Meeting Someone New In Mulgore

July 13th


I know I haven’t written in a journal for a very long time, however, I felt the need to jot down some of my thoughts while the rest of the family is sleeping except for Naton. He never really sleeps like the rest of us but he does make himself lay down and close his eyes for a few hours, just to feel normal – he’s my Death Knight brother also known as Sadheart.

Mom had sent me off on a foolish errand last night to pick up some special spices from Bloodhoof Village, which I almost forgot to pickup because I got involved talking to another Sunwalker in the village.

Her name is Makota and she was there to buy a kodo, of all things. I suppose that it was her first mount and she was surprised at how much they actually cost. I got the general impression that she has been living a very sheltered life and doesn’t get away from the hills very often. I wish I could remember her guardians name off the top of my head but it is late and I think that I am somewhat tired, although I don’t want to admit it.

She and I talked for quite a while about the kodos and I showed her mine that I had earned with my training and I think she was a bit surprised and shocked. She has only been getting her training from this old gentleman that has been taking care of her. She seemed to be a bit impressed with the fact that I had been taking all of my training in Thunder Bluff and occasionally going to Orgrimmar.

She has never been to Orgrimmar; she has spent her entire life in the confines and shelter of Mulgore. That is rather odd since it is so easy to get to Orgrimmar these days. I guess in the old days it would take a long time to ride or even run all the way to the city. She said she didn’t know if she would like the city because it was full of orcs. Well, considering it’s the capital city and the War Chief there is an orc, I would assume that the race would congregate there, somewhat like the Tauren that congregate in Thunder Bluff. I know that I don’t go there too often both because it is very crowded and doesn’t have that peaceful feel to it like my home here in the Bluff.

Oh well, she was very attractive and seemed to very intelligent, even if she did seem a bit naive about some things. She had met my sister, Mahamura and my brother, Naton at some point and she said that Naton made her nervous. Well, I can understand that too because he isn’t really amongst the living as we know it but he’s still very much here and a presence in the family and the tribes.

I wish that people would not cling to the old beliefs in regard to how the Death Knights came into being and how they conducted themselves while under the control of the Lich King and shortly after they got their freedom. Not all Death Knights were mindless killing machines when they regained their own wills and could get away from the influence that they had been forced to live under. Naton is probably one of the most tenderhearted bulls on the Bluff when it comes to people in need and the little children.

Oh well, we talked a long time about the training, the trials that I had to go through in order to earn my mount. She had never spoken to any of the Elders in the Bluff; however, I did manage to get her to speak briefly with one of the Elder Paladins in the village. She is going to go back and speak to him tomorrow or today after she has spoken with her guardian. I’m sure that this poor old fellow is doing the best that he can with her and I hope that he will allow her to get some of the formal training that she might need instead of just his guidance.

She told me that her Mother was no longer amongst the living and had gone to rest in the arms of the Earth Mother. That made me sad and the other sad thing was she said that she didn’t know her Father either. It sounds like she is one of the many orphans left in Mulgore, somewhat similar to how my brothers, sister and I were raised when our parents were missing. I just thank the Light that my Mother is with us again, even if she is getting older now and needs more care from her children.

I do hope that I get to see her again. It was nice being able to talk with someone closer to my age that has chosen the same path that I have with our faith in the Light. She has a very sweet smile and her eyes were very kind, not to mention, she has a very soft voice which I found a bit distracting and entrancing all at the same time. I will have to admit that I haven’t had much of an opportunity to talk to a lot girls; however, she seemed very nice.

I told her about how we live on the Bluff and that she ought to come and visit the family sometime. She seemed a bit shy about that although I think it might have been a bit of a surprise when I asked her to visit with her guardian so that they could meet the rest of the family. I also mentioned the weekly gathering that happens too, it’s called Story Circle where we all gather to hear tales from all over Azeroth. I thought that might entice her to come and visit.

It has been a while since I’ve attended the Circle; however, I think that I might make time in my schedule to attend it if she decides to come. I know that it is the high point of the week with the youngsters and the older people that attend. I have heard some war stories, love stories and some rather fantastic tales about places that I didn’t even know existed in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Oh well, I guess I should get some sleep because my Mother and Nahai are going to be up early in the morning getting ready to go out for their herb gathering. I might just go along with them because I don’t think that I have any training scheduled. I miss being able to run along like I used to when I was younger and Nahai would take me out gathering with him. I’ll have to check with Naton to make sure he doesn’t need any more ore for the smithy too because I know that he has been working very hard and I haven’t been able to go mining with him because of my training.

Tahfal Cloudhoof



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