guy is not her husband, lover or Father that I am aware of, however, he sure does have his territory marked. I think he’s shagging the boss anyway, maybe he just wants Josie to be a part of that harem he’s trying to accumulate with that fabulous charm he has.

I’m kind of sad that I won’t be able to get to know her better as long as she is with that group of people because I’m going to avoid that like someone avoids the plague. So, I’ll quit moaning about a girl that is probably already taken and just doesn’t seem to know it yet and go on about my business. It’s probably better that way because I’d probably end up shooting that jerk eventually. I wouldn’t care if I shot him in the middle of Stormwind and got arrested for it although he’s not worth the jail time.

I guess I’m sounding a bit moody today and I guess I am. I still have a touch of that hangover and nothing seems to be working out right for me at the moment. I think I should just pack up my stuff for a few days and head back to Dalaran even if it means that I have to haul my two youngest brothers back there with me.

I know Fnor said something about having some special contracts for me to work on. I still can’t bring myself to call him Father or Dad yet even though he is my biological parent, he wasn’t there when I was growing up that much. Just because they got married and they have a piece of paper that says that they are doesn’t make my feelings change. He is still going to have to earn the right for me to call him Father.

I’m just cranky, maybe whatever crawled up Harrier’s butt is contagious and now I’ve got that too to deal with. I did notice he wasn’t wearing his trademark hat last night, maybe someone ripped it off and shoved it up his backside and that’s why he was so nasty. I think I’ll feel better getting out of Stormwind for a few days and when I do get back into the work at my usual pace, I just won’t linger around the city that much.

I will have to admit that I have met some pretty nice and very interesting people in Stormwind with my tenure there and I won’t be giving those relationships up, I’ll just be avoid a few people. If Josie wants to keep in touch , and I hope she does, we can always get together away from Stormwind to do it.

I think that after I turn the two little hellions over to Mom, I’ll take a few days and go visit some of my friends in Shattrath City. I know I haven’t been down there in a while and I’m sure we have some catching up to do. Oh, I’m sure I’ll have two dwarves tagging along to make sure that I don’t get into mischief or something because that seems to be the duty that my Mom has assigned them, unless she’s relented on that idea. I’ll have to talk to her about that because with the way that I have been working, I don’t think I need babysitters, even if they are fun.

I think it’s time for me to make some changes and get on with my life a bit more. Get the heck out of Stormwind, see the world more than I already have and just be myself. I don’t need to impress myself and I sure don’t need to impress anyone else. Last time I checked, my payroll check has my name on it and the bills that I pay with that money have my name on it, so, that means I am a person by my own right.

I just wish that I hadn’t run into Harrier last night and Josie had to see that. Maybe he is jealous of the fact that I have a family or something, I’m sure his Mother must have kept him under a rock or something if his personality was like it is at the moment, him supposedly an adult and all. Well, that’s done and I’m not going to dwell on it anymore. Now, I’m almost too embarrassed to even see her again. I don’t usually lose my temper, which I thought I held in check rather well considering how the fellow was acting. Oh well, she knows how to find me if she wants too and if she doesn’t, it’s time for me to look elsewhere for female companionship.







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