Off To Settle A Cat Fight …maybe

July 13th


Damn it all to hell!! I’ve had an argument with my sister, Felessa, over something that seems pretty fucking trivial to me. Why would I want to get involved in some cat fight that she had with Faendra? It’s her problem, however, she is my sister and I am supposed to take care of her until the end of time or someone decides that they want to marry her. I wonder if I can start nosing around for one of those arranged marriages for her, I’m sure it wouldn’t cost that much if the guy’s family is down on their luck or something. Maybe some old nobleman that wants a sweet young thing to marry and try to make babies with to further his bloodlines. I just can’t see my sister in a bedroom with her legs in the air while some old codger has his way with her but it would make my life easier somewhat. I sure don’t want an old maid on my hands for the rest of my life that is going to be pining after my best friend.

I guess this fucking infatuation with Fnor is more than I had realized. Why would she want to “save” herself for a guy that is almost old enough to be her Father? He’s an old man by my standards and she’s a young girl and still innocent. Well, not that innocent, I guess. I did find her playing kissy face with that guy in the bazaar and I doubt that he ever came back after the thrashing I gave him. The idea of someone laying their hands on my baby sister was almost more than I could handle. Well, I didn’t handle it very well, I suppose because Felessa wouldn’t leave the house for days after that, or so I’m told.

Fnor seems to be happy married to Amyn and is truly enjoying his children, however, he and I need to get together here very soon because of the business and I need to talk to him about the girls. I can’t leave that mess in Silvermoon to fester for too long because it would be difficult to find an apartment for Felessa and I don’t especially want anything to go awry between Faendra and me. She’s been very nice to me the last few times that I have been in Silvermoon and has accepted the gifts that I bring her when I do get there. She did look lovely in that red gown that I brought from Dalaran.

Felessa was all a twitter about some new friend that they had made in Silvermoon. Some girl named Angelese or Angel. Some weird sounding name. Anyway, it seems that this person is a part of the problem. Faendra and Felessa usually get along just fine, the first time they introduce another person into their little friendship circle, trouble starts. Of course, it could just be the rivalry between friends, I’m no expert there but women do seem to have that sort of problem more than any of the men I’ve ever been around.

She sounds pretty interesting, this new friend and Felessa are just anxious as can be for me to meet her for some reason. Maybe she thinks that if I show an interest in this person that Faendra will really get angry. Well, my sister has another thing coming in that area. I am not going to throw away years of trying to pursue Fae for some doxie that they have made friends with in the city. Of course, she does sound kind of interesting with the way that Felessa described her, however, it would take more than a woman with long black hair to tear me away from my not to subtle pursuit of Fae with that long flowing mane of red hair. I’ll admit that my curiosity is piqued though, sounds kind of mysterious to me. Of course, Felessa couldn’t tell me the girl’s last name or if she even lives in Silvermoon proper and not one of the outlying villages. Seems kind of odd to me because Felessa is usually very picky and meticulous about her friends, she usually finds out all she can before she starts being friends with someone. I wonder what makes this girl so different. I wonder if this girl is older than Fae and Fel. She sure sounds like she might be. Well, nothing will do until I make a trip to Silvermoon to meet this mysterious new friend of theirs. I did ask Felessa what this girl did for a living or was she one of the numerous wandering dilettantes that seem to thrive by moving from one group of friend to another. She didn’t know she said because she didn’t feel right in asking.

I need to talk to Fnor about that new rogue that we hired too. Fellow just doesn’t seem right and his skinning and leatherworking seems to be half-heartedly done, as if that wasn’t something that he wanted to make his life’s work. He is handy with his blades that much I have seen. I don’t think that he was aware of my presence when he was involved in a slight altercation in the Drag. He definitely has the moves and I don’t think that I’ve seen anyone move that fast in a while. I think that I am going to see what I have in the way of bounty contracts that he might be able to do; however, I will talk to Fnor before I promote him up to doing that. He hasn’t been with the company all that long and I’m still not completely sure of him yet.

We’ve also been getting more than our fair share of strange mail at the warehouse lately and I am starting to wonder if the people sending it think that Fnor is working out of Orgrimmar. That kind of tells me that it may be addressed to him but they don’t really want him to get it in Dalaran. A few hands, a few ears and almost a full scalp of hair. I hate to say it but the hands and hair remind me very much of the Kaldorei woman, Amyn. I wonder if there is another cult or group that is starting up that nonsense again. Strange thing too, I haven’t seen Sollonne in a few weeks and I guess I should ask Fnor if he’s even seen her because she is really a good employee, even if she does like to make her own rules sometimes.

Well, I need to get off my ass and go over to Thunder Bluff and visit with the Cloudhoof group and talk to them about boosting up there herb gathering a bit. I know that Mooma is getting up there in age; however, Nahai is one that can usually produce a lot of work, which has been on the slow side of late. I hope the old girl isn’t sick or something because that would definitely throw that group out of kilter with what we use them for. I can’t complain about the armor that Sadheart is producing though because he has filled up one whole wall with nothing but armor in the last two months. I guess that Tahfal has been working with his brother in gathering the ore too, which has been a bonus for us all. Great young bull and seems to be very meticulous with what he does bring to Orgrimmar.

I do dread going to Thunder Bluff sometimes even though I have a home there of sorts because it reminds me rather acutely of the priestess that I had living with me there for a while. Nothing physical happened between the two of us but it’s just something that has a bittersweet memory in my mind. She had a bit of the wanderlust very similar to what I get now and again – she was nice and I think that she cared about me to some point, however, it must not have been enough because one day she was there and the next day she was gone. I don’t usually allow myself to get involved too much with a woman because this is a history repeating itself over and over again – I don’t know why it happens but I am tired of getting hurt or damaged emotionally each time it happens. I do hope to find a woman some day that will take me as I am. I really don’t skirt around as much as people think that I do because it’s all a sham – I put the rumors out there myself sometimes to keep from getting hurt all of the time.

Well, I hope the girls don’t have another hair pulling contest again before I can get to Silvermoon and see if I can’t figure things out. I know that Fae is a bit older than Felessa; however, I’ve seen her fiery temper flare every now and again. Of course, Felessa can be a pain in the ass and I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have sheltered her too much sometimes from things. It has always been my responsibility to take care of her since our parents dumped us off in Shattrath.

Well, this is sure not getting any work done and I need to get moving. I think I’ll hit Thunder Bluff and then maybe wander over to Silvermoon City and spend the night before I go on to Dalaran to talk to Fnor. Maybe I’ll take the girls out to dinner, even their new friend.

Fnar Dawnglory







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