I Told On You…Getting My Brother To Meet My New Friend

July 12th

Dear Journal,

I got so mad at Faendra after she hit me that I just couldn’t stand being in the same house with her right now. Of course, Angel did stop by and she told me that I ought to tell my brother, which I did. I wrote to him because I know how busy he is and he never answered me. So, this morning I went to Orgrimmar to see him.

He seemed concerned in kind of an absent-minded kind of way, which really made me mad. He told me that girls are going to argue and wanted to know what the argument was about. Well, I couldn’t help it, I started crying and couldn’t really talk all that well.

The truth came out about how I felt about Fnor and how I hated that I had done the wedding ceremony for him and that Kaldorei woman. How much it hurt me to say those words and how my heart was breaking and I really didn’t mean it when I gave them the blessing.

I think he looked kind of sad and made that “mouth” that he always makes when he disapproves of something that I’ve said or done. I told him that I wanted to leave Silvermoon and finish my studies in Dalaran like he wanted me to do and he said ‘No’. Can you imagine?

Well, I guess it was kind of stupid for me to ask for that right now because I know that Fnor and his family live there and it would mean that I would be forced to live around that woman.

Fnar started talking to me like I was some kind of idiot and explained to me that it was okay when I was younger for me to have a crush on Fnor but I was a young lady now and needed to realize that he was a married man and move onto someone else. Angel was right, that woman has them all bewitched so that they can only think about what is good for her and those children. Angel told me that there are ways that I could make Fnor notice me and fall in love with me and she is going to tell me what I need to do when I get back to Silvermoon.

I also told Fnar that I thought that Faendra was jealous of my new friend too. So There! He just smiled and shook his head and told me that he knew that Fae wasn’t like that. Of course, he’s been interested in Faendra for a very long time and she won’t even give him the time of day, much less anything else.

I started telling him about Angel and he was very interested in her because he likes exotic looking women and she is all of that too. She has that coal black hair that just kind of gleams and her eyes seem to be a darker green, however, that may just be from her being so dark-skinned too. She’s beautiful and very different looking from what he’s used too. Wouldn’t it be just hysterical if Angel stole him away from Faendra, my new friend taking a man that has been following Fae around like a little puppy all of these years. Well, I told him that I would make sure that Angel was around when he came back to Silvermoon next time. I just have the feeling that he should meet her and I know that she will really like him. She seems to like Fnor an awful lot but she knows he’s taken.

I think I’m going to spend the day here in Orgrimmar and see the sights. I don’t like to go out much because it’s so dirty and it is full of Orcs. I don’t see why Fnor’s ex-wife ran off with one these smelly creatures but she did – maybe the new wife will run off with one too. Besides, I want a new gown and I heard someone talking here in the warehouse that the Tauren had some lovely, albeit, rustic looking gowns. I’ll have to go look and see what they have. Maybe if I act sad enough, Fnar will bring me a new gown from Dalaran when he comes back to Silvermoon.

I’m a little hurt that he didn’t take my side with the fight with Faendra but that’s how men can be sometimes, I suppose. Blind as can be when it comes to a woman that they are interested in. I even showed him where she punched me in the nose and made it bleed and how she had broken my barrette when she pulled my hair. He just laughed and told me that he knew I need to get some training on how to handle myself in a physical confrontation and that he would see if he could find someone in Silvermoon to teach me. I bet Angel knows how to do that sort of thing; she strikes me as being able to take care of herself.







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